UNIT 1 How I shall spend my next holidays Picky Excessively meticulous; fussy.

To leap, leapt, leaped Saltar (large jump or sudden movement) To spear Arponear
To lounge about/around
to spend your time in a relaxed way, sitting or lying somewhere and doing very little

Big companies can afford to be picky about who they hire. The dog leapt over the gate into the field. They catch the fish by spearing them. We spent our days lounging around the pool. With the extra resources, the scheme now seems feasible. I have a craving for chocolate. Drought has stunted (the growth of) this year's cereal crop. We want to decide our own fate. a gifted psychic "Why do you think he offered to take all that work home?" "Ah, he's just sucking up to the boss."

Feasible Craving To stunt Stunted adolescents Fate Psychic To suck up to sb

Factible, realizable, viable Ansia, antojo (pregnant) Detener, atrofiar Destino Medium, psíquico Hacer la pelota

Around the world in 94 days Single-handed Sin la ayuda de nadie Agasajar To fête /feɪt/ Achiever Landlocked Unpromising Lifelong Runners-up Triunfador Sin salida al mar Poco prometedor De toda la vida A person who comes second in a race or competition

A single-handed voyage She was fêted by audiences both in her own country and abroad. Not enough attention is given to the low achievers in the class. A landlocked country It was a rather unpromising start to the holiday. She was a lifelong member of the Labour party.


Tenuous To spark off Fiberglass To undertake (too formal) To set your sights on sht/ on doing sth To lead up to sht Fleet Feat Gale Helm In terms of To be in the doldrums To burst /bɜːst/ Sore To endure /ɪnˈdjʊər / The doldrums Blistering Stride Black and blue Encore /ˈɒŋ.kɔːr / Knackered /ˈnæk.əd/ Composed To take sth in stride

Poco fundado, endeble Provocar algo Fibra de vidrio emprender Decididir conseguir algo Precede Flota, armada, parquet de coches… Hazaña, proeza Vendaval Timón En cuanto a De capa caída To feel a strong emotion Llaga Soportar, aguantar Sin actividad Abrasador Paso Amoratado Repetición, bis Hecho polvo, exhaust Sereno, tranquilo Tomarse algo con calma

We were only able to make a tenuous connection between the two robberies. The riot sparked off violence in the rest of the city a fibreglass hull/speedboat Students are required to undertake simple experiments. Jenny has set her sights on winning the competition. In the eight months leading up to the start of the race… He owns a fleet of taxis. The Eiffel Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering.
A gale force nine

Who was at the helm when the collision occurred? In terms of money, I was better off in my last job. Her career was in the doldrums during those years. Tom was bursting to tell everyone the news. My feet were sore with all the walking. The political system established in 1400 endured until about 1650. Her career was in the doldrums during those years. We went out in the blistering heat She attributes her record-breaking speed to the length of her stride. His arm was black and blue. We were shouting for an encore. I'm too knackered to go out this evening. She looked remarkably composed throughout the funeral.
When you become a politician, you soon learn to take criticism in your stride. 2


It was the first chocolate he'd tasted for over a year, so he savoured every mouthful. Take the lead Tomar la delantera The candidate takes the lead in the pollsto Eventual Final, último Although the original budget for the project was $1 billion, the eventual cost is likely to be 50% higher. Deep down En el fondo Deep-down, I know you love me really. To go to great lengths Hacer lo posible Some people go to great lengths to make their homes attractive. Undertaking Job or activity The construction of the tunnel is a large and complex undertaking. Eviction, to evict Deshaucio After falling behind with his mortgage repayments he now faces evictionfrom his home. On edge Nervous and not relaxed Is something wrong? You seem a bit on edge this morning. Threshold Umbral He stood on the threshold of Sheila’s bedroom To turn over a new leaf Pasar página Apparently he's turned over a new leaf and he's not smoking any more. Issue Cuestión, asunto, tema environmental/ethical/personal issues Justice has to take its course, traffic garden (policia ORA) Useful language Very happy Delighted, elated, thrilled (exciting), overjoyed Sad or wanting to cry Tearful, miserable, close to tears, weepy (llorón), Nervous or worried Anxious, apprehensive, tnese, on edge Challenge words: riskiest, undertaking, issue The essence of Brithishness With time on my hands I didn’t have nothing to do To outline Describir, resumir To vacate Dejar libre, desalojar

