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Notice for Ad dmission t to Ph.D. P Program

Applicat tions are invited from Indian c m citizens for admission to Ph.D. Program scheduled t s to commence from Ju uly, 2012 in the followin schools of basic scie ng o ences at NIS SER, Bhubaneswar: 1. 2. 3. 4. School School School School of o of o of o of o Biologic Science cal es. Chemica Sciences al s. Physical Sciences. . Mathem matical Scie ences.

1. Age: No more tha 28 years on June 01 , 2012 (Bor on/after 1st June, 19 ot an rn 984). 2. Stream m
Biolog gical Sciences Chemical Scienc ces Physic Science cal es Mathe ematical Sc ciences Minimum Educationa Qualifica al ations 60% in Mast 6 ters in any branches of Biology, lif sciences and f fe a bioinformatic Student with maste in any br b ers ranches of natural or cs. computer sc c ciences with interest in pursuing ca areer in biol logy. 60% in M.Sc Or in an equivalent degree in Ch 6 c. e d hemistry, Ph hysics, Applied Chem A mistry, Bioc chemistry, Material Scie M ence, any one of the subject. s 60% in M.Sc or in an eq 6 c quivalent de egree in Eng gineering. 60% in M.Sc or in an eq 6 c quivalent de egree in Mat thematics.


4. 5.

Can ndidates should have qualified t the CSIR-N NET/GATE/JE EST/NBHM/ /INSPIRE or any othe er alid for the current yea in the rel ar levant area of research UGC-CSIR h. equivalent examination va any other JR qualified candidates have to ava the fellow RF ail wship direct from UGC or CSIR o tly or or a any other whe ereas, stude ents selecte for Ph.D. program based on G ed . b GATE/GPAT/ /JEST or an ny othe scores, are eligible for fina er ancial aid (Assistantship / Scho olarship) from NISER R, Bhu ubaneswar, if selected. The scholarship given by NISER is R 16,000/- for first 2 years, whi ch will subs p Rs. sequently b be enhanced to Rs 18,000/- for remaini ng 2 years, subject to the conditio that he/s s. , on she fulfills a all the requiremen of the In nts nstitute that will be stip t pulated from time to tim m me. Hostel Accomm modation will be provid ded to the students su s ubject to its availability In case o s y. of non- availability of hostel rooms, stud y dents will be paid HRA as applicablle to Bhubaneswar City e y.

Selection Procedure n
The selectio committ on tee of the r respective school short s t-lists the c candidates among thos a se who meet t the minimum education qualifications and sa m nal atisfy additiional criteria which eac a ch school may set as deemed necess y sary. The short-listed candid dates will be called for an interview supplem ented by a written test e w, t, y, dmission. if necessary for the ad Based on t the academ record a mic and the performance of the cand o didates in the selectio t on process, th selection committe of the school will recomme he ee end candidates to th he Chairman, A Academic Council for a C admission to the Ph.D. program o All candidat tes called fo the Test / Interview will be paid to and fro single, second-sleepe or w o er class railwa fare by the shortes route fro their pla ay st om ace of resid dence to the Institute /

venue of the Test and Interview. They have to produce evidence (railway ticket) in support of their claim. Those who want to apply for the School of Physical Sciences will have to take a written test based on which they will be further shortlisted for interview.

How to Apply
The application form can be found in page 3-4 and reference letter format can be found in page 5-6 of this document. Else, the form can be obtained by post or in person from the Academic Section, NISER Bhubaneswar (for postal address see below). In case of request by post, please enclose a self-addressed envelope (A4 size, 21cm X 30cm) affixed with postage stamps of Rs. 25/-. Candidates intending to apply for more than one program should use separate application forms for each program with appropriate enclosures. Fill the application form completely. Incomplete application form will be rejected. The application form can either be typed or hand-written. NISER does not demand any entrance fee from the candidates who apply for Ph.D program. Send only attested copies (By Gazette Officer) of all supporting documents (mark sheets, certificates, age proof, caste certificate, etc.) Enclose two letters of reference. The copy of the reference letter is available in page 5-6 of this document. Send the filled-in application forms with all enclosures to the address mentioned below.

Important dates:
Last date for Postal requests for application Forms Last date to submit the filled-in application form : 26th April, 2012 (Thursday) : 30th April, 2012 (Monday)

Names of the short-listed candidates will be available in the Website on May 7, 2012 (Monday). The details to hold the test/interview are tentatively fixed as follows. It will be available in the website around 30th April, 2012. Chemistry - 7th & 8th June, 2012 (Thursday & Friday) Mathematics - 11th June, 2012 (Monday) Physics - 12th & 13th June, 2012 (Tuesday & Wednesday) Biology -14th & 15th June, 2012 (Thursday & Friday) Individual schools will send the call letters to the candidates separately. The list of selected candidates will be put up in the website on June 19, 2012 (Tuesday). The Ph.D registration will be done on July 24, 2012 (Tuesday). Applicant for Ph.D programme will be provided accommodation subject to availability. In case of requirement for accommodation they have to give a written application to AO-III (Estate), e-mail id:

