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Name: Surname: Flyers English Test.

Topics 1 to 3

1. Look and read. Find the correct Word and write it on the line. Fork key scissors


1. This is made from sugar, milk and flour. _________________ pan 2. You walk over this to cross a river. __________________




3. Sweaters, gloves and scarves are sometimes made from this. _______________________ 4. If you dont want to get wet, you must use this



when it rains. _________________________ 5. This is made of metal. You use it when you fry


the food. _____________________________ 6. This is made of paper. You use it for reading about the news in the world.



____________________ 7. This is made of wood. You use it for writing and drawing in a paper. _______________________ 8. This is made of metal. You use it for opening the door of a house. _________________________ wool


9. This









___________________ 10. This is a season of the year in which there is very cold weather. _______________________ gloves pencil swings

Name: Surname: Flyers English Test. Topics 1 to 3 2. Look and read. Write yes or no

1. There is a pan in the stove. 2. The oven is open 3. The table is between the cat and the chair 4. There is some milk in the kitchen 5. The cat is next to the fridge 6. There is a chicken next to the table 7. There is a fork in the image

Name: Surname: Flyers English Test. Topics 1 to 3

3. Read the questions and choose the answers 1. Hello Sam! What are you cooking? a. No, Im not. b. Im doing a tomato soup. c. Hi! I am fine, thank you! 2. Mmmm!!! I love that. So, what do we need? a. Yes, we do. b. We need tomatoes, onion and water. c. We dont need tomatoes, onion or water. 3. And now, what do we do? a. Lets make the soup. b. We do our homework. c. No, we dont. 4. After cooking, can we go to the park? a. Yes, we can. b. No, Im cooking. c. Do you want to eat the soup? 5. Are we going to play on the swings? a. Yes, you have. b. No, we cant. They are broken. We are going to play football. c. No, we are going to do the homework.

Name: Surname: Flyers English Test. Topics 1 to 3

4. Read the recipe. Look at the pictures. Write the words. CHICKEN POTATOES. Put the high temperature. ________________ in the oven and cook for one hour at a

While they are cooking, cut some

__________________ and


Fry them in a ______________________.

___________________ with some

Boil some _______________ in a ___________________ for twenty minutes and then cut it into small pieces. After one hour, take the ____________________ out of the

______________________. Cut the _______________ in a half.

Take the potato out of the skins with a into a ________________________. ___________________,

_______________ and put it

Put the


and ______________ __________________ and mix it all together.



Put the mixture back into the potato skins and cook in the _____________________for ten more minutes.

Name: Surname: Flyers English Test. Topics 1 to 3

5. Read the story and answer the questions. If the answer is negative, write the true answer. John is a little boy. He lives in a small house with his mother and father. Next to the house there is a farm. Johns family is very friendly with the people who live on the farm. They have a daughter who is the same age as John. Her name is Betty. Betty and John go to the same school and often play together on the farm. They help Bettys father give the animals their food, and they help him get the milk from the cows. John loves the farm, and sometimes he wishes he could live there too.

Do John live in the city centre? ________________________________________________________________

Is Johns family nice? ________________________________________________________________

Whats Johns friends name? ________________________________________________________________

Where do Bettys father work? ________________________________________________________________

Do they play in a park? ________________________________________________________________