Sabor, gusto

With time on my hands, I made a thorough search for a guesthouse At the interview she outlined what I would be doing. Hotel guests are requested to vacate their rooms by noon.

but they didn't ask me for any identification. I've taken most of the big things to the new house. trastos Predicador As strong as an ox The severe drought has led to a hosepipe ban in eastern England. The security guards gave me the once-over. Give the door a yank and it should open. She stared dumbly into space. wise ass Buey Ave de corral Manguera berenjena Arenas movedizas Conejillo de indias Reparar algo Cosas. horrible. He strode across/into/out of the room. stridden Yank To tug To give sth/sb the once-over Desgraciado. wise guy. Tom tugged at his mother's arm. hosepipe /həʊz/ Eggplant. but there are a few odds and ends left to collect. if you're so damned smart. aubergine Quicksand Guinea pig To make amends for sth Odds and ends Preacher /ˈpriː." "Fat chance (of that)!" Listillo Okay.tʃər/ Slim chance = fat chance Wise guy. strode. oxen Fowl Hose. espantoso Colcha. you can tell everyone how it's done! 4 . I think he's a little weary after his long journey.Wretched A bedspread Dumbly Weary To stride. "Perhaps they'll invite you. I wanted to make amends for the worry I've caused you. Crazy English Ox. cubrecama Without speaking Cansado Dar zancadas Tirón Tirar de algo con fuerza Examiner por encima a wretched childhood My wretched car's broken down again.

 The brakes squealed as the van rounded the corner. I still can’t get used sharing the same working space with the boss 5 . fill sht out To go off.  I get a real kick out of shopping for new shoes. burn down To fill in. Please fill in the application form and send it back by November 2nd. These opera tickets cost us an arm and a leg! Gothic churches are full of devils and grotesque figures. The protest march went off peacefully.To burn up. Collocations An overnight success A burning ambition Increase student motivation Met with complete failure Faces the formidable challenge of… Take up – rise to a challenge Fulfill – realize an ambition End in – result in failure Achieve – enjoy success Improve – lack of motivation Major – new – daunting (de enormes proporciones) challenge Huge – great – resounding (rotundo) success Secret – lifelong – main ambition Total – continued – dismal (pésimo) failure High – strong – poor motivation Strong – distinct – real possibility Outside – a slight – a remote chance Predictably (it goes at the beginning of the sentence and refers to the pass) Faint (remote) / a fair (quite sure) To get a kick out of doing sth To squeal To cost an arm and leg Vulgar / grotesque To get use + ing to enjoy doing something very much to make a long very high sound or cry Ser muy caro Grotesco  Anyone who gets a kick out of horror movies will love this show. to go on Be destroyed by fire Rellenar To happen in a particular way The spacecraft finally burned up in the atmosphere of Venus.  We could hear the piglets squealing as we entered the farmyard.

the volume. your language. your routine. welcome a. money. to a team or department (the appearance of character of) a person.UNIT 2 Vocabulary: changes Change your doctor Change your mind Change your sides Change the subject Change your name Cambiar de opinión Cambio ideas políticas Cambiar de tema Change your mind Change your tune Change places Change gear Change a tyre Cambiar de opinión Cambiar de lugar Cambiar de marcha Verbs and nouns Bring about a. a thing Your diet. the height of… Plans. clothes. cope with. provocar He promise that he would bring about a chance To call for sht Pedir Members have called for his resignation. a document Places. witness a Chance To bring about sth Ocasionar. the menu. lead to a. a design The blame or responsibility for sht ono sb Sides. to a religion Modify Shift Switch Transfer Transform Very Your behavior. your ways A building. your appearance A law. your tune. TV channels Money to another account. inducer Reducing speed limits should lead to fewer deaths on the roads. To lead to sht Llevar a. Verbs and nouns Adapt to Change. resist. call for a. introduce a. your mind. to a new currency. a new job Adjust Alter Amend Change Convert Clothing. college Adjust to Life. a place. in price 6 . the subject.

