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Andrew N. Farrens Yesterday at 7:01pm Online orders for Marijuana and Mescaline, along with other legal and illicit narcotics?? I've looking for pure and unadulterated mescaline ever since a youth, when I first read Hunter S. Thompson, and while I have found some bull-shit that purported to be Mescaline, I have never trusted it enough to ingest it. I highly doubt it was the real stuff. NEVER BUY AN HALLUCINATORY DRUG UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE OF THE DRUG'S LEGITIMACY AND ORIGINS.......too many folks take advantage of trusting Souls. To get high is just NOT that important so why risk mental collapse or death over nonsensical bull-shit?? Indeed. If anyone knows where to find the REAL stuff, please let me know as I would be very interested in trying the legitimate mescaline. I would love to worship the God Mescalito, in either Point Reyes or some other beach on the West Coast, my comfort zone. Maybe a forest like Yosemite. A mescaline "high" must take place in NATURE, with trusted friends who do NOT annoy me, so as to experience it correctly and maybe learn something about myself in the process that my subconscious fears for me to know about consciously. Mescaline, along with D.M.T., Psilocybin (mushrooms), and LSD-25 are NOT recreational drugs; no hallucinatory drugs are recreational and they must be used to learn about one's self so it must be ingested properly in a clam, peaceful environment that also provides mental stimulation. At least that is my view on The God Mescalito....... Res Ipsa Loquitur .A.N.F. Kazinskyville Kazinskyness westies 209 http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2012/04/feds-shutter-online-narcotics-store-that-used-torto-hide-its-tracks.ars

Feds shutter online narcotics store that used TOR to hide its tracks arstechnica.com Federal prosecutors have arrested eight men accused of running a veritable Amazon of controlled substances. Dubbed Farmer's Market, the operation accepted PayPal and Western Union payments and used anonymizing services to elude investigators. Unlike · · Unfollow Post · Share You and Marcus Hale like this.

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JennyJenny-Faye Foley Klooster Seriously, you can react to what I'm about to type however you like. It makes no difference to me in any deep way but on a very real level, I think that YOU should do fewer drugs and certainly not add any to the mix. Hunster S Thompson is dead, yo. Yesterday at 10:45pm · Like


Andrew N. Farrens @Jenny-Faye Foley Klooster Thank-you for you're opinion. Hunter S. Thompson did not use LSD-25 to find the path to enlightenment; he used it to get blasted out of his skull which is where him and I differ in an extraordinary way. Hallucinatory drugs should be for learning purposes only. I kind of think you are missing my point and focusing ONLY on the drug aspect of this post. The above post is about self-exploration through mind altering drugs that the consciousness will not allow for most people and I feel more folks need to understand their TRUE selves since the World is such a screwed up place. If people loved each other more, they could bestow more love upon their felllow human beings. Sounds like some hippie bull-shit but it makes perfect sense to this writer. With-out the aid of drugs, I explore myself through my writing and I certainly hope that one day I will love myself fully and completely. It is a long and twisted process........

I do not do drugs. However, if I were to partake in such a drug, I would want to learn about myself rather than just hang out watching television or something. Some people have had their whole lives changed by an acid trip or some other hallucinatory drug and it can better their life. It destroys other folks. Like I said in the post, it makes you face the real you. To learn something like that is worth the risk to me. That being said, it will likely never happen because I will never find any pure mescaline or LSD-25. The stuff out there now is just not safe, the acid wave crested many a moon ago....... I do understand that each person feels things differently and you may not agree that such drugs are the way to self-enlightenment for yourself. That is perfectly fine for you and I salute while respecting you but for thousands, if not millions, of Americans, they self-medicate to take the dreariness and pain of every-day life away. Most do it in the wrong way. That is why alcohol is so dangerous and bad for you --quick side note: Alcohol causes more damage PERMANENTLY to your body during one night of heavy, serious drinking than the drugs I mentioned in the post do after multiple uses. Statistical fact by reputed Doctors of Medicine....), yet it is legally encouraged to be the drug of choice for the teeming masses but I digress. Just understand that there are different paths for everyone and while you may not understand or agree with this one, certain respect should be shown for it the same way respect is shown for whatever path of knowledge you have chosen.......Indeed. I hope I have provided a little more clarity to the post......... Res Ipsa Loquitur Andrew Nicolas Farrens 20 hours ago · Like

JennyJenny-Faye Foley Klooster I'm not going to pretend that I read your whole rant but, seriously...who are you trying to convince that you dont use drugs? I like you, Andrew. I think you are a nice guy. Lets be real, though. Your use (or lack there of) is inconsequential to me... Just hate to see somebody (anybody) waste themselves 15 hours ago via mobile · Like


Andrew N. Farrens If you did not read the whole thing, how can you pretend to know what I am talking about? That is unfortunately very ignorant on your part to comment about something YOU DID NOT TAKE THE TIME TO READ.

