SECTION A Questions 1 – 2 Read the note below and answer the questions that follow.

Dear Kirana, Thank you for choosing me as your pen-pal. I hope we can e-mail each other to keep in touch. Gurjit 1 The word pen-pal means ________. A a person who has the same interest as you B a person who communicates with you dail C a person that you make friends with by writing letters or sending e-mails D a person that you admire 4 From the family tree, we know that A Gopal is Ramachandran’s grandson B Kalai has two brothers C Anjali is the eldest sister of Kalai D Sasikala is Ramachandran’s daughter-in-law Gopal and Anjali are ________. A father and daughter C husband and wife B son and mother



Gurjit will communicate with Kirana through ________. A electron mail C electronic mail B electrostatic mail D electric mail

Questions 6 – 7 Read the label below and answer the questions that follow. Vitamin C • Take 1 tablet 3 times daily after meals • Strawberry flavoured Manufacturing Date : 2010 Expiry Date : 2014 6 San San should consume ________ tablets a day. A one and a half C two B one D three

Question 3 Read the notice below and answer the question that follows.


From this notice, we know that A Mrs Angelina can choose the flowers of her choice B Puan Zainab can arrange and decorate her own bouquet of flowers C Mrs Sangeetha can get discount for any purchase D Miss Wong can buy her own flowers


From the label, we know that A we should take the tablets after meals B the tablets taste bitter C Punitha should not consume the tablets after 2010 D the Vitamin C comes in liquid form

Questions 4 – 5 Study the family tree below and answer the questions that follow.


A a data B a system C a virus D a computer 2 . The word virus means ________. The best anti-virus to save your computer. we know that Chip’s baby sister likes to watch A John Rambo B Alvin and the Chipmunks C Hell Night Questions 9 – 10 Study the notice advertisement and answer the questions that follow.Question 8 Study the cartoon strip below and answer the question that follows. A hidden things that can translate the data B hidden things that can recover the data C hidden things that can store the date D hidden things that can destroy the data 9 10 This advertisement is probably advertised by ________ company. use KYPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS. Adapted from Hi and Lois by Mort Walker and Dik Browne 8 From the cartoon strip. VIRUS ALERT! To prevent your computer from getting damaged.

crocodiles. snakes and rhinoceroses. Perak. My grandparents also________ (14) for the outing. choose the best answer from the options A. C and D to fit the numbered blanks. We ________ (15) many types of animals there such as tigers. B.SECTION B Questions 11 – 18 Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. Last month. It was an unforgettable ________ (18) for me. For each question. 11 A celebrate B celebrated 12 A more B very 13 A for B of 14 A go B goes C celebrating C most C to D C went D gone 15 A see B saw 16 A enjoy B enjoys 17 A grab B took 18 A incident B experience C seen C enjoyed D enjoyful C picked D let C dream 3 . It was quite scary. wild cats. deer. We ________ (16) ourselves very much. I ________ (11) my thirteenth birthday. flamingoes. I ________ (17) this opportunity to take a picture with the snake. It was ________ (12) special to me because we went ________ (13) the Safari at Taiping.

Situation A : Maryam is telling Sanju about one of their classmates. Their marriage is on the rocks (19). Maryam : Did you hear about Ah Qin. Punitha : Yes. 19 on the rocks 20 let you down A ruined A push you B exhausted B lower you C difficult C drop you D tiresome D disappoint you 21 lived up to A kept B broken C sold D neglected Questions 22 – 24 Read the conversation in Situation B and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Lalitha : Let me hold my tongue (24).SECTION C Questions 19 – 21 Read the conversation in Situation A and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Situation B : Two girls are watching a television programme in the living room. Maryam. Sanju. Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this. if only I can be as famous as that actress! Punitha : Stop building castles in the air (22). Sanju : I won’t let you down (20). I’m rather good at keeping secrets. Sanju? Sanju : What happened? Maryam : Her parents are filing for a divorce. Lalitha : Maybe one day. I would marry a handsome man. who knows? Punitha : I do not want to have a bone to pick with (23) you. Lalitha : Oh. You have to finish your studies first before you think about it. You have always lived up to (21) your word. Maryam : I believe you. you better do so! 22 building castles in the air 24 hold my tongue A sleeping A keep secret B talking B keep quiet C pushing C tell something D daydreaming D bite one’s tongue 23 to have a bone to pick with A to be angry with someone B to have some cause of complaint C to have same dream D to be in different position 4 .