mind. disminuir Guerra. niño mimado Obstáculo. 7 . an unexpected. swear or take an oath To be on/on oath Brat Hurdle Shaky Libel /ˈlaɪ. radically Considerably.bəl/ change Prosperar. significantly Modify Transform Vary Slightly. slightly Change Drastically. pace. overnight. a sudden. exitoso. guerrilla/naval/nuclear/trench warfare Medieval knights took an oath of allegiance/loyalty to their lord. a pleasant. the weather A change of Address. a refreshing. poco firme Calumnia. plan. instantly. widely Prepositions and nouns A change in Attitude. substantially. valla Tembloroso. subtly Completely. a sweeping. a welcome Amish To thrive Thriving To lessen Warfare Oath To make. a patient’s condition. heart. Decrecer. a thriving economy A healthy diet can lessen the risk of heart disease. dramatically. economic. luck. enfrentamiento juramento Hacer un juramento Estar bajo juramento Mocoso. The child wrote her name in large shaky letters. policy. scene Adjective and nouns A dramatic. She threatened to sue the magazine for libel. government. political. difamanción His business thrived in the years before the war. The judge reminded the witness that she was under oath. He fell at the last hurdle. crecer con fuerza Próspero.Verbs and adverbsz Adapt Automatically Adjust Easily. the law. social. She's behaving like a UK spoilt/US spoiled brat. a significant. a far-reaching. mood. someone’s fortune. effortlessly Alter Completely. greatly. government. direction.

musician and athlete . you have to lie in it Glass ceiling Behind the times One night stand To stick to your guns De tal padre. needing your mom's help Nene de mamá Tener ya bastante Fiasco Se han cambiado las tornas. Is he a mummy’s boy? she's got enough on her plate with her husband in prison Sadly. their success was just a flash in the pan. I don't expect you'd find him at the ballet too many nights a week. He's still tied to her apron strings.Idioms Like father. Now the tables are turned and I am the one being made fun of. Old wives' tales are perhaps as old as language itself. You've made your bed and you'll have to lie in it. politician. Various reasons are given for the apparent glass ceiling women hit in many professions. like son Man of his word Old wives’ tale Renaissance man Run in the family Man’s man Tied to your mother’s apron strings Mummy’s boy To have a lot on your plate Flash in the pan Tables are turned You’ve made your bed. Intelligence seems to run in that family. Don't come crying to me if it all goes wrong.he's a man of his word. tal hijo Un hombre de palabra Cuento de Viejas a man who does many different things very well Le viene de familia machote Still dependent on mom. she's sticking to her guns on this issue. se dio la vuelta a la tortilla Se cosecha lo que se siembra Techo de cristal To be old fashioned Rollo de una noche Mantenerse en sus trece When different generations of a family behave in the same way or have the same talents of defects. He has to ask his mother. My uncle is a little behind the times I had a one night stand with this guy I picked up at the club.a real Renaissance man.it seems to run in the family. He's a writer. I used to make fun of people. Terry's what you'd call a man's man. We're all ambitious . 8 . You can trust him . Despite harsh criticism.

I hope I didn't appear offhand with her .it's just that I was in such a hurry. bang. scant regard for the truthh 9 . page 3. a pivotal figure/role/idea Reducir dráticamente Interrogar Botín Caer (valor) Intento Move really quickly Pelearse. You'd better mend that hole before the whole sweater starts to unravel. desenmarañar Capital. The young men had nothing better to do than brawl in the streets. The recent hike in train fares came as a shock to commuters. Jim? Snappier language Lenguaje conciso Crisp sentences Frases claras A crash. fundamental He fumbled in his pockets for some change. chillón a brash young banker / Sober sobrio Are you sober enough to drive. broadsheet. glossy magazines Brash Descarado. Her bid for re-election was unsuccessful. I've been dashing around all day. Red-top tabloids. armar camorra Subida de algo Prices have been slashed by 50%! There was a pop (= surprise) quiz in history at school today. The fall in demand caused share prices to plunge. wallop style Estilo directo In tume with the audience En sintonía con la audiencia Duping the tabloids To despise Scant Despreciar profundamente escaso The two groups despise each other. yellow press.All things considered To fumble Offhandedly To unravel Pivotal Headlines To slash Quiz Haul To plunge Bid To dash To brawl To hike Buscar a tientas Bruscamente Desenredar. gutter press. tabloid press. hortera. Making a splash Quality press.

