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AVEVA solutions for Owner Operators

Delivering Operations Information Integrity

AVEVA’s information management and engineering design solutions are used by leaders in the process plant industry around the world to deliver the information integrity that plays a strategic role in the larger corporate objective of Operational Excellence. With the AVEVA digital asset environment companies can access and manage the information they need for operational readiness. Maintenance & Reliability Handover & Commissioning Operations Readiness In-Plant Engineering Health. ABB Automation. AVEVA solutions address the key business drivers for the Owner Operator: T T T T T Quality – Reduce rework caused by inaccurate information Validation – Resolve information inconsistencies and gaps Risk – Mitigate operational and safety risks Time – Less time looking for information. incomplete and inaccessible information is a liability for your organisation – so how do you transform this liability into an asset? Get your information wrong. Safety & Environment – Regulatory Compliance Digital Asset & Information Intelligence Above: AVEVA’s solutions for Operations Information Integrity specifically address the unique and demanding needs of the Owner Operator for accurate and complete information availability throughout the asset lifecycle. and HSE.Operations Information Integrity Whether you call it Operational Excellence. ‘The biggest revenue loss in all plants around the world is actually operator error. or within revamp activities.’ Colin Pearson. your organisation most likely has a corporate-wide initiative to efficiently and safely manage the complex lifecycles of your physical plant assets. Essential to the overall goal of achieving Operational Excellence is global access to accurate and complete information. Incorrect. whether used from the beginning of a major project. or Asset Integrity Management. maintenance and reliability. Operations Integrity Management. Complete and Available Information Project Performance Management Integrated Project Execution Asset Performance Management Business Value Operations. AVEVA’s solutions provide compelling benefits. and that is not operators making mistakes. Industry research clearly illustrates the potential impact on your business: T T T T Up to 60% of downtime is caused by delays in finding information Plants suffer an average of seven unplanned shutdowns per year Poor information sharing is the principle cause of unplanned downtime The average cost of a major plant shutdown is $8 million Operations Information Integrity can have a major impact on the longterm operational efficiency of your assets. in-plant engineering. more time solving problems Cost – Reduce the cost of unplanned rework and downtime Operations Information Integrity Consistent. it is operators not having the information on hand to make the right decisions at the right time. Institute of Engineering Technology . and there can be major operational and commercial consequences.

isolated information silos challenge successful asset management. Only when information is managed in this way can Owner Operators and their EPC contractors perform effectively. AVEVA’s growing Owner Operator solution suite creates a data-neutral environment for all your operational information. Asset Performance Management Let the AVEVA solution deliver clear benefits throughout your Asset Performance Management activities and across the lifecycle of your plant operations. linking the information silos through the asset lifecycle. existing HSE processes and provisions – Mitigate risk and legal exposure that can damage reputations – Reduce costs of managing extensive HSE-associated information Project Performance Management The benefits Owner Operations gain from AVEVA’s solutions are equally compelling for Project Performance Management activities. Safety and Environmental Regulatory Compliance – Provide a collaborative information platform – Ensure key stakeholders are both informed of.. ‘Most plants today use many different applications which lock data away in “silos” of proprietary information. maintenance and HSE decisions. AVEVA’s Owner Operator solutions enable global access to information from virtually any source. While most organisations have made significant investment in the areas represented above. complete across different disciplines and accessible globally. This seriously hampers the ability of the system to deliver across the entire range of operational business requirements. maintain and share consistent equipment registers – Facilitate timely and safe decision making – Reduce unplanned downtime and outages T In-Plant Engineering – Capture as-built data from laser scans and other sources – Create consistent data from proprietary information silos – Optimise production restart scheduling – Reduce in-plant engineering cost and project time lines T Health. accessible upstream engineering data to support day-to-day operations.’ . These three simple principles are the essential building blocks of AVEVA’s information management solutions.. T Integrated Project Management – Create asset integrity from the start of the project lifecycle – Enable accurate and early decision making – Reduce the impact of project delays on cost and schedule T Handover and Commissioning – Own and share accurate data throughout design and handover – Enable early visibility of bottlenecks. T Operational Readiness – Ensure efficient and timely handover of accurate information – Reduce inventory costs with optimised spares identification – Mitigate the risk of delay in production startup T Operations. regardless of the original application source. These isolated structures contain disconnected data formats that simply don’t communicate with each other and cannot be shared to enable uniform and consistent access and updates. Maintenance and Reliability – Collect. conflicts and omissions – Reduce handover and commissioning costs Above: For many Owner Operators. and involved in. they are also heavily dependent on accurate. Most plants today use many different applications which lock data away in ‘silos’ of proprietary information.Addressing the Challenge The AVEVA Advantage Delivering Operations Information Integrity demands that engineering and operational information is consistent between applications.

Automatically generate inconsistency reports for corrective action. Related information is identifiable. hierarchical data structures and ‘hotspotting’. creating a highly cost-effective platform for all operational information activities. Maintain a library of revisions and changes with the ability to roll-back to previous versions. T Revision control – Track all changes and modifications of data. Validation – Information integrity throughout project and asset lifecycle T Highlight missing data and documentation – Automatically analyse all data and create a complete cross-referenced index with links to. Using familiar. users can easily navigate data. documents and processes for historical review and analysis. T Data-agnostic architecture – Work with data from a wide range of applications. This occurs the moment the data is loaded. irrespective of its format and location. and associations between. . Cost – Cost-effective project and asset management T Reduce training overheads – Aggregate and manage information from any source and in any format. history and availability of all product and project information. Control and monitor the transactions involved in executing the identified changes. data. and constantly measure and report on the completeness of your working data sets. both structured and unstructured. T Management of change – Ensure staff can more accurately identify. and production and signoff histories are clearly represented. review and validate data in real time and assess its suitability for migration to the operations environment. T Transparent and current information – Deploy configuration management for objects. Simultaneously approve and write validated data back to originating applications. in a way that your business has never previously seen. T Management of data – Aggregate. initiate and manage changes based on correct. This minimises the risk of error and ensures that user interactions with the system are fully auditable. T Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Highlight a problem before it actually happens. using KPIs. vital items can be quickly identified before they affect business operations.g. This is indispensable for establishing the validity and currency of information for regulatory control and compliance. documents and work processes. reducing the need for multiple information systems. to your operations environment. and reducing staff training costs.How Can AVEVA Improve Asset Performance? AVEVA’s Owner Operator solution improves operational efficiencies across all key business drivers. T Efficient information management – Enable staff to fully manage the creation. Reduce cost of data cleansing and data migration during handover and deliver an approved-for-production asset data hierarchy. T Effective workflow management – Support critical decision-making and ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. version comparison and change highlighting. T Streamline the handover process – Automate transfer of qualified and validated data. numbering and tagging conventions). All types of asset information are always accessible. accessible and actionable. performance data and other real-time systems to foster rapid and effective intervention rather than expensive and disruptive operational response. through sophisticated role-based workflow and process management tools. from Microsoft Office to ERP systems. update. T Automatically build data relationships – Time-consuming and errorprone manual data association processes that hold back your business are replaced by automatic data associations that present information in context. Missing. Risk – Reduced corporate risk and improved compliance efficiency T Comprehensive security management – Define and configure all roles. all items in a plant. drawings and documents at the click of a mouse. responsibilities. providing change history. storage. Quality – Timely and informed decision making T Highlight information that is not fit for purpose – Check existing and new data against specified requirements and standards (e. highlighting absent information. Time – Early issue resolution facilitates accurate schedule management T Reducing the time it takes to locate and navigate information – Rapid access to all plant data through intuitive web interfaces for a broad range of users and locations. encouraging more effective working practices and better staff understanding of procedure. current information. approach and the impact of change. data. documents and structures. rights and permissions to be applied to objects.

Through the use of optimised gateways and connectors.’ *Source: Deloitte report entitled ‘AVEVA NET Woodside Post Implementation Review’. Creating Business Value Across the Asset Handover & Commissioning Operations Readiness Operations..This equates to a saving of $149 per tag. Maintenance & Reliability In-Plant Engineering Health. inconsistencies can be quickly identified and action can be taken before they have a major impact on schedules. Financial figures quoted above are in US$.The AVEVA Solution for Owner Operators The AVEVA Digital Information Hub provides a powerful environment for the collection and validation of diverse digital information. .com/whitepapers. and estimated future savings of over * $15. In this way. ensuring that the right information is available in the right place.4m in handover costs by using AVEVA solutions. Owner Operators can import content from popular data sources and third-party resources. resources and budgets. AVEVA’s Owner Operator solution accepts data in all states of approval. To download a copy of this report.aveva. and highlights incomplete and missing information. go to www. The report should be read in full and is subject to the disclaimers therein. at the right time. Information with the hub is shared across all business areas. dated August 2009. as well as from AVEVA’s own design engineering applications.5m in handover costs as more plants come online.. Safety & Environment – Regulatory Compliance AVEVA Digital Information Hub Laser Scan & Design Process Safety Maintenance Management Process Data Regulatory Compliance Silos of Information ‘Woodside Energy saved $1.

P&IDs. photographic data. AVEVA NET seamlessly links data from all possible sources: drawings. AVEVA NET provides global access to information across all disciplines. . spreadsheets. scanned documents and many more. to deliver consistent.Information – Lifeblood of Operational Excellence Using AVEVA solutions for Owner Operators. complete data that can reduce operational risk and save cost. logs. instruments and spares data. pipe isometrics. laser models.

spreadsheets. delivering an important competitive differentiator. Validate handover data coming from proprietary silos of information. laser models. repair and operations applications in their North Sea installations.’ . Reduce costs and improve decision-making with continual data handover. Improve operational quality and reduce costs. photographic data. go to our website. Deploy a fully-integrated approach to enterprise asset For more information. scanned documents. Enable cross-team collaboration for cost-effective operations.. www.Customers Using AVEVA’s Solutions Today Many businesses around the world. pipe isometrics. Provide management foundation design and information management.aveva. instruments and spares data. Provide supply chain. Create P&ID warehouse for long-term information access. Where to go next. Mitigate maintenance risk throughout asset lifecycle. T International power operator – integrated project management. where you will find many resources. T Global chemical leader – in-plant engineering. logs. Capabilities and Solutions brochures Case studies and the PIPELINE customer magazine ‘Within the Owner Operator solution. T International EPC – handover and commissioning. use AVEVA's solutions to address critical needs: T Worldwide oil & gas major. AVEVA NET seamlessly links and makes accessible data from all possible sources: drawings... maintenance. T Major global services organisation. T Global upstream oil & gas company. P&IDs. Establish project management best practice to reduce cost and time.. including: T The AVEVA Owner Operator video T The AVEVA NET Owner Operator microsite T T T T T The AVEVA Plant brochure The AVEVA NET brochure AVEVA Industry leaflets Product. in many different industries. achieving significant financial and operational benefits.

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