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Organization and Governance, Resources, Institutional Support, Development and Planning Campus Infrastructure and Facility Organization, Governance

and Transparency Budget Allocation, Utilization and Public Accounting Library Internet Safety Norms and Checks Counseling and Emergency Medical Care and First-aid Teaching and Learning Processes Academic Process Academic Support Units and Common facilities for First Year Courses Tutorial Classes/ Remedial Classes/ Mentoring Teaching Evaluation Process : Feedback System Self Learning and Learning beyond Syllabus Career Guidance, Training, Placement and Entrepreneurship Cell Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities Students Admission and First Year Performance Students Admission Admission Quality Assessment of First-Year Student Teacher Ratio (FYSTR) of 25 or Superior Assessment of Faculty Qualification teaching First Year Common Courses (FYFQ) Academic Performance in First Year Common Courses

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Students Performance in the Programme Success Rate Academic Performance Placement and Higher Studies Professional Activities Faculty Student Teacher Ratio (STR) Faculty Cadre Ratio Faculty Qualifications Faculty Retention Faculty Research Publications Faculty Intellectual Property Rights Externally funded R & D Projects and Consultancy Work Faculty Interactions with Outside World Facilities and Technical Support Class Rooms in the Department Faculty Rooms in the Department Laboratories in the Department to Meet the Curriculum Requirements as well as the PEOs Technical Manpower Support in the Department Continuous Improvements Improvement in Success Index of Students

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Improvement in Academic Performance Index of Students Improvement in Student Teacher Ratio Enhancement of Faculty Qualification Index Improvement in Faculty Research Publications, R & D work and Consultancy work Continuing Education New Facility Created Overall Improvements since Last Accreditation, if any, otherwise, since establishment Curriculum Contents of Basic Science, Humanities and Professional Courses Core, Elective, and Breadth Content Delivery Laboratory and Project Work Additional Contents to Bridge Curriculum Gaps Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) PEOs Mapping with Curriculum PEOs Mapping with Content Delivery Theory and Labs PEOs Mapping with Evaluation (Examinations/Tests/Assignments) PEOs Mapping with Final Year Project work Continuous Improvement in the Process of PEOs Mapping and Assessment Programme Outcomes and Assessment Demonstration of Attainment of the Mandatory a -to-k outcomes Assessment of Outcomes by External Stakeholders Effectivity and Efficiency of the Mechanism/Procedure for Continuous Review and Outcome Measurements

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