If a horse breaks its leg. Escape prevalecer Tramo. it usually has to be put down. elaborado a room with an ornate ceiling and gold mirrors Some students are put off studying his work because of the ornate language of the poetry. Saquear. trecho Artificial the part of space that is very far away from Earth Desmenuzarse She nervously crumbled the bread between her fingers. Ornamentado. acequía Deterrent /dɪˈter. A guide to great walls To fall into disrepair Deteriorarse Barbed wire Alambre de espino Ditch Cuneta. It's a man-made lake. merodear Witnesses reported gangs of marauding soldiers breaking into people's houses and setting fire to them. This particular stretch of coast is especially popular with walkers. a far-fetched idea/story My jumper started to singe when I leaned over a burning candle. . quemar To have a short shelf life The latest news on the phone hacking scandal I flicked through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching. She fled (from) the room in tears. 10 Tougher prison sentences may act/serve as (= be) a deterrent to other would-be offenders.ənt/ Elemento disuasorio To flee-fled-fled To prevail Stretch Man-made Outer space To crumble Marauding Ornate The building has fallen into disrepair over the years.Shelf life Phone hacking To flick through Allegedly To put down Far-feched To singe Tiempo de caducidad Pinchazo telefónico Ojear Supuestamente Sacrificar Poco probable Chamuscar. I am sure that common sense will prevail in the end. That's where he allegedly killed his wife.

límite Dotar de personal Al lado de Gremio All over The Eiffel Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering. The phones are manned 24 hours a day. menguar. Disminuir. The poor lived cheek by jowl in industrial mining towns in Victorian England.ə. He was ambling along the beach. Paradise can land you in hell To spiral Dispararse los precios Expat Ex patriota Shallow Superficial (persona) Poco profundo (agua) To amble Deambular To wander Deambular. Desmantelar Unions accuse the government of dismantling the National Health Service. podría decirse Frontera. The Ural mountains mark the boundary between Europe and Asia. reducirse The community has dwindled to a tenth of its former size in the last two years. We spent the morning wandering around the old part of the city. Most of the staff refused to work alongside the new team. an expatriate Scot The stream was quite shallow so we were able to walk across it. he quit school and became an actor. Ponerse a I've no idea how to set about changing a tyre on a car.mənt/ To set about sth Hazaña. a mind-numbing task The whole country seems to be affected by the ennui of winter. proeza Posiblemente.Feat Arguably boundary To man Alongside Guild Throughout /θruːˈaʊt/ Toll To dwindle To dismantle Vehement /ˈviː. apasionado Despite vehement opposition from his family. vagar Numbing Aburridísimo Ennui /ˌɒnˈwiː/ Hastío Cheek-by-jowl Very close together Spiralling costs have squeezed profits. peaje He's just got a job collecting tolls at the start of the motorway. He is arguably the world's best football player. the Writers' Guild He yawned throughout the performance. 11 .

stags can be seen fighting for females. Our car is slow even at the best of times.they were before my time. Only time will tell whether we made the right decision. During the rut. The conditioner gives the hair a beautiful soft sheen. We should all meet up again . lustre Extendido (neg) Máquinas tragaperras Melancolía. Por ahora En el ultimo momento Aguardar el momento oportuno Frecuentemente when everything is going well El tiempo lo dira Anticuado Nada que hacer Ya es hora Vivir más de lo esperado Por los viejos tiempos Antes de que nacieras Adelantado a su tiempo For old time’s sake Before your time Ahead of your time Leave the ironing for the time being . I don't remember The Beatles . My uncle is a little behind the times We've got some time to kill before our train arrives . a family get-together We moored further up the river.after 15 years here I feel I'm (stuck) in a rut (=I'm bored). I've told you many a time not to ride your bike on the pavement. We got there just in the nick of time. Galileo Galilei was ahead of his time 12 .just for old times' sake. Bergman's films are often full of gloom and despair.shall we have a drink? It's about time (that) the school improved its meals service. Dysentery and malaria are rife in the refugee camps.I'll do it later. It is unlikely that serious decisions will be taken by a minority government living on borrowed time.To be in a rut An animal is in rut get-together To moor Sheen Rife Slot machines Gloom A friend with benefits: Idioms with time For the time being In the nick of time To bide your time Many a time At the best of times Time will tell Behind the times Time to kill About time/high time To live on borrowed time Anquilosado Estar en celo Reunión informal Amarrar Brillo. tristeza un amigo con derecho a roce I've got to change jobs . She was biding her time until she could get her revenge.

