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At the 'Main' menu select 'Options' followed by 'Keyboard/Mouse' and enable the 'Allow Developers Console' option.

Then during gameplay press ~ (tilde) to access the console window and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. Set maximum range of Smoker's tongue attack; default is '750': Tongue_range (number) Set amount of damage done to survivors: Z_pounce_damage (number) Set amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire: Z_witch_burn_time (number) Change zombie health:: Z_health (number) Change zombie speed: Z_speed (number) Toggle controllable Boss Infected on any map: Director_no_human_zombies (0 or 1) Toggle never ending panics: Director_panic_forever (0 or 1) Force panic event: Director_force_panic Full Ammunition: Give ammo Spawn Pistol: Give pistol Get ammo for primary weapon: Impulse 101 Spawn automatic Shotgun: Give autoshotgun Spawn First Aid kit: Give first_aid_kit Spawn full Health: Give health Spawn Gas Can: Give gascan Spawn Hunting Rifle: Give hunting_rifle Spawn Molotov Cocktail: Give molotov Spawn Oxygen Tank: Give oxygentank Spawn Pain Pills:

Give_pain_pills Spawn Pipe Bomb: Give pipe_bomb Spawn Propane Tank: Give propanetank Spawn MK 47 Machine Gun: Give rifle Spawn SMG: Z_spawn weapon_SMG Invincibility: God Toggle receive damage but cannot die: Buddha (0 or 1) Bot teammates shoot nonstop: Sb_openfire or open_fire No Mob rushes: Director_no_mobs (0 or 1) Disable third person view: Firstperson Remove ALL Bots: Ent_Remove Set damage for a Witch's attack does: Z_witch_damage (number) Toggle set fixed camera in third person or third person shoulder mode: Thirdperson_mayamode Third person view: Thirdperson Over the shoulder third person view: Thirdpersonshoulder Set maximum number of regular Zombies: Z_common_limit (number) Set maximum Health of Tank: Z_tank_health (number) Set number of seconds until player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivors: Z_frustration_lifetime (number) Toggle if Bots can do friendly fire damage: Sb_friendlyfire (0 or 1) Disable ALL Wanderers, Mobs, Specials, and Bosses: Director_stop Spawn a Zombie: Z_spawn zombie

Spawn active pipe bomb under you: Boom Spawn Special Infected: Z_spawn (Boss name) Spawn a Zombie Horde: Z_spawn mob Spawn Boomer: Z_spawn boomer Spawn Hunter: Z_spawn hunter Spawn Smoker: Z_spawn smoker Spawn Tank: Z_spawn tank Toggle No Clipping mode: Noclip Toggle Witch to change targets or focus on the survivor that first alerted her: Z_witch_allow_change_victim (0 or 1) Toggle Unlimited Ammunition: Sv_infinite_ammo (0 or 1)