BLACK HISTORY BOOK PACK 3:     Martin Bernal - Black Athena Vol. 1 Martin Bernal - Black Athena Vol.

2 Martin Bernal - Black Athena Rights Back A deeper discussion on "black greeks"

BLACK HISTORY BOOK PACK 4:       J.A. Rogers - The 5 Negro Presidents David M. Goldberg - The Curse of Ham Sylvester A. Johnson - The Myth of Ham in 19th Century American Christianity The Nation of Islam - Secret Relationships Between Blacks & Jews James Duffy - A Question of Slavery some books by W.E.B. Du Bois

Ancient History & Religions (From Then To Now):            Donlald A. Mackenzie - Ancient Man in Britain E.O. James - The Ancient Gods Acharya S. - The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold Another Jesus Christianity's Greatest Controversy Herman L. Hoeh - Compedium of World History vol.1 & 2 Forbidden History of Europe Prof. Hilton Hotema - Mystery Man of The Bible The True History of Christianity Micheal Cremo - Hidden History of the Human Race The first 2500 Years of Human History (contains some lies but still interesting)

HEBREW HISTORY, BOOKS & LANGUAGE:      Moshe Idel - Messianic Mystics Robert Graves & Raphael Patai - Hebrew Myths (Book of Genesis) Raphael Patai - Gates To The Old City (Book of Jewish Legends) Fabre D'Olivet - Langue Hebraique Restitue (in french) Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea Scrolls

Telow.The Lies of The Pope John Paul II William H.Lucifer's Lodge (Satanic Ritual Abuse in Catholic Church) Edmond Paris .The Face of the Goddess Erich Neumann .The Keys of This Blood Erich Jon Phelps . R.The Great Mother (Analysis of Archetype) Elinor W. Gadon .P.The Hidden History of Zionism Edwin M.The Great Zionist Cover-Up Roger Garaudy .Queen of All Herbert A.The Syrian Goddess .The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics British Anti-Zionist Organization-Palestine Solidarity . Strong & John Garstang .THE REVISION OF ZIONISM PACK 1:          -The 22 Volumes of the Talmud Abfaham J.The Devi Gita H. Myers . Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen .The Secret History of Jesuits HAIL MARY (THE BLACK MADONNA) PACK :           Moshe Idel .Nazi-Zionist Collaboration David Duke .The Vatican's Mafia Dr.Vatican Assassins Dr. Kennedy . Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen . Wright . Mackenzie Brown . Oakland & B.Kabbalah & Eros Raphael Patai .The Hebrew Godess Lotte Motz .Messages From Heaven J.Jewish Supremacism Tehran Conference Holocaust Powerpoint Presentation JESUITS & CATHOLICS ARE GENTILE PAGAN HERETICS:        Malachi Martin .The Once & Future Goddess C.Isis Unveiled Jim Tetlow . Edelheit . Blavatsky .History of Zionism The Protocols of Zion Ralph Schoenman .The Power of the Vatican Dr. Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen .

Holy Grail Israel Regardie ..Cultural Unity of Black Africa Cheikh Anta Diop .A.Kabbala h..P.The Secret Doctrine H.The Tree of Life (A Study in Magic) J.Precolonial Black Africa Cheikh Anta Diop -The African Origin of Civilization Julian Baldick .Demons of the Flesh Henry Cornelius Agrippa .Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy Devil Worship . Bryant Cheikh Anta Diop . Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln .The Secret Wisdom of The Qabalah Kenneth Grant .CODEX MAGICA Zeena & Nicholas Shreck .Magick.Magickal Revival Joshua Jacob Seraphim .Sacred Traditions of the Yezidiz Eliphaz Levi .Kersey Graves The kebra negast The Two Babylons .T.Holy Blood.Key To Theosophy Micheal Baigent.Yoga.F. Blavatsky .The Key of the Mysteries Eliphaz Levi .Psychopatica Magica Raymond Buckland ... Blavatsky .P.) :                   TEXE MARRS .Black God Wonderful Ethiopians 1926 Book The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors .P.Gamaliel The Diary of A Vampire H.Tarot. Fuller . Blavatsky .Eros.Complete Book of Withcraft Christian Astrology (no password .Civilization of Barbarism Cheikh Anta Diop .Dogma & Rituals of High Magick Grant kenneth .The Left Hand Path Pack (Astrology.Books of Occult Philosophy Robert Hewitt Brown read only) BLACK HISTORY BOOKS PACK 1            African Origins of World Religions Bantu Origins (People & Language) .etc.Studies in Occultism H.

Alexander S.Destruction of Black Civilization Ivan Van Sertima . The Antiquities of the Jews-Flavius Josephus THE WARS OF THE JEWS-Flavius Josephus THE TETRAGRAMMATON Queen Isabella Christian Astrology-I & II The Thirteenth Tribe.Cathedral of Black Madonna Manual of Mythology .BLACK HISTORY BOOKS PACK 2        Chancellor Williams .Memories and Prophecies of.Roman Conspiracy 2 Invent Jesus (2005) Legends of the Gods by E.World's Great Men Of Color Vol.They Came Before Columbus J A Rogers . Wallis Budge Lord Shiva Moses Maimonides-The Guide for the Perplexed Zecharia Sitchin .The Sacred %#&@$! The Religions of The World . Barton The Laws of Yahweh .William J.Longing 4 Darkness (on Black Madonna) James G Frazer .Early America Revisited Ivan Van Sertima .1 J A Rogers .The Golden Bough 2 Jean Markale .A.From Babylon 2 Timbuktu The Truth About Black People And Their Place In World History RELIGIONS STUDIES VOLUME 1                       China Galland ..The Golden Bough 1 James G Frazer .. Murray Maureen Concannon .World's Great Men Of Color Vol.Arthur Koesther The book of enoch The book of Jasher (compare with old Testament & Nimrod tries to kill Abraham) After the Flood (book focusing on Europeans descendants of Japheth) .The Lost Book Of Enki .2 Rudolph R Windsor . Doorly Caesar's Messiah .George A.

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