In view of the above discussions, several doubts and questions which arise on Nadi Jyotish are consolidated here

as far as possible at random:What is the real origin of this Nadi Jyotish? – During the days of ‘Krutyug’ – great sages who could see through past, present & future did write these nadi granthas.

Are they really written by some Sages and only by professional astrologers? – Yes they are written by the great sages, not by mere astrologers.

Are they the records of those born in earlier written on palm leaves in those times?- did not understand this question.

Why a right thumb impression for male and left for female is to be taken?- there has to be some scientific reason for the same which is not known to me, may be some exper nadi reader can answer this question.

In what language they were written originally?- Sanskrit.

When were they translated into other languages?- His highness Sri. Venkoji Maharaja, descendant of Sivaji Maharaja, established the Maratha rule in Tamilnadu in the year 1676, with Tanjore as their Head Quarters. The control was taken over by the Britishers in 1798 from the Marathas, when Robert Clive was the Governor of Madras Presidency.The Marathas during their rules were true patrons of Arts, Science, Medicine, Vedas, Astrology etc. The great works of ancient India were all kept in the famous Saraswati Mahal Library at Tanjore and maintained by them.During the reign of the great king Sarabhoji Maharaja, the Sanskrit works, including those relating to Naadi Astrology were translated into old poetic Tamil Language and written on Palm leaves and kept in Saraswathi Mahal Library. During the same period, though the whole North India was under the control of Mohammediyans, the great Marathas managed to preserve all such great works in their Saraswathi Mahal Library. Thus Naadi Astrology powers a debut of gratitude to the Great Marathas for its existence today.

How many bundles of leaves are available in total?- no idea but I don’t think it is material/relevant.

Is each set of leaves after some name of Nadi Jyotish is different ?- did not understand the question.

Is there really anything written on the leaves at all or something appear then and there?- my experience & observation says that it is definitely pre-written & cannot be written then & there.

Is there any Mantra or some other means used by the Nadi astrologers?- it is written in old poetic tamil language which must be written in Sanskrit sholkas earlier.

Is there any specific science written to get the birth chart and birth data from< the thumb impressions?- there seems to be some science for identifying a bundle/s of leaves which are related to the thumb impression taken of the person. My observation is that during the reading of the leaves in the process of identifying the unique leaf, the nadi leaves which are read, many are having some/most of the information which matches with the person. For eg: if the person is married, in most of the leaves, nadi reader will check the name of the spouse whereas if the person is unmarried, vewry rarely you will find a nadi with name of the spouse. (this is not after checking/confirming whether the person is married or unmarried)

How the exact names can be told?- exactly, this is something which no one can deny. All those who says that nadi astrology is fake, cannot logically justify/explain that how come the name of the persons come exactly same in the nadi without disclosing to the nadi reader. This is possible only in 2 cases – one a person who is spiritually advanced & can see through past/present & future or the other possibility is of ‘karna pishachha’.

What is the procedure followed by the nadi reader to pick up the index leaves from his library from thumb impression?- this is something to be learned/known from a good nadi reader who is willing to share this knowledge for the sake of research.

How is it on some leaves only some type of funny pattern of lines was written without any normal language form of script ?- no idea what is this.

How is it that some type of Tamil script found on the leaves could not be understood?- it is old/ancient form of tamil language hence cannot be understood even by a tamil person.

Why do the readers give the future readings from the date of consultation only at some intervals of age only?- the purpose of writing the future is to give some direction & therefore is written in interval of 2/3 years. I understand that there are some special chapter/kandam on current disha-bhukti which gives current period in more detail but I’ve not personally experienced this. I understand that there are also some sukshma nadi grantha which are more detail but needs to be checked/experienced.

Why do they not give the occurrence of past events age wise generally?- the purpose of having brief past/present mentioned in the leaf is only to identify the nadi. Once the nadi is identified, then the future is only important & not the past.

How do they give the names of foreigners also sometimes?- the nadi grantha is not bound to Indian territory. If a person is destined to know his future through the nadi, he will know it whether he leaves/born in India or abroad. I personally know one case of a foreigner whose all past & correct names came in his nadi.

What is the material and sole of the leaf and and how they have preserved so long?- they use some preservative oils to preserve the same.

Are they rewritten at different intervals of time?- yes, they were translated in tamil from original Sanskrit & then we do not know how many duplication/copies of the same were made.

How are they trained and how long? – I understand there are scientific procedure/method to become a nadi reader.

How do they link up the index leaf with the actual leaf of general Kandam and other chapters of?-unique name of the unique fingerprint is mentioned on the leaf which form a basis to link it with other chapter/kandam leaves.

How can some readers say that such and such person is going to consult on that day? – it is written in the nadi leaves, nadi reader are just mediater/interpreatator.