He's good at devising language games that you can play with students in class.ʃən/ Mockery Justificar Inventar. deceive Apodar Move very quickly in a closed space Esfuerzo Burla. bruma . a clown pops out. wept. desdeñoso larguirucho a strong or uncontrollable want Empinado Neblina. the Yorkshire moors He opened a newspaper and began to peruse the personal ads. formidable Abeto Llorar Llanura. páramo Leer detenidamente Despectivo. I get out of breath with any kind of physical exertion. but it made us laugh. I saw her through a haze of cigarette smoke. Engineers are endeavouring to locate the source of the problem. Bill's mockery of his dad's twitch was a bit cruel. When you open the box. He was very contemptuous of 'popular' writers. but I don't think it warranted quite such severe punishment. whom he described as having no talent.ər / Intentar. These cay easily be tricked into recording steps through shaking. She was dubbed by the newspapers 'The Angel of Death'. wept Moor /mʊər/ To peruse Contemptuous Spindly Craving Steep Haze Pisotear Imponente. spindly legs I have a craving for chocolate. crear Ser engañado. mofa Obviously what she did was wrong. 13 To endeavour /enˈdev.Gathering information To warrant To devise To be tricked To dub To pop Exertion /ɪgˈzɜː. Somebody trampled all over my flowerbeds in the night! An awesome challenge/task lies ahead of them. procurar To trample Awesome Fir tree To weep. The castle is set on a steep hill/hillside. People in the street wept with joy when peace was announced.

əˌ/ Fin To be snowed under To cull To sniff out To stack To tick away To weed out Cinta transportadora Aleta Tener demasiado ocupado To select to search for and discover something Amontonar. She wrung out the shirt and hung it out to dry. The influence of Freud is pervasive in her books.sɪv/ Angst To wring. 14 . Car dealers are wringing their hands over low sales this summer. Criticism just undermines their confidence. a fish's dorsal fin I'm absolutely snowed under with work at the moment. She carved out a reputation for herself as an aggressive businesswoman. With the final seconds ticking away. the caretaker began stacking(up) the chairs. The first round of interviews only really serves to weed out the very weakest of applicants. Once the last few people had left the hall. omnipresente Angustia Escurrir. wrung. apilar Pasar (time) to get rid of unwanted things or people from a group We could see the fin of a shark as it slowly circled our boat. The virtual revolution To suck in/into Pervasive /pəˈveɪ. but I can feel myself being sucked into it. Wring the chicken’s neck.Royal mail Conveyor /kənˈveɪ. Her job is to go round the big fashion shows sniffing out talent for a modelling agency. and after you’ve cooked it. estrujar Retorcer el cuello Preocupado e infeliz Socavar. minar Acumular. During the siege people began hoarding food and supplies. All my children went through a period of late-adolescent angst. acaparar Andar arrastrando los pies Labrarse. I love shuffling through the fallen leaves. Milan scored a goal. wrung To wring sth's neck To wring your hands Undermine To hoard /hɔːd/ To shuffle To carve sht out /kɑːv/ Become involved in something unpleasant Dominante. forjarse I really don't want any part in this whole argument.

The varnish had been deliberately scratched. stir in the salmon and season to taste (= so that it has the taste you like). Quemador auditivo gotear a short period of illness or involvement in an activity Diligentemente La situación en general Medico especialista Seguir en la brecha Rememorar Deficiente Matiz Obstrucción Gases Barniz.tɪ.Scents and sensivity To sniff Sentient /ˈsen. It is hard for a sentient person to understand how any parents could treat their child so badly. Their love affair began against a backdrop of war. quitamanchas Condimentar. I love football but. / To thrust /θrʌst/ To recall /rɪˈkɔːl/ Alas Burner Aural /ˈɔː.ɪˈnɪs/ Challenged Nuance Blockage Fumes Varnish Remover To season Olfatear Que posee conciencia Empujar.rəl/ To leak Bout /baʊt/ Assiduously Backdrop Consultant To soldier on To reminisce /ˌrem. She had a bout of flu over Christmas. envarnizar Desmaquillador.ənt/. I assiduously avoided buying South African products. Petrol fumes always make me feel ill. I admired the way she soldiered on when her business ran into trouble. sazonar My grandfather used to reminisce about his years in the navy. 15 . I have no talent as a player. The painter has managed to capture every nuance of the woman's expression. Do you have any nail-varnish remover? Drain the rice. Before apartheid ended. She thrust the papers at me (= towards me). His death was caused by a blockage in one of his arteries. sacar To remember used to express sadness or feeling sorry about something ¡ay! He sniffed his socks to see if they needed washing. aural teaching aids. The old man recalled the city as it had been before the war. alas. such as tapes Water was leaking from the pipe.