I am very disappointed in you, Jenny Jenny-Faye Foley Klooster, I had more respect for you than that. Also, you do not know me except from what you have heard and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one....... 8 hours ago · Like · 1

Roberta Farrens Andrew, Remember, ignorance abounds in this world... 7 hours ago · Unlike · 1

JennyJenny-Faye Foley Klooster The only opinion that I was expressing was in response you you saying that you dont do drugs. I didnt have to read your entire post to know that you and I have had face to face conversations to the contrary. This opinion is based on exactly that, our person to person interaction, not somebody elses words... Your words. 5 hours ago via mobile · Like


Andrew N. Farrens @Jenny-Faye Foley Klooster I really hope you take the five minutes, if it takes you EVEN that long, to read the below comment, rather than exercising your seemingly obtuse habit of only paying attention to one aspect of my words. It has only taken me that amount of time to write it so I figure you can read it quickly. Indeed. Res Ipsa Loquitur: the thing explains itself .A.N.F. I am confused by your last comment because in my original post, I said nothing about not doing drugs. That was in my comment. For someone who refuses to read my so-called "rant" seriously, you obviously felt compelled to comment on my original post, which I doubt you read entirely since you are focusing only on the drug aspect and not the real concept of the post. It really was all about the safe exploration of the human consciousness while using certain

hallucinatory drugs that indigenous people have been using for thousands of years for the same reason........ There are other sources but if you doubt what I say about that, please read Carlos Castaneda. If you feel the need to comment on something I post, please read it carefully before you do. I find it odd that you chose this particular post to comment on rather than any of the other of hundreds of socio-economic and political Face Book posts I have done. I fully admit and am not ashamed to be a radical thinker. Just so you know, I do not use Face Book like normal people; I use it to spread information I feel is not being responsibly reported by the Main Stream Mass Media and to allow my writing a larger venue in the vain search for Constant Readers of what I consider my life's work. The comments I post on Face Book usually turn into larger essays/stories that most do not see or read, since I do not publish them all. I find that it is a great way to do a rough draft of whatever writing project that interests me at the time. Thus, my posts are longer than others but it is not a "rant", rather a short essay. I just happen to read and write a bit more quickly than the average person. As to ingesting illegal (and legal) narcotics, yes, you and I have discussed my past experiences a few times. However, I have NEVER taken Ecstasy, crystal meth (or any sort of amphetamine or methamphetamine), or heroin, along with many other narcotics/drugs I do not approve of or have no use for. I have had some friends who were into cocaine really heavy and while I joined in the festivities at the time, I do not enjoy or use cocaine now and after what it did to a man I once considered a brother, I am very leery of it. I can count on one hand, with fingers left, the times I have actually paid for cocaine. The last time I tried that stuff, it was a bad experience due to the negative vibes of the TRUE cocaine addicts who had brought the stuff into my presence --one of whom is no longer in this World--and that was when I was dating Jaquette. As a matter of fact, the last time I did any cocaine was at the house she lived in around the corner from your shop. That was two or three years ago........ Do you consider marijuana a drug? I do not; I consider it medicine but like what I was talking about in my earlier post, if it is used ALL THE TIME for RECREATIONAL purposes, then it ceases being a medicine and becomes a harmful substance. While I have smoked marijuana through-out my life, it is not the most important thing, though it once was imperative for me to smoke to kill my natural empathy of the purulent World we live in --writing and reading is what I consider important rather than weed and other drugs--, and in the last year, I have slowed my intake of that plant dramatically. I do think, however, that if you are going to abuse a substance to escape from reality, marijuana is the way to go since it is FAR LESS damaging (and addicting) than the demon alcohol, which I dislike and rarely use at all....... Since I hardly smoke marijuana anymore --and I, along with millions of other people do not consider it a drug anyway but rather medicine-- and I do not ingest cocaine, heroin, meth, Ecstasy,

etc etc while hardly even imbibing liquor these days, then my statement that I do NOT do drugs is absolutely valid and true. The only narcotic that I use on any sort of regular basis is that damned Vicodin, which is prescribed to me for my psoriatic arthritis and other ailments I am afflicted with because of poor genetics. I HATE having to take the stuff, as I am very AFRAID of it considering what prescribed opiates did to my now deceased father so I use it only when the pain becomes unbearable. My father was also on benzodiazepines --Xanax, Valium- and in my vast experience, those are even more dangerous than the opiates. This is from the medical research I have read but both are bad and overly prescribed at this juncture of history. We both know and are close to a young man who used to swallow those "feel-good" pills by the handful and I sincerely hope that he has stopped doing so. I have warned him many times of the obvious danger. My point is that I am deathly afraid of certain types of drugs due to what I have seen and I unfortunately have witnessed a lot of bad drug craziness in my relatively short life......... Whatever conversation you and I had was more than likely old war stories of my drug experimentation from my misspent youth. Regardless, to judge me by a few conversations (along with rumors and innuendo that I KNOW you have heard from certain people and the sad thing is that most of it is not true. I have a bad reputation for mindless insanity, due to ignorance, that is undeserved.) is absolutely ludicrous. I remember one of those conversations took place at a wine tasting event in your shop and you had imbibed quite a bit of alcohol, which is not known for allowing clear and concise memories, so I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying to you at the time. 14 minutes ago · Like