Do the readings for the same person from different Nadis match exactly? – I’ve observed experience of some people who have checked at different centres & the reading is mostly matched. I wish to check my own readings at as much centres as possible to have a first hand experience.

Do the readings for the same person from the same nadi reader from the same nadi taken at different interval of time say a year later match exactly? – need to be researched.

Are you really to be destined to consult Nadi?- if so then only you will reach there & at the destined time only.

Are the past readings given always perfectly correct ? – I’ve observed that those who complain that there future is not coming correct, have agreed that there past was correct.

How far the future reading goes perfectly right upto what time to nearby future or to long future also? I’ve seen cases in which the future predictions have come ture. To quote one beautiful example – one lady when went for nadi reading was pregnant, delivery date was after 3 weeks. Nadi said that she will deliver the next day which no one believed as she herself was not having any such signs, but it did happen that next day she had pregnancy pains, was hospitalized & delivered a baby, now will you say it as a coincidence?????

Do the reader himself involved in giving correct readings, includes his training and experience?-yes.

Why do the remedial measures given in Shanti Kanda mostly refer to the Gods/Goddess /Temples in Tamilnadu?- I want to clarify this as it is experienced/observed by many people but my own experience differs according to which the temples to be visited are not restricted / sometimes none of them is in tamilnadu. We need to further study that if the observation that the temples are from tamilnadu is applying to all/most of the cases checked at particular centre/s then we need to assess the reliability/authenticity of that centre.

Why do they prescribe the alms to be given to the nadi reader and is it really written on the leaves ?- I believe that if it is at aunticate centre, then it is as written in the leaves. I know some cases in which it was mentioned that nadi reader should not charge anything to the person, or the expenses of the temple visits/diksha kand to be borned by the nadi reader. If the nadi reader is business minded or is speaking on his own, why will he should say like this in some cases?

Are they actually reading what was written on the leaves ?- yes if the nadi reader is authenticate.

Why are some of them in some form of trance with half closed eyes as if they are not reading it from the leaves at all?- no idea, I’ve not so far experienced this.

Why don't nadi readers give your leaf to you, if it really belongs to y u?- no idea.

Can you read what is written there?- yes but u cannot understand unless you know that language.

Will they show it you?-yes.

How many readings are there on each leaf?- one or sometimes 2.

How many index bundles are normally to be scanned to arrive at your data?- it depends on case to case – varying from one to 4.

How many leaves are there in each bundle?- no idea but do not think it is relevant.

Do they read without thumb impression, if the chart is given ?- no idea but I suppose they are trained to check based on the thum impression only.

Are the previous life readings given in different Nadis for the same person would be the same? – should be the same, needs to be researched. Personally, I’ve checked one person’s nadi from agastya & vasistha – both were matching.

How far the remedial measures given work?- yes this is the million dollar question which really needs to be observed/researched. We really need to come together to find out answer to this question as if we can do it, it will be very useful to thw whole mankind & will give totally new dimention to the medicine & helath of the people.

Why do every nadi reader prescribe shanti definitely for every person whenever consulted?- very logical question. But I personally believe that since we are still born on the earth in the kaliyug – it is the sign that we are carrying some inpurities/past karmas with us which brings sufferings to us in our life hence the shanty is required to burn those past karmas if we want to have some positive change in our lifes & if we do not want to burn those karmas through the sufferings.

Why do the chart given by them differ from the one prepared by you in computers? – my personal experience is that the computer chart matches with the one given in the nadi; if it is not matching then there is a possibility that the nadi leaf is not urs or it may be fake??? Can’t say…

Is their ephemeris from Vakya Siddhanta as told different from others and how far is it correct?- no idea on this.

Why do they tell the firth date, month and year in Tamil calendar and then correlate it Christian calendar, is it because the records were in Tamil ?-yes.

If the records were in Sanskrit or Telugu language, how are the birth data found in which calendar?- did not understand the question.

Are they following only the transits of major planets of Jupiter Saturn etc?- no I don’t think so.

Why do they give readings of future events only age wise, not at a particular calendar date, month and year ?- need to see if nadi readers can give explanation to this.

Do they know astrology at all?- nadi readers are not eseentially be astrologers, though if they do have astrological background, it will help them in better interpreatation.

Do they tell the exact names of twins , if the thumbprints are given ? – no personal experience but planning to check this out.

Do they give the readings without the presence of the person consulting and with the date presented by some person?- yes.

Do they give the reading by post if the required data is given and fees sent? – yes.

How far they take the responsibility if the future readings given by them do not come true and what excuse do they give in such cases ?- I don’nt think that if future doesn’t turn out to be what is mentioned, nadi readers are responsible for the same. Mr. Oak in his book has very rightly given the logical explanation to this question – why past is right but future goes wrong.

