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Features of Regional Dialects Inland Northern

/ as in careless, stairs, repair /s/ in greasy /u/as in Tuesday, tune, etc. / in orange , foreign / as /u/ as in coop / / as in roots /a/ somewhat fronted as in father

Examples of Inland North Dialect

/ or wz krls nd lft hz grisi warg n kar/ / / lst tuzde ai klind kup z wl z barn/ / wd yu watr ktl n psr/ / / dd yu hr baut ken hu wnt we p nor tu rivport/ / ai lv fraid kn w blkaid piz/

Features of Regional DialectsSouth Midland

/yu/ after /t,d,n/ as in Tuesday, Due, News /ay/ as monothong [a ] in all positions five [fav] nice [nas] ,etc. /au/ with a raised on-glide /u/ as in out /ut/ /z/ as in greasy /grizi/ and Mrs. /mz/ / / upgliding diphthong as in dog /dug/ / u y/ monothongized as in oil /al/ boil /bal/

Examples of South Midland Dialect

u l kn ut/ / t hund daug z gtn n ma sstrs nyu drs/ / / pt t br nd krokr sk In dug hus/ / /tyusde ma ma krls sstr bld korn kabs n l/ / o dug ut v parlr/

Features of Regional Dialects Eastern New England


in dairy and Mary /deri/ /meri/ /a/ as in orange /aren / /a/ as in path /pa / dance /dans/ postvocalic /r// lost as in barn /ban/ and park/pak/ no contrast between the vowel of cot and caught /u/ after t,d,n as in Tuesday, due ,new

Examples of Eastern New England Dialect

wl yu dans w mai m / / may fa pakt ka ni farn snt/ /may fa lft i arn kat bihaynd ban/ / ayd ra laf t layfs prablmz bifo fi haz last laf / / aft flo o nay wn v s ded tu pi /

Features of Regional Dialects Southern Plantation


/ in bulky /ay/ monothongized as five /fav/ / / as in oil /l boil /b and coil /kl/ l/ loss of post vocalic /l/ as in help /hp/ loss of post vocalic /r/ as in barn /ban/ /yu/ as in student /styudnt/ Mrs. as /m z/ /z/ as in greasy /grizi/

Examples of Southern Plantation Dialect

p yosf tu gr ts/ / a lak grizi frad kn t mz onz hps fks / / ma grn fa krad tu si kon lk spild flo/ n / a at t pol bey w ma grizi hapun /