velvet Soft. rígido) To stiffen Itchy Jagged (dentado. rough. artificial Strong. flojo) Rigid Rididiy Stiff (duro. con picos) Withered (marchito. marchito) Stiffness > stiff Roughness > rough Firmness > firm Jagged /ˈdʒæg. whistle. juicy. bed Sandpaper (paper de vidre) Lumpy mattress Limp (mustio. smooth. horn. bell Loud. mustio) Shrivelled (seco. round.ɪd/ Noun Adjective Noun Adjective Noun Adjective Noun Adjective Noun Adjective Silk. bultos) Firm gelationous Brittle (quebradizo) To soften To harden Silky Scratchy Gelatinous Raw Firmeness > firm roughness > rough The sense Touch Sight Smell Hearing taste Smoothness > smooth Softness > soft Cloth. Perfume. man-made. sweet. pillow Floppy hat Lump (bulto. apestar) Sweet Bang (estrépito). tough. silence. soft Salted. ripple (onda). fabric (tela) Flexible plastic Soften the butter by warming it a little A firm cushion. synthetic. coarse (basto). sour. pointed. rounded. edge. delicate material A soft bed. flat. long. bitter 16 . flat. grumos) Lumpy (lleno de grumos. sharp. uneven (torcido) Edge Circular.Vocabulary to describe objects Material : natural. fragance. stink (hedor.

tragarse Abrir el apetito Comilón Calentar A satisfying meal Refresco Celebración Estómago Atiborrarse. do somethin on an empty stomach a drinking/eating/spending binge In some of these schools.Smeell: adjective + noun collocations The stale smell of cigarette smoke and sweaty bodies The mouth-watering aroma of freshly brewed coffee an sizzling bacon The acrid odour of burning rubber and petrol fumes The rancid smell of sour milk and butter after the sell-by date The pungent aroma of herbs and spices and ripe tropical fruit Stale (rancio). sizzling (muy caliente). 17 . army-style drills are used to instil a sense of discipline. ripe (maduro) UNIT 13 Eating and drinking Side dish To quench Raging Hunger To pick at To gulp down To work up an appetite Eater To heat up A square mal Soft drink Celebratory Stomack To binge Drill Acompañamiento saciar Atroz. pungent (picante). acrid (sabor amargo). agudo Hambre Picotear Beber de un trago. brewed (elaborado). comilona Simulacro de fuego To have a side dish Quench your thirst To have a raging thirst Feel faint with hanger / satisfy your hanger To pick at food To gulp down food To work up a big appettite / to lose your apetite Be a fussy eater / be a big eater To heat up a ready meal To have a square meal To have a soft drink To have a celebratory drink To do sth on a full stomack.

opposed. capable Fully aware. booked. The newspaper had trawled its files for photos of the new minister. There was mould on the cheese. fizzy orange/mineral water Come on everyone. an enticing smile My original statement has been completely distorted by the media. I find chicken a little bland. inappropiate. normal. insípido Refresco con gas Servir Oir por casualidad Emprender Montar. disgraceful Hornada. He finally managed to track down the book he wanted. independent Listening (pag 172) Batch Mould Kidney Scapegoat to trawl To track down Enticing /ɪnˈtaɪ. promising Wholly inadequate. unacceptable Uttlery ridiculous. juntar Darse un atracón She was crunching noisily on an apple. different. What's the best way of going about this? Model aeroplanes come in pieces which you have to put together. crujido Sos.sɪŋ/ To distort Culprit Highly gifted. 18 . equipped Entirely free of harge. wrong Totally unnecessary. Kidney of beef The captain was made a scapegoat for the team's failure. Police hope the public will help them to find the culprits. unexpected. tanda Moho Riñon Cabeza de turco Buscar algo en algo Localizar Tentador. I overheard a very funny conversation on the bus this morning. They pigged out on pizza Adverbs of degree Perfectely clear. apetecible Deformar.Listening (pag 176) To crunch Bland Fizzy drink To serve up To overhear To go about To put together To pig out Comer ruidosamente. distorsionar Culpable We looked at the job applications in two batches. I'm ready to serve up. talented.