Andrew N. Farrens (continued) I am not a hypocrite; I have done certain drugs and I have friends and acquaintances who are serious users and stone-cold addicts but I am not judging them nor do I think they are bad people, unless they rape, steal, and murder to feed their habit. To each their own. That is the beauty of being born an American --though our rights are slowly being stripped from us and no-one knows or even cares but that is another story entirely-- and I admit with great sorrow the mistakes I have made in the past but I have learned from most of them. Which, if you had taken the time to read what I had written, is what my original post was all about. It was all about learning to be a better person. Like I also wrote above, people travel different paths to self enlightenment and some are sober while doing it, while others use hallucinatory drugs to walk the line of sanity and insanity. With or with-out those drugs, some folks succeed, while others fail miserably and crumble within themselves..........that is my whole point in posting my short "rant" about Mescaline.

I would not believe you if you were to tell me that you have never experimented with drugs of different kinds and I include alcohol in that summation. More than likely you have had a bad experience because you were not in the right place with the right people when the experimentation took place and you had a bad time but that is just conjecture on my part. I could be very wrong. Maybe you are an absolute teetotaler but again, I highly doubt it. I do not know your story nor do I really care, as it is none of my business. However, you are only paying attention to certain aspects of what I wrote and by that fact that you did NOT read it in it's entirety before commenting means that you do not know what you are talking about in regard to this particular post, thus making your comments ignorant and confusing. I am not mad or offended in anyway; in fact I encourage such debate normally, when the person arguing with me is well informed. I only write this and the other comments in the abject hope that while you may not agree with my opinion, you might understand it better, as it is great practice for a fledgling writer like myself. The comments posted by you prove that you NEVER took the SHORT time to read what I wrote in the above post (and comments), much less think about it objectively, before you decided to comment. That is very sad and like I wrote earlier, I have more respect for you than that blatant display of nescience. I honestly believe you are not a stupid person. Tragically, you decided not to take a couple of minutes to actually READ what I wrote and I guess that if it is anything offends me, it is that sort of blatant sciolism that is all too prevalent in our disturbed society. I think we are taught it at school. It may not seem so but I do not write ANYTHING without PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and much research from different sources. That is what a writer does and I am a writer......... I doubt that you will even make it this far in reading this comment and if you do not, I pity you since you are missing a wonderful chance to learn about a different (and maybe strange to you) thought process. If considered objectively and without bias of any kind, this dialogue between the two of us could be a great thing of educational beauty, the sort of healthy debate to better not only the writing of my words but also an excellent opportunity to teach you're already wonderful children about the fact that a meaningful debate can be a great learning tool. In this cruel World, they, along with every other child, need every advantage that they can get their hands on and that includes understanding that the War on Drugs only benefits the rich and privileged. I sincerely thank-you for your opinions, even though they seemingly lack any intellectual understanding or knowledge of the above post since you decided not to read it before commenting (if it is anything in you're comments that offends me, it is the fact you did not read what I had written before commenting and therefore cannot intellectually reply. You act out of emotion and that type of thinking has caused more misery than any narcotic/drug. I am not hurt by what you write; in fact I encourage dissenting views as long as it comes from a reasonable state of mind.

Otherwise, it is the same thing the politicians that are destroying our inherent freedoms do: they speak before they think.) and coming from such a smart businesswoman as yourself, I am very disappointed in you're lack of desire to understand. My faith in the World has once more been shaken to its core from the result of such benightedness. On the bright side, from this conversation I have received a valuable lesson on human behavior and that, along with the fact this will make an excellent post on Scrib'd.com when I publish this thread in it's entirety --and maybe it will be put in a book I write-- and this is what I thank you for....... Please take care and be safe in your new home. Andrew Nicolas Farrens

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Or maybe just uninterested.
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Andrew N. Farrens The fact you took the time to comment on the post and continue to do so, proves you that are........lol
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Jenny-Faye Foley Klooster · 18 mutual friends I was interested in you... hence the first post. I'm not interested in your wordy attempt to sway me to your thinking. I'm not ignorant as you know and you DO use drugs. These facts can not be disputed. You have looked into my face and bragged about drug use. Other than those two points, I am in fact uninterested. I really hate that you have decided to be disrespectful by choosing to call me ignorant (now numerous times) when I have not disrespected you even one time. It's not disrespect to say that you shouldn't use more drugs, it's concern mixed with opinion (mostly opinion touched with concern). It's also not disrespect to to choose not to take the time to read something that you post, it's just a choice. It's not disrespectful to be uninterested in a wordy display either. However, making the choice to call me names (which you know are untrue) is indeed disrespectful and I thought that we could have an interchange without sinking to that level. Obviously, I was wrong.
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Jenny-Faye Foley Klooster · 18 mutual friends People think you are a joke... and you don't even know it. How sad.
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Andrew N. Farrens You have made my day, Jenny, considering that my writing has evoked such a response. I am absolutely delighted! If you had read what I had written, I was only saying that you were ignorant for commenting on something that you had not read. Otherwise, I said some nice things about you. Of course I know there are people that think I am a joke, those are the same people I think are a joke.
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