Address for communication and more details:

Administrative Officer-III (Academic Affairs), National Institute of Science Education and Research, Institute of Physics Campus, P.O. Sainik School, Bhubaneswar 751005 Odisha. Page|2


Application Form for Admission to Ph.D. Programme
(See instructions overleaf for filling up the form)

Paste your latest colour photograph

1. Full Name : ________________________________________________________________ 2. Date of Birth* : _____________________ 5. Marital Status : _____________________ 3. Place of Birth : ______________________ 6. Nationality : ________________________ 4. Sex : (put a check) M

7. Fathers Name : ____________________________________________________________ 8. Address for Correspondence : ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ___________________ State :____________________PIN : ____________ 9. If available, please provide: Phone :________________________ FAX :_________________________ E-mail ID : ___________________________________________________ 13. Academic Record A (i) GATE, GPAT, JEST or any other exam details (*)
Exam Name Exam Discipline Score Exam Year Codes for items 10-12 are given overleaf

10. School/Programme 11. Category* 12. Financial Status

(ii) CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR, DST-INSPIRE or any other fellowship exam details (*)
Exam Name Exam Discipline Qualified for LS/JRF Exam Year

B. Qualifying Degree (*) already obtained or in progress

Institute/College (Name & Address) University Degree with Discipline Final results expected by Year of completion Overall % or CPI

C. Other Degree (*) obtained after 10+2 (Do not include the degree listed in 13 B)
Institute/College (Name & Address) University Degree Overall % or CPI Year of completion

D. Number of Technical Papers: Provide details separately.

Published in Journals ____________ Printed in Conferences __________


Photocopies of this form or copies downloaded from NISER website are acceptable.

14. Areas of specialization in the School/Programme Pref. 1 _____________________________________ Pref. 2 _________________________________________ Pref. 3 _____________________________________ Pref. 4 _________________________________________ 15. Names and addresses of two referees from whom letters of reference have been obtained. 1._________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 16. Declaration by the applicant:
Certified, that all information provided by me on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any wilful misrepresentation of facts will result in my dismissal from the institute. If admitted, I shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the institute.

_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Place: Date:


Instructions for filling up this form

1. 2. Either TYPE or PRINT the entries on the form neatly. Go through the codes for Items 10-12 given below, and fill them carefully in the boxes on Page 1.


Item 10: Biological Sciences BS, Chemical Sciences CS, Physical Sciences PS, Mathematical Sciences-MS Item 11: Category: SC*=Scheduled Caste (certificate required); ST*=Scheduled Tribe (certificate required); OBC*=Other Backward Class (Certificate of Non-creamy layer required); GN=General Item 12: Financial status: Institute Assistantship requested= IA, Not Applicable= NA

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Date of Birth (DOB) Certificate or High School (Class Ten) Certificate with DOB (Required for all candidates) SC/ST/OBC Certificate if applicable (Item 11) GATE/GPAT/JEST/CSIR/UGC score card/certificate (Item 13 A) Copies of mark/grade sheets (Items 13 B & 13 C) Two letters of reference (in a sealed cover) Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No

The completed Application Form must reach on or before 30th April, 2012
Mailing Address for Submission of Applications:
Administrative Officer III (Academic Affairs) National Institute of Science Education and Research Institute of Physics Campus P.O.- Sainik School Bhubaneswar 751 005 Odisha

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(Institute of Physics campus, Bhubaneswar 751 005) Ph.D LETTER OF REFERENCE

This form is given to you by an applicant of the Ph.D. programme at NISER, Bhubaneswar. We would appreciate an authentic and frank assessment of the candidate as, that would facilitate our evaluation procedure. Your report will be kept confidential. 1. I have known the applicant Mr./Ms.________________________________________________ for _____years. My knowledge of this student is based on: (check as many) Having him/her in one or more courses Knowing him/her personally Supervision of his/her thesis/project Inquiry and discussion with my colleagues Some other sources 2. Performance in my courses: Course Title No. of Students Grade and Rank Remarks

3. Overall ranking of the candidate among your students in the last three years : A = top 5%, B = top 25%, C = below top 25% 4. Please indicate the levels of the candidates abilities with regard to the following. A = Outstanding, B = High, C = Medium, D = Low Knowledge of the subject Capacity of hard work Capacity for independent thinking Motivation for research Interest in experiments Interest in theory Communication skills Ability to work in a team

5. Would you consider the applicant good enough to be your own Ph.D. student? Yes / No 6. Please give your remarks about the applicant (add an extra sheet, if necessary). In addition to your general remarks, please address the following questions : Are the abilities of the candidate better than as indicated by his/her marks/grades? What are, if any, the special strengths/aptitudes of the applicant in your opinion? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
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7. My recommendation: I recommend him/her without any reservations I recommend him/her I do not recommend him/her Name of the referee :_____________________________________

Designation/Position :_____________________________________ Date : _____________

Signature with official seal

Address :

___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ PIN : _______________________ E-mail : _______________________________________ Phone :___________________ FAX : __________________

Please write Ph.D. Reference Letter on the envelope, seal the envelope and hand it over to the applicant.

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