the merrier To liken sb/sth to sb/sth Comparar a She's been likened to a young Elizabeth Taylor. Cuanto más… más The more. by a long way to come a close second Casi primero The politician came in a close second in the election. reconocer Munición Localizar Tomar el pelo You must acknowledge the truth of her argument. A good supply of ammunition The report homed in on the weaknesses in the management structure. No more than… No más allá There are beautiful mountains not more than ten minutes' drive away. Verb Mislead Defraud Deceive Adjective Misleading Fraudulent Deceptive Adverb Misledingly Fraudulently Deceptively Meaning Inducir a error Defraudar Decepcionar Comparisons Not so much sht as sth Son xxxx más que… They're not so much lovers as friends. Be careful or he'll take you for a ride. The…. Sooner o later Pronto o tarde Sooner or later she's going to realize what a mistake she's made. Nothing like as No es tan… it's nothing like as hot as it was yesterday Nowhere near Ni mucho menos The house was nowhere near the sea. so much the better. Now… than ever before Más ahora que antes People now consume more processed food than ever before So much the better Mucho mejor If you can go there this afternoon... Very much the same El mismo Nevertheless their substance remains much the same By a long way De lejos This is the best meal we’ve had all holiday. As… as Tan.. the. como It’s as tall as you So… as No tan… como He isn’t so tall as you It was such a nice day / There were such interesting people / It was such a boring party = It was so boring a party 19 .To acknowledge Ammunition To home in on To take for a ride Deception Noun ----Fraud Deception Admitir.

to chip: astillar Dislocated hip/jaw/shoulder Sprained ankle/wrist Swollen glands/feet/lips Torn muscles/ligaments Upset stomach Acute/chronic condition Blinding headache Infection disease Serious illness Allergic reaction High/low blood pressure Medical complaint 20 . amasar Inquietante. espeluznante to gradually stop or become less Nudoso. cuidadoso Presión. tension Extremidades Masajear. She heard the eerie noise of the wind howling through the trees. determinar Concienzudo.UNIT 7 Reading To ascertain Thorough Strain Limbs To knead Eerie To ease off Gnarled Stoop Joint Thigh Establecer. I'm leaving soon but I'm just waiting for the traffic to ease off a bit. retorcido Encorvado articulación muslo The police have so far been unable to ascertain the cause of the explosion. an elbow/hip/knee joint Vocabulary: Heath Aching (dolorido) joints/limbs/muscles Blocked nose Bruised ribs/thigh Chipped bone/tooth. excess weight puts a lot of strain on the heart. a thorough revision of the manuscript As you get older. a gnarled tree trunk He is a tall man with a slight stoop. The accident victims mostly had injuries to their lower limbs Knead the dough until smooth.

golpear Treating injuries Treat sb for burns/ahead injury/a stab wound Repair a damage/torn ligament/tendon Punt on/apply/take off/a Band Aid/a plaster/a bandage Put on/rub on/apply cream/ointment (cream)/lotion Limb: extremidad. I have a tickle in my throat 21 . stiches: puntos Pain To injure/hurt/strain yourself To injure/hurt/sprain your ankle/foot/knee/wrist/hand To injure/hurt your spine/neck Receive/suffer/sustain (suffer) a serious injury Damage the brain Sprain/twist your ankle/wrist Fracture/crack your skull Dislocate your finger/hip/jaw/shoulder Burn/scald yourself/your tongue Examine/clean/dress/bandage/treat a bullet wound Amputate/cut off an arm/finger/a foot/a leg/a limb Need /require/put in/have (out)/get (out) stitches Have/receive/undergo/physiotherapy To injure/hurt/sprain /pull/strain (torcer) a muscle To injure/hurt/strain your back/shoulder/eyes To be badly/severely/slightly injured/wounded/hurt/bruised /sprained Useful language To pull To tickle forzar un músculo cosquilleo I pulled a muscle in my back lifting some drawers.Being injured Have a fall/an injury Hurt/injure your ankle/back/leg Pull/strain /tear a ligament/muscle/tendon Break a bone/your leg/three ribs Break/chip/lose a tooth Bruise/cut/graze (arañarse) your arm/knee/shoulder Bang/bump/hit/bash/your elbow/head/knee on against sth To bash: pegar.