31350 Ipoh. PERSONAL PROFILE Name Address : Hamzah Bin Jailani : No. Jalan Murni. Jalan Murnia C Taman Impiana D Ipoh 27 Hamzah is a _______. 10. 11. A Malay C Indian B Chinese D Christian 28 Which of the following is not true about Hamzah? A His father’s name is Encik Jailani B His hobby is reading C He was born on 25 July 2009 D His ambition is to become a pilot 5 . Taman Impian.SECTION D Questions 25 – 28 Study the personal profile card and answer the questions that follow. Jalan Murni B No. Date of Birth : 25 July 1996 School : Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rapat Setia Ambition : Pilot Hobby : Reading and listening to music 25 How old is Hamzah? A 10 years old B 11 years old C 12 years old D 13 years old 26 Where does Hamzah live? A No.10.

His parents were also worried about him. During recess. Christopher forgot to close the door of the cage. Christopher just turned away rudely without saying anything. The other students were very surprised and upset with Christopher’s attitude. the other boys gathered into groups and played together happily. Christoper was standing alone and watching them play. His parrot flew away and never came back. One day. Christopher was so sad. Christopher felt very lonely. A some friendships are not meant to be B living all alone is good for ourselves C be proud of what you are D we should always try to be friendly and sociable 6 . It was Christopher’s first day at school after his family moved in from the city. They invited Christopher to join them but he refused. but he did not tell anyone about it. Then. This shows that A Christopher is a proud and an unfriendly person B Christopher is a kind person C Christopher is a friendly person D Christopher is a timid person 32 From the passage. 29 The word lonely can be replaced with A glad B excited C terrible D unhappy 30 Christopher would just turn away rudely without saying anything after A the other students started to bully him B the other students ignored him C the other students asked him questions D the other students stared at him 31 Christopher refused to join the other boys. he became happy with his friends. they did not want to be friends with him anymore. He told everything to his classmates. They asked him a lot of questions about himself and his family.Questions 29 – 34 Read the story below carefully and answer the questions that follow. However. His classmates were very supportive. The other students came up to Christopher and tried to make friends with him. He simply kept quiet and stayed in his room. His father bought him a parrot to keep him company. we know that A Christopher was happy with his new friend B Christopher got a puppy from his father C Christopher felt lonely because he has no friends D Christopher’s family moved in from the countryside 33 Which of the following is true? A Christopher had a little sister B His parrot died because it did not get enough food C His classmates always bullied him D Christopher had a parrot 34 The moral of this story is _______. Seeing that Christopher was so proud and unfriendly. Christopher spent all his time with his parrot and loved it very much.

TRISTAN James is my twin brother. 39. Tristan is sad about A leaving his old school and James B Being in a wheelchair C having to be alone D leaving his home ****************THE END**************** ALL THE BEST!!!  7 . Mum decides to talk to the boys about A her choice to send them to different schools B acting in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer C leaving Peter Hill Primary School D plans for the summer holiday 40. It was the school play! Talk about embarrassing! The only good thing about my new school is that I won’t have to do drama if I don’t want to. He can do everything. tristan’s disabilities include all these except A dress B walk C play football D write using a computer JAMES Tonight was the worst night of my life. Tristan finally decides against going to A Highfields B Chasterlea Grange C Peter Hill Primary 35. He’s much smarter than me. I would be able to do those things too. 36. if I don’t have a disability. From this extract we know that Tristan is A independent B envious of James C angry of himself D Comfortable with his disability.SECTION E Questions 35-40 read the following extract from “ flipping fantastic” and answer the questions that follow. and believe me – I don’t want to 37 . He can dress himself and walk and play football and write with pen instead of a computer. James does not like drama because A he is shy B he cannot speak C it is held at night D it is held at school 38.

8 .

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