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A1 Leccin 14.

To Be Going To - Interrogativo
To be going to + infinitivo interrogativo
To make this tense interrogative, we place the auxiliary verb "to be" in the initial position:

To be Are Is Is

subject you Mary it

going to going to going to going to

verb phone swim rain

complements your friend this afternoon at the weekend

? ? ? ?

Are you going to phone your friend? Vas a llamar a tu amigo? Is Mary going to swim this afternoon? Va Mary a nadar esta tarde? Is it going to rain over the weekend? Va a llover el fin de semana? Are we going to have a party tonight? Vamos a hacer una fiesta esta noche? Are they going to have dinner out? Van ellos a cenar fuera? Is Mr. Jones going to buy a new car? Va a comprar el seor Jones un auto nuevo? Are you going to fly to London over the weekend? Vas a volar a Londres el fin de semana?

When you use an interrogative pronoun , you place it before the auxiliary verb:

Int. P. Why When How long

to be is is are

subject he Gray you

going to going to going to going to

verb pack come back travel

complements his stuff home

? ? ? ?

Why is he going to pack his stuff? Por qu va l a empacar sus cosas? When is Gray going to come back home? Cundo va a volver Gray a casa? How long are you going to travel for? Durante cunto tiempo vas a viajar? Where is Ruth going to live? Dnde va a vivir Ruth?

What are you going to have for breakfast? Qu vas a desayunar? What time are the children going to get up? A qu hora se van a levantar los nios? Why is he going to leave? Por qu se va l? Which course are you going to choose? Qu curso vas a elegir?

Ejemplos de uso
Is your brother going to be here on Monday? Va a estar tu hermano aqu el lunes?

Autor: ajschwegler - CC

When are you going to finish your degree? When are you going to finish your degree? Cundo vas a terminar tu carrera? How long is your friend going to be abroad? Cunto tiempo va a estar tu amigo en el extranjero? Are they going to play basketball this week? Van a jugar ellos al basket? Why is he going to leave university? Por qu va l a dejar la universidad? Is your sister going to buy that house? Va a comprar tu hermana esa casa?

Autor: melyviz - CC

Is Nathan going to work as a policeman? Is Nathan going to work as a policeman? Va a trabajar Nathan como polica? Are you going to share a flat? Are you going to share an apartment? Vas a compartir departamento? Why is he going to study languages? Por qu va a estudiar l idiomas? Are you going to learn to drive? Vas a aprender a manejar?

mark grade calificar, corregir qualified to do something capacitado para correct answer acierto graduate licenciarse, graduarse qualification ttulo, profesional qualify as sacar el ttulo de

qualified preparado, calificado graduate licenciado, diplomado swot grind quemarse las pestaas estudiando revise revisar

diploma diploma undergraduate estudiante universitario swot grind que estudia mucho revision revisin

written escrito