hinchado It was obvious she had broken her toe. swollen Medical profile Life.Caesarean /sɪˌzeə. After three years in the job she began to get itchy feet.ʃən/ To diagnose /ˌdaɪ.ri.tɪs/ Word formation: verbs Special -ize -ify -ate -ize -en En- Specialize Class Classify Difference Differentiate Character Characterize Strong Strongen Large Enlarge Symmary Summarize Example Exemplify Qualification Qualify Stable Stabilize Sad Sadden Wide Widen Read Misread Renumber Outnumber 22 Valid Validate Simple Simplify Captive Captivate Familiar Familiarize Rich Enrich Sure Ensure Unload Overload Modern Modernize Identity Identify Value Valuate Dominant Dominate Deaf Deafen Danger Endanger Mishear Overhear Rehear Commercial commercialize General Generalize Assassin Assassinate Computer Computerize High Heighten Courage Encourage Reuse Overuse Misuse Recook Overcook Reappear Disappear .trəʊˌen. His condition was diagnosed as some sort of blood disorder.əgˈnoʊz/ To get itchy feet To swell.ənˈsek. because it immediately started to swell Cuadro clínico Chickenpox Varicela Esperanza de vida stretcher Camilla Miope Gastroenteritis /ˌgæs.təˈraɪ.ɪk/ cesárea Diagnosticar to start to want to travel or do something different The baby was born by caesarean. swelled.expectancy Myopic /maɪˈɒp.

post-traumatic stress. minor illness. post or pre menstrual Disease. morning. Parkinson’s. mountain. terminal. more neutral and less stigmatizing than diseases or illness Condition Term that includes all diseases and disorders. in sickness and health. leave: baja. sea altitude. obsessive-compulsive. kissing Sleepy. SAD: seasonal affective disorder. nervous. blood. eating. hereditary. personality. contagious. the presence of pathology. ADHD: TDAH. long-term ILLNESS Heart. sickness benefit. minor. Sad. STDs (ETS). withdrawal. skin. borderline. not as severe as a disease Disease Condition caused by an infection. car. early. infectious. genetic. sickness SICKNESS leave (baja) Mental. emotional. sick building. chronic fatigue. lung. Alzheimer’s. irritable bowel. rare. sudden infant death. chronic CONDITION Down’s. it’s a more clinic term Disorder Functional abnormality. ADHD. the specific illness. gum.Words often confused Illness Period of time when one is ill. early SYMPTOM More physical. travel. ADD. battered woman. but can include injures and normal heath situations. bowel: intestino. pathological. motion. DISEASE orphan. old age ailment: achaque 23 . DISORDER autism. ADD: attention deficit disorder. SYNDROME Asperger’s. bi-polar Medical. such as a pregnancy Collocations Mental. hormone. love. not usually due to infection. state of feeling unwell. withdrawal. old age AILMENT Gum: encía. withdrawal: abstinencia.

Many companies operate regular job appraisals. Use of English To rise through the ranks To hand in your notice To play a role To be in favour of sth Work one's way to the He's risen through the ranks. often on an annual basis. the prosecution was accused of withholding crucial evidence from the defence. a flawless performance During the trial. starting as a copyboy and ending up as top senior editor Dimitir She handed her notice and now works for a smaller company To achieve a position To face pressure To be offered a contract To bear a grudge 24 . Elated Perk Cog Rank Appraisal Flawless To withhold The prince was reported to be elated at/by the birth of his daughter. dar información He still bears a grudge against her because she refused to go out with him years ago. There were no taxis at the taxi/cab rank. The association is concerned that the richer football clubs will snap up all the best players.UNIT 4 The fast track to burnout To bear a grudge Guardar rencor a alguien To snap up sb Persuadir a alguien para que forme parte de tu equipo antes que otros lo hagan Eufórico Beneficio extra Diente de rueda Fila Valoración Impecable No revelar. A company car and a mobile phone are some of the perks that come with the job.

Character references To have an helpful. excellent secretbarial. avoid responsibility To have/develop advanced computer. determined NATURE To SHOW GREAT potential. possess. outstanding management. worry over detail. energetic. show the right personal QUALITIES To have a TENDENCY TO lose one’s temper. positive APPROACH to one’s work Clumsy: torpe. the necessary communication SKILLS Adopt a/an cautious. tamer: domador Interpersonal Practical telephone Language Problem-solving Management/managerial Secretarial 25 . crafty: hábil Adjectives of personality Approachable Conceited (creído) Disorganized Industrious (trabajador) Mature Self-centred Trustworthy Arrogant Considerate Easy-going Insensitive Moody Self-confident unreliable Attentive Creative Flexible Knowledgeable Outgoing Single-minded Caring Dedicated Impatient Likeable (simpatico) Patient Slapdash (chapucero) Clumsy Determined Indecisive loyal Self-assured Stubborn Further skills Business Communication Organizational Personal Technical