Is there cheating by them?- after going thru the experiences in the forum, it seems that there are many fake nadi readers, but then it is a kaliyug with 75% wrong & 25% the truth, so this is very natural & this is true in all other aspects of life, isn’t it??? If we find a fake doctor we will not say that whole medicine is fake, so the same applies to astrology & also to the nadi grantha/reader.

Are there any real astrological principles involved in those Nadis? – yes but I believe that it is something beyonf the astrology. For eg: no branch of astrology can help you to predict exact names of the person & his family. This is something which comes from divine knowledge only.

Why do they charge exorbitantly which many poor people cannot afford?- if they are charging abnormally high fees, it is definitely wrong & which can be one criterial to differentiate the right ones with the wrong ones. Since it is bread & butter for the nadi readers, it is perfectly in order to charge a normal fee according to the period/inflation, etc in order to ensure that he can have an average family life.

Do poor people are distend to consult them?- a noble nadi reader should consult free to a poor people. But again, you will not find many people who are very very poor – going to nadi reader because I don’t think that they are/will be destined for the same. & those who are destined, by some way or the other they will get it done even if the fees are beyond their capcity to bear.

Is it worth spending lot of money in finding out the tricks of this nadi astrology? – don’t we spend lot of money on many other things whch may/does go waste. If we make cost benefit analysis, it is definitely worth giving a try. One of the advantage of forum ike this or research will be to arrive at the right/good quality centres I all areas & make people educated so that they will end up reaching to the right centre & will not get cheated & lose faith on the nadi.

Is it possible to do any research at all in this filed? – yes. There is already research made by people like Mr. Oak, late shantaram Athavle, etc. But still we need to have more coordinated/concrete & scientific research.

Are there any Nadis with some Swamijis or in some Ashram or with some other persons who are not using it for professional commercial purposes and give readings when consulted?- need to be reasearched.

Are there any Nadis published fully, if so in what language?- difficult to trace this. But it seems that it is available either in tamil or in Sanskrit.

Why do some astrologers, who have got nadi Grantha not publish it completely in a book form?- should be explored but publishing the same will not be cost effective & I do not think that it is destined to be that way.

Are there other aspects natural calamities, political set ups wars, countries etc written also nadi granthas other than about persons and if so why don't they publish it before hand?- yes some of the nadi grantha do talk about such events, for eg: kaka bhujandar nadi does have world major events mentioned.we need to explore if we can get it known to the world but even if we do so, I don’t think that we can stop change the events at national/world level as they are destined to happen at the given time.

Are these Nadis written restricted to certain regions only, if so within how many kilometers /miles and within what longitudes and latitudes?- no do not have any geographical limits.

Is there any law, which is given in the Nadis to extend it other persons and other regions?- it is not bound to any region.

How can a few bundles of leaves ,however large they re cover all life patterns of all persons? – it is not covering all persons. It is written only for the destined people.

What the addresses of all the nadi readers?- Mr. Oak has taken great effort in publishing the same in his book which may be listed with updation on our group.

Are there any persons who are really doing any genuine serious research to find out the secrets of the nadi Jyotish if so what are their addresses and what are their findings so far, have they published their research anywhere?- need to be explored & such people need to be bring together to have a consolidated synergetic effort in this field for better & faster output.

Are there any persons who are exchanging their experience and research with each in this field and if so what are their addresses?- needs to be explored.

Are there any persons who had consulted all Nadis about them personalities and published their readings comparing and verifying the results if so what are their addresses?- Late Shantaram Athavle has done significant research on this & has published a book – ‘nadi grantha’ in marathi language.

Why can't the nadi readers tell the exact names of the wife/husband before

marriage, but can tell the e names of after marriage?- I think I know one case in which the name of the spouse was told before marriage & it did turn out to be the same in future, though more observation need to be done in this area.

Why can't they tell the names of the children when they can tell your name, your wife/husband name and names of parents?- need to explore with the nadi readers.

Is there any danger or calamity or curse or those who possess these nadi granthas and to their families when they practice it?- they will get problems if they do not practice it religiously & use it to cheat people/ to have abnormal gains.

How did Sage Satyacharya, supposed to be inventor of nadi amshas of 150 write the general life patterns for each nadi amsha and to what percentage they match with a person's life pattern, if the person birth amsha falls in one of the nadi amshas or is it that the person should select the nearest nadi amsha pattern which matches with most of his life events and if it is to be chosen for a newly born baby who has not much specific events to check then how to fix up the nadi amsha?- no knowledge in this area need to explore it.

