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I can be reached anytime on my Cell: 240 476 8144. Regards,

George C. Schwelling
George C. Schwelling Senior Executive Recruiting Contractor Schwelling Recruiting Services 1716 Leighton Wood Lane Silver Spring, MD 20910 301 585 3945 Toll free: 866 305 2952 Cell: 240 476 8144 Fax: 866 591-0407 Skype: schwellingg

George C. Schwelling began his financial services career at Merrill Lynch in 1974. Subsequently
he has worked for several major New York Exchange brokerage firms including E.F. Hutton where he was one of 40 members of the prestigious Directors Advisory Council (DAC). For over 14 years he was a Senior Vice President/Financial Consultant and Portfolio Manager with Shearson Lehman Brothers and Smith Barney. During a high point of his career, spring of 1994, he was managing funds for clients of over 100 independent broker-dealer firms nationwide. Over the past several years he has done a considerable amount of recruiting of salesmen and stockbrokers for various firms.

He can help you find a job or a business, grow your company and develop new ways of doing more effective marketing plans to recruit sales executives for your firm.
Before working in the brokerage industry, he worked as a Senior Systems Analyst and Division Director of an information storage and retrieval firm for 5 years. He then worked for IBM until he left to run his own management consulting firm for 8 years. During this period of time he worked for two years and completely sold out all the distributorships (over 200) offered by Career Academy, Inc., an American Stock Exchange firm which resulted in increased revenues from $15,000,000 to $50,000,000. The stock went from $5 a share to $50 a share. He was cited in Franchising Around the World as one of the most successful franchise salesmen in the industry. He can raise money, manage a business, market products and services and set up distribution systems and salesmen to build companies. Mr. Schwelling graduated from the American University with a BA degree in Philosophy, with honors, and Business Systems. He has been a guest speaker on many radio stations, including a CBS financial news talk show in San Francisco and the Dolans on WOR in New York. He has been a guest lecturer on the Queen Elizabeth II several times. He travels extensively giving seminars on money management and has taught the investment segment of the College for Financial Planning course at George Washington

University. Numerous articles on his investment strategies have appeared in national publications including the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as Money, Registered Rep, and Financial Planning magazines. Much earlier, he was cited in a number of publications as being one of the top marketers of distributorships, coast-to-coast.

Currently Mr. Schwelling owns Schwelling Recruiting Services and does recruiting of executives who have turn around or start up experience for 7 private equity firms. Most of these executives have grown small companies into big companies and then sold them for millions of dollars. Although it is not always necessary, some candidates are willing to put some skin in a company they would run. He is sourcing candidates for a premier recruiting firm which had 6 offices when he started with them in the fall of 2003 and he recruited a goodly number of the executives now running more than 170 offices globally. The company provides financing to set up the offices for executives who can manage people and they pay back the financing over time after the offices are up and running. They get the best training in the industry because the executive who trains them has trained over 1,500 managers over the past 24 years. With training and field support, a manager can expect to earn as much as $500,000 a year once they have 5 recruiters working smoothly and each of his recruiters earning about $100,000 a year themselves. Doing this work leads Mr. Schwelling into talking to high level executives every day and he is able to find out how much they have made and what their net worths are and if they do not want to run an executive recruiting office, he tries to place them generally as a CEO, COO or CFO with Chairman of Boards of companies in need of executive level candidates, each of whom have high net worths which, is somewhat indicative of how successful they are in business and their private lives. Mr. Schwelling seeks new assignments!