Duties of a Technology Coordinator Interview: Mr.

Knight Date: February 16, 2011

1. What is the size or level of your organization?  Sole Coordinator. A unique position that was needed with all the technology in the school. 21st Century Classroom. 2. How long have you been a technology coordinator? 2.5 years 3. What do you envision as your primary role in your position?  Is to run a secondary lab for project based learning using technology. (i.e. computers, active board, elmo…) 4. Please list ALL of your duties as a technology coordinator.  Run project based technology lab.  Professional development in technology for teachers  Web master  Maintenance on computers  Run student morning broadcast  Technology support calls for simple fixing or installation  Trouble shooting  Report to Media Specialist  Technology ALL over the school installing  Administrator over online programs  NO BUDGET (but does get to purchase items when submitted by request)  Tech. classes for students for on line research skills and show how to use Microsoft Office.  Going into classrooms to teach students basic tech. skills/integration of programs in classrooms. Mini lessons to help teachers in a classroom setting.  Technology Observations around classrooms to see how the technology is being used in teaching.  Webinars 5. What sort of assistance do you receive in doing your job?  Assistance from the Tech. department.  Assistance from the Media Specialist if it is in the budget. 6. What are the parts of the job that you really enjoy?

 Enjoy doing the projects with the kids. Because I see that students like doing tech. projects rather than classroom projects. 7. What parts of the job would you rather have someone else do?  He has additional responsibilities that do not fall under tech. coordinator. 8. If you could restructure your position and responsibilities, how would you do it?  Only thing to change is to get teachers more involved and buy into what his main purpose of what the kids can produce by using technology.  He has mandatory classes for students to come visit the lab. To allow them to become more familiar with technology. 9. What words of wisdom do you have for successfully Coordinating Technology in an Educational Setting?  Get the teachers on board to get it to work successfully. Wanting to use the technology in the school effectively. If seems a waste of great tools if teachers are not willing to use it.

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