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Sandra L. Wilks Lonoke, AR 72086 Home: 501-676-6514 Cell: 501-804-4161 Email: slwilks53@yahoo.

com PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Enterprise Products Company, LLC.-Houston, TX. Senior Environmental Engineer

Mar 2009-Nov 2011

Over-arching charge: Maintain environmental compliance along pipeline from southern Arkansas border north to French Lick, IN and into TN and KY (26 sites in 6 states) for refined products through 16 & 20" pipeline. Ensured all permit conditions met; meeting & exceeding compliance through inspection, training & reporting in air, water, waste, safety, health, TSCA, EPRCA, etc. Worked with regulators, federal & state level during inspections & communications, promptly addressing information requests. Conducted training & interacted with safety & training providing information to operations personnel improving operations. Reviewed permit actions with operations for accuracy & verify meeting permit conditions with enough flexibility to meet permit conditions. Conducted audits on operations with audit team & addressed & closed findings or established time line & initiated project to close finding. Reported emission & product releases per requirements & supported clean-up efforts. Maintained plans accuracy (FRP, SPCC, OPA 90) with changes in plant/operations; provided training & participated in drills. Performed hand-in-hand with Safety ensuring both areas of safety & environmental requirements met. Proficient in requirements of 40 CFR; 29 CFR; 49 CFR; PHMSA & all local, state & company requirements, plans & procedures. Ensured proper waste disposal from cradle to grave, completing all documentation including annual reports. Researched safer products for use. Accomplished transferring AR sites from individual NPDES permits to inclusion under Arkansas industrial & general state-wide permit. Developed NPDES permit requirements including site specific SWP3 & SPCC development. Developed strong background in NESHAP, GD-GACT, LDAR, MACT, NSPS, RCRA, SARA, and DOT requirements. Air requirements were the major part (75%) of job.

Department of Defense Civilian Little Rock AFB, Jacksonville, AR Westover AFB, Chicopee, MA Environmental Engineer:

Jan 1977-Feb 2009 Dec 2000-Feb 2009 Jun 1997-Dec 2000

Worked as a civilian for the Dept of Defense. From 1977 to 1997 for the Dept of the Army & Dept of the Air Force. Retired to go to work for Enterprise.

Program Manger in: Stormwater, Spill Response, Storage Tanks, Fuels, Pollution Prevention, Air, Hazardous Waste/Material, TSCA, Drinking Water, Waste Water, Lead Based Paint (LBP) & Asbestos (ACM), Installation Restoration, & NEPA. Originated & cataloged Hazardous Waste documentation establishing EMIS files. Established accurate electronic inventory/database of ACM & LBP areas. Prepared LBP & ACM Management Plan; (An EPA & DOD write up). Developed basewide training schedule & curriculum. Manage site clean up actions per Consent Administrative Order. Purge storage tanks inventory rectifying inaccuracies with state. Submit/justify projects through ACES. Maintain $7.5 million budget for branch.

Sandra L. Wilks

Review project specifications commenting/changing as required. Schedule various program work & inspect for completion, making required corrections per program guidance. Asbestos & LBP Working Group leader. Developed site-specific work plans & contractor Site Specific Health & Safety Plans. Developed SWP3 plans for base & projects, performing inspections & adherence to plans. Performed Quality Assurance Expert & Contracting Office Representative duties on projects for Underground Storage Tanks (UST) removals, ACM projects, site remediation projects, waterline installation, containment lining project, hydrant system rehab, removed OWS base-wide with ADEQ approval, etc. Developed AF's first 'One Plan' (Integrated Contingency Plan) acquiring EPA approval. Established spill response team, acquired equipment for response throughout the base, set up line of communication with Fire Department. Set up analytical testing of water & waste for agency reporting & disposal requirements. Delineation of wetlands on Westover AFB and for the city of South Hadley, MA. Prepared Statements of Work for boiler plant renovation, bulk fuel-unloading platform, lining drinking water lines & stormwater transport systems.

Ft Bragg, NC Hanau FRG (Germany)

Jan 1990-Jun1997 Sep 1986-Jul 1987

Program manager for RCRA I, served as installation corrosion engineer (NACE certified), managed energy & fuels programs. COR on tank removal/hazardous site cleanup contract involving $7.5 million dollars & removing more than 2400 USTs in addition to cleaning 47 contaminated sites in fouryears, obtaining state closure. Initiated, designed and/or reviewed/recommended/implemented changes to numerous projects from training areas to the new hospital to roads, including: 1. Aerobic WWTP construction & upgrades to WTP 2. Revamp heat plant fuel system through tank & fuel changes 3. Performed intensive work on landfill closing & initiation of transfer station construction 4. Designed cathodic protection projects, inspected & certified work 5. Originated project tying automatic tank gauging at SAAF & Camp Mackall to post-wide monitoring system 6. Designed project reducing 105-fuel points to 3 major sites 7. Established program upgrading 106 USTs to 40 CFR 280 requirements 8. Converted post from DF-2 to JP-8. Designed cathodic protection requirements for fuel systems. Prepared documentation upgrading 34-satellite fuel sites 9. Designed Central Vehicle Wash Facility 10. Maintenance facilitates for 782 Maintenance, 3/73 Armor Maintenance, 313 MI Maintenance, Post Photo lab, housing fuel oil tanks 11. Hazardous wastes turn-in facility 12. Investigated fuel oil in sewer discovering incorrect construction & as-built blueprints indicating misplacement of OWS for fuel tank 13. Collaborated with boiler plant management modifying boiler system increasing efficiency of plant operation, lowering emissions 14. Initiated documentation for Federal, military & regulatory agencies on UST/AST repairs, testing, inventory & retrofit status 15. Designed/prepared specifications, managed contractor work, & inspected two UST cleaning projects 16. Designed/completed project returning to service 2-30K USTs out of service for five years using DERA funds

Sandra L. Wilks

Received/processed incoming hazardous waste. Worked with contractor in HW disposal completing all regulatory documentation. Established database managing waste streams. Researched & approved/denied use of hazardous substances or use of less hazardous substances. Produced post-wide regulation for hazardous waste/material use & disposal. Developed & instructed hazardous waste stream & material training. Served as installation environmental coordinator for 82nd Airborne Division, 20th Engr Brigade & 3rd Special Forces. Represented installation at meetings between military entities at NC's working group for regulatory compliance. Managed contracts for used oil collection, laboratory analysis, hazardous waste disposal, cleaning oil/water separators, fuel purchases, etc. Prepared contracts. Participated in Historic Preservation & Installation Restoration Program. Assisted in categorization of Civil War battleground. Inventoried site of Monroe's Crossing. Produced EA for Categorical Exclusion at Falcon's Airstrip. Prepared Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statements, Categorical Exclusions, & FONSIs. Prepared local publication articles. Revised environmental regulation (FB200-1) & developed boilerplate for units environmental SOPs.

Prepared Smog Alert Plan for installations &inspected noise barrier (AICUZ).
Initiated documentation for permits & licenses i.e.: UST registrations, Title V (air) & NPDES. Identified air emission sources, & projects for regulatory compliance. Collected/analyzed water samples for chemical/physical/biological properties for drinking water. Inventoried & calculated air emissions from UST/AST fueling operations. Originated precision testing program & contract. Interfaced with state agency personnel mitigating issues for air compliance. Established fuels monitoring program.
***From 1977 to 1985 worked for government as a licensed plumber, certified diesel/heavy equipment mechanic, and in supply and warehousing. Prior to that I was active duty military (Viet Nam vet).

Educational Background
Antioch NE Graduate School Environmental Sciences, MS 2000 Program: Resources Management & Admin University of Massachusetts-Lowell, BS 1985 Kennedy-Western University BS, Environmental Engineering, 1996 MS Environmental Engineering, 2002 Jefferson Community College AS, 1979

Major: Public Service Administration

Honors: magna cum laude

Major: Criminal Justice

Job-Related Training: Asbestos & LBP, May02; OSHA Hazmat @UST sites, Feb02; UST Installers Renewal, Feb02; Transport of Haz Mat, Jul01; Registered Enviro Mangers, Apr01; OSHA HAZWOPER 8-hour Refresher, Apr01;Registered Environmental Manager, Mar01; EPA LBP Inspectors, Mar01; EPA Asbestos Inspector, Jan01; Contracts & Contracting Issues, May98; Managing the Environmental Impact Analysis Process, Apr98; Installation Restoration Program, Mar98; Risk/Decision Making at Petroleum Contaminated Sites, Jul96; Project Management, Apr96; Writing Government Estimates, Feb96; Inspecting Lead Hazards in Residences, Jun95; Radiation Safety & Lead Paint Inspection Systems, Jun95; Cathodic Protection Design, Jul94; Trans of Hazardous Materials/Waste, Oct 92; Safety-Health-Hazardous Waste Sites, Oct92 LICENSE/CERTIFICATES AND OTHER INFORMATION Registered Environmental Manager (REM); UST Installer; AR Asbestos Inspector & LBP Inspector