Our Voice, Our Community, Our Vision
In 2022, Greenville is… A United Community. Where neighbors are friendly, helpful, and supportive. Where community residents and organizations work collectively to help those in need. Where the welfare, health, and happiness of all neighborhood citizens is a priority. Where partnerships forge the strength to combine resources, empowering individual residents, and the neighborhood, to act to solve its own problems as a united front. Where it takes a village. A Safe Community. Where security inside the home perpetuates itself in the streets. Where the streets of Greenville are free of drugs, gangs, violence, and crime. Where children and adults can live, work and play without fear. Where police officers are part of the community and work in collaboration with local residents and business owners to ensure the safety of all citizens and visitors. Where the streets are clean and the buildings are well-maintained. Where the community collectively looks out for each other and everyone acts a positive influence. Where excellent public safety response systems work together with an involved community to ensure peace and safety. An Informed Community. Where residents and business owners are proactively involved in defining Greenville’s future. Where citizens are engaged and influence governmental decision-making and educational curriculums. Where available programs and opportunities are easily accessible, coordinated, and optimally utilized. Where residents and agencies share information to remedy everyday quality of life issues from parking to pot holes and everything in-between. An Educated Community. Where educational, cultural and recreational opportunities strengthen the social fabric of the community. Where top-rated schools offer excellent education and after-school programs. Where outstanding library, parks, and community amenities provide a wide range of programs and special events. Where public art and historic resources enrich and educate us about our cultural identities. Where workforce training and collegiate programs are readily accessible individuals of all ages. Where educators, parents, and children effectively communicate to educate each other as a cohesive unit. Where hands-on training and entrepreneurial programs help to cultivate local and support local businesses. Where local business owners work with workforce development centers to educate and cultivate a locally sourced workforce. A Prosperous Community. Where residents can live, work, play and meet their daily needs for goods and services. Where the intellectual capital of the community attracts new ventures, retain local businesses, and connects to the global economy. Where residents represent a skilled, qualified, and employed workforce. Where a unique and businessfriendly environment produces a regional model for employment that attracts quality jobs. A Great Community. Where high quality, attractive and compatible housing serves a range of ages, incomes and households. Where mixed-use districts enhance residential areas by providing access to quality jobs, housing, transit, entertainment, services, and shopping. Where safe, efficient, and convenient transportation choices and amenities are available. Where frequent and reliable public transportation options that make it easy to move around Jersey City and the region. Where essential environmental, economic, and cultural assets are valued. Where active lifestyles are supported and locally grown food promotes the health and social interaction of our residents. Where Greenville’s historic architecture inspire people to live here. Where development respects the physical environment and meets the highest quality of community design to preserve and foster the distinctive character and beauty of this special place. Where a sense of place reinforces the value of the community as a desirable place to raise a famity. Where buildings and community residents instill pride and deter bad behavior. Greenville Community Plan Public Meeting – March 3, 2012

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