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Nortons lies keep coming as council puts $31,000 in the budget for crossing guards that he wont spend because he says its a high profile typo. WTF!
By CLYDE CLODHOPPER Mayor Gary Nortons credibility is fading fast among East Cleveland voters who made the mistake of believing his lies, and with Cleveland reporters who have helped him spread his untruths in the areas newspapers and on television. The latest in Nortons growing series of lies is that the city council he once led didnt put money in the 2012 budget for school crossing guards. To make matters worse, Norton sent out a news release to reporters inviting them to catch him in the act of being a concerned parent and politician while he worked a corner as a crossing guard. Nortons act, the latest in his shrinking bag of political tactics, produced only one reporter, Kevin Freeman from Fox 8 news. To his credit, Freeman didnt just take Nortons word that council stripped crossing guard money from the budget. He checked with council vice president Chantelle Lewis who sent him a copy of the citys budget showing the crossing guard money was prominently featured on page 3. Lewis told Freeman that Norton has chosen not to spend the money. In his newscast, Freeman showed Norton making the wild claim that the $31,000 was a high profile typo because council had verbally deleted the money from the budget: a claim that makes absolutely no sense to anyone with knowledge of public budgets or finance. Its not what council says but what they vote on and thats in writing; and the 2012 budget shows council included $31,000 for school crossing guards, councilman Nathaniel Martin has said.

Does Norton ever tell the truth?

Norton told friends ET pointed him to the overlooked $3.2 million

Close friends of Gary Nortons were worried when he told them he wanted to hold a press conference to announce that hed also found ET along with the $3.2 million in the overlooked KeyBank account. Nortons been spotted around town muttering to himself that no one liked him anymore. Hey Gary. No one ever liked you. They were only kissing your little ass because youre the mayor ... dude.

No Gary. Over there. Thats where I stashed the $3.2 million! Is Norton trying out for a career that matches his true qualifications?

PATHOLOGICAL LYING IS A MENTAL ILLNESS: Friends close to Gary Norton say the stress of being publicly-exposed for having problems with the truth has caused him to drop about 10 pounds on his already small frame. Norton isnt sleeping well, shows up for work infrequently and has missed several council meetings this year. His only ally on council is Mildred Brewer who admits shes on anti-depressants for depression and that shes crazy. He was a no-show at a meeting where council overturned his ridiculous veto of the 2012 budget. Councilman Nathaniel Martin was ready with questions about the $3.2 million Norton claims he and finance director Jack Johnson miraculously found in an overlooked KeyBank account. When Martin asked Johnson if Nortons claim was indeed true, Johnson had nothing to say. Thus far no records have been produced to support the lie.

According to meeting minutes, council president Joy Jordan, Lewis, Martin and Thomas have consistently tried to explain to the welleducated Norton, without any success, that $31,000 for crossing guards was in the 2012 budget and has been in it since they passed a 90day appropriation ordinance at the end of December 2011. Norton, however, had already committed himself to his verbally deleted lie when he shared it with the citys school crossing guards and spread it among East Cleveland parents of school-aged children. Instead of paying the crossing guards with the money council had given him, Norton has told them they wont be paid because council didnt include money for

them in the budget. Norton vetoed the 2012 budget on April 6, which included the general fund that covered money for the school crossing guards. His veto then prohibited him from paying any employee, whose department budget he individually made the decision to void, which included the crossing guards. Council met and overturned Nortons veto on April 12 and restored the crossing guard money, in addition to dollars for every other city employee and the citys vendors. Resident and activist Gerald Strothers posted a video on his 44112 News on YouTube showing finance director Jack Johnson arguing against council overturning Nortons historic and foolish
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State says Safe Haven daycare still unsafe

Inspector cites daycare owned by Norton aide for having too many kids and not enough employees
By JONAS BALSITCH Reports of safety violations at the Safe Haven Achievement Daycare center thats operated in East Cleveland by an aide to mayor Gary Norton has repeatedly shown little concern for the safety of the citys children. Repeated violations that places the health and safety of children at risk have not been corrected and records show Smedley as adding more children than hes authorized to have while failing to have the correct number and properly trained employees on staff. Keeping his employee expenses low helps Smedley line his pockets every month with the federally-funded child care program checks he gets. State inspectors from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services visited Smedleys Safe Haven Achievement Center on April 9 on a complaint-driven inspection for the fourth time in slightly more than one year. This time state inspectors found two additional serious safety violations of the states daycare licensing rules. Each one dealt with him and daycare manager Carolyn Warren not having enough employees on staff to handle the number of children in attendance. Each violation cited Smedleys daycare with having the wrong adult child ratio with 12 children being supervised by one adult. The April 9 inspection report shows inspector Diane Traczyk made an unannounced partial inspection between 8 and 8:45 a.m. and found the two additional violations. Smedley was last investigated on March 23 for a full inspection that lasted from 8 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. That investigation resulted in a 15 page report that gave him until April 22 to correct

Nortons lies continue

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Ghetto gangsta and alleged Norton bagman Mike Smedley runs around the city like a two-bit John Gotti bragging that we run East Cleveland. Smedleys told anyone within earshot that he and Boss Gary are going to raise $50,000 to put a political hit on council. Sources claim Smedley, Travelle Harps ex-roommate and a NOAH board member, has allegedly been shaking down contractors telling them to give him cash for deals and to contribute to Nortons campaign committee. Female city hall employees complain that hes a sexual harasser who makes lewd comments to them and that Norton, who has his own problems with sexual harassment, offers no protection. Critics are asking why Smedley and Norton arent being investigated by chief Ralph Spotts, who has his own problems with unlawfully receiving overtime and with his involvement with a cops for security scheme being run out of the police chiefs office. Theres also the PAL bank account that Norton and Vanessa Veals have using to take their families on trips. If any contractor or city business owner has been approached by Smedley with demands for cash, contact the FBI at 216-522-1400.

veto. No mayor in the citys history had ever vetoed a budget and left it unable to pay employees and bills. Strothers video of Johnson arguing against council overturning the veto offered an insight into the false thinking that seems to be the driving thought behind the mayors decision. In Nortons veto and his revised veto the next day, the mayor wrote that he was resetting the budget back to what he had originally wanted. That resetting, he believed, would allow him to continue being paid as the safety director. The Tattler reported, and now council attorney Darryl Pittman has confirmed, that there is no such legal process identified in Ohio law or the citys charter that allowed Norton to revise a veto or reset the budget. Ohio law provides that once the mayor vetoes a line item its void. Nortons veto suggests he was using the crossing guards as a trick in an effort to keep being paid as the safety director. East Cleveland has a devious and sick minded person leading the city, said Paul D., a resident who asked that only his first name and last initial be identified. Nortons critics say he expected what hed already come to expect from the Plain Dealers reporters and those with the television stations, which was for them to report his lies without checking behind him. But Freemans report caught him off guard since he did not follow the low standard of journalism thats been set by the Plain Dealer, which features one-sided stories that support the agenda the newspaper is promoting. Since Norton was given the Plain Dealers endorsement, reporters there are now stuck with covering up for him and other incompetent politicians like county CEO Ed Fitzgerald, said media critic Jon Davis. These two guys can do no wrong and theyve operated unchecked thus far without real public scrutiny.

the compliance violations Traczyk identified. The March 23 inspection noted that Smedleys daycare was in compliance with, as an example, having safe outside playground equipment. Tracyks April 9 inspection told a different story in that his compliance on that matter and others had not been verified. Altogether, Tracyks April 9 inspection was significantly different since it showed the compliance of Smedleys daycare relating to state safety standards had not been verified in 52 different categories. Traczyks inspection report showed East Clevelands fire inspectors have only investigated the daycare center once in August 2011.

Fox8 didnt fall for Gary Nortons wild story

Unlike the Plain Dealers two lazy-azzed reporters, Tom Feran and James Ewinger, Fox8 reporter Kevin Freeman took the time to get more sides of the lie Norton was spreading. Freeman talked to council vice president Chantelle Lewis, she gave him the budget and he showed it to the stations viewers. Freeman correctly exposed Nortons ridiculous claim that council made a high profile typo when they put $31,000 in the 2012 budget for school crossing guards. Unlike the other media, Fox8 has not been so quick to jump on Nortons bandwagon since anchor Wayne Dawsons brother, Will Dawson, was sworn-in as the citys judge in January 2012 and now works daily with the mayor.

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