Is there any method, if at all any, to draw the nadi amsha chart just as other Vargas (divisional) charts and if so how to prepare such a nadi chart and how to use it vis-à-vis rasi and other Vargas charts (though it is not mostly known how to use the known Vargas charts themselves specifically for a particular event in life!) no knowledge in this area need to explore it.

Which are the mantra Nadis , the tantra Nadis, prasna Nadis etc and what are the differences and how do they operate? – need to be explored. I suppose mantra nadi is the normal one. Prasna nadi – there are some available which give answers to ur questions which needs to be explored.

Where are we now in our research on nadi Jyotish in finding out the secrets, when they have existing from so many years?- I think now where still to go a long way.

Are there any specific astrological principles used in nadi Jyotish literature other than normal principles enunciated in standard ancient text books by sage Parasara, Jaimini,Varahamihira, Mantreswara, Vidyanatha, Kalidasa, Venkatesdaivagna, Bhaskara Jyotish, Bhruhatjataka, Phaladeepika , Jatakaparijata, Uttara Kalamithra, Sarvartha Chinthamani, Bhavadeepika, Sanketanidhi, Saravali etc ?- I don’t think the sages have used any principles for this writing as thry do not need to do so as everything is like an open book for them though if one try to correlate the same with the astrological priniciples, it should be in line with the same.

Do the nadi readers allow to record all the questions they ask as they proceed with the index leaves and is there any person who got such recorded data in his personal case and if what is his address?- no idea, but I don’t think a nadi reader

will object to this, unless on one ground that is a time dimension, but again, in my personal case, nadi reader allowed me to do video shooting of the event, so if required we can take complete event on a record for analysis.

How can the Nadi Reader tell that your parents are alive when y you consult him when they are alive and tell that they are dead when you consult him after their death and can such a thing can be told from applying normal astrological principles?- nadi readers are just reading what is written on the leaves. We need to explore such live cases to verify the findings on this matter.. it is difficult to answer this using normal astrological principles.

Similarly how can h e tell the exact number of brothers and sisters and at age you were married etc and can these can be told so precisely from any normal astrological rules?- again, it can be told based on traditional astrology but needs that much expertise, but in no case, normal astrology can help u to predict the names.

Will all the Nadis give the e life span for a person or different life spans, when the names and chart and other past details match exactly in all Nadis ?- to be explored.

Why some Nadis mention certain age as "Gandam" (danger to life) and if it is surpassed the person would live upto certain other age ?- this happens/applies in traditional astrology as well that certain transtitor period is threatening to one’s life.

Has anybody found any clues to give exact predictions from the text books available in the market on nadi Jyotish presently such as "Bhrugu Nandi Nadi" by Shri R.G.Rao, Devakeralam (Chandrakala Nadi )3 vols by Shri Late R.Santhanam commentary on "Saptarishi Nadi" by Shri J.H.Bhasin, "Transits of planets on they birth chart" lesson of nadi are the essence of astrology" by Shri R.G.Rao, "Kashyapa Hora - essesnce of nadi astrology" by Shri R.G.Rao, "Nadi jyothisha or the Stellar system of astrology"(out of print) by Shri Late R.Gopalakrishna Rao (Pen name meena) "Satya jatakam (basis of Dhruvanadi) Sage Satyacharya, "Practical Stellar Astrology (Based on Nadi Principles) by Shri Late NV Raghavachari (Pen name Meena II), "Nadi system of Prediction (Stellar-theory) by Shri Rattan Lal , "Doctrines of Suka Nadi Retold - mysteries of nadi system of astrology unfurled" by Shri Late R.Santhanam, "Profession from the position of planets -in rare nadi granthas by Shri RG Ro, "Vedic Astrology and career" by Shri V.Raghuraman, "Your Destiny in thumb" by Shri R.G.Rao "Bhrigu Sutram Sage Bhrigu, "Bhrugu Prashna Nadi" by Shri R.G.Rao, General life pattern from Dhruva Nadi and Nandi Nadi published for some Nadi Amshas in the "Astrological Magazine", several articles published on Nadi Astrology in the Astrological Magazines " other magazines and new papers etc etc? – I’ve not read these books but sure that predictions given in these books or based on these books will not match with the one given in the leaves. These books can have general principles, some knowledge, that’s it. Expert astrologer can reach somewhere ased on this in predictions, but that he can do in other forms of astrology as well, isn’t it?

Has anybody able to correlate the standard astrological principles with the nadi astrology predictions authentically?- no idea, but personally will like to see it done.

Can exact birth time be told by Nadi Readers? – no idea but the expert nadi reader should be in a postion to do so.

Whether the Nadi reader and the translator add anything on their own while reading and explaining? –should be possible but the ideal nadi reader should work only as a mediator/interpretor.

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