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Eagles Wings Here I am waiting, Abide in me I pray Here I am longing for you Hide me in your love, bring me to my knees

May I know Jesus more and more Chorus: Come live in me, all my life Take over Come breathe in me and I will rise On Eagles Wings SANTUARY Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary Pure and holy, tried and true With thanksgiving, I'll be a living Sanctuary for You It is you, Lord who came to save The heart and soul of every man. It is you Lord who knows my weakness, Who gives me strength, with thine own hand. Lead Me on Lord from temptation, Purify me from within. Fill my heart with Your holy spirit, Take away all my sin. When I look into Your holiness. When I gaze into Your loveliness. When all the things that surround Become shadows in the light of You. When I found the joy of reaching Your heart. When my will becomes enthralled in Your Love. When all the things that surround Become shadows in the light of You. I worship You, I worship You. The reason I live (The reason I live)

Is to worship You. (Repeat) HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD The splendor of the King, Clothed in Majesty Let the earth rejoice, Let the earth rejoice He wraps Himself with light, And darkness tries to hide, And trembles at His voice, Trembles at His voice c/o How great is our God, Sing with me how great is our God And all will see how great How great is our God Age to age He stands, And time is in His hand Beginning and the end, Beginning and the end The God head three in one, Father Spirit Son The lion and the lamb, The lion and the lamb Bridge: His name above all name, You are worthy of all praise And my heart will sing, How great is our God MERUAN KU NGENANG, Meruan ku ngenang,Tuhan ti diregang Ketegal dosa ti udah, digaga semoa mensia Cukup meh pengerindu, Oh..Tuhan Yesus ku Dosa ku diberesi, Enggau darah tuci nuan Aku nesal ati Chorus: Nuan mati ngantiku

Nuan diregang, di palu Aku ti bedosa tang nuan diperinsa Laban pengasih Allah Taala. Aku nesal ati, aku nyerah diri, Ngagai jari nuan Tuhan Ku nyerah ke tuboh ku Ngereja pengawa nuan
MY REDEEMER LIVES C7 F7 I know He rescued my soul, C7 F7 His blood has covered my sin, C7 F7 C7 F7 I believe, I believe; C7 F7 My shame He's taken away, C7 F7 my pain is healed in His name, C7 F7 C7 F7 I believe, I believe. Gsus I'll raise a banner; A2(no3) Bsus My Lord has conquered the grave. C F Am7 Gsus My Redeemer lives, my Redeemer lives; C F Am7 Gsus My Redeemer lives, my Redeemer lives. A# F/A You lift my burden, I'll rise with You; C/G Dm7 I'm dancing on this mountaintop C/E Gsus to see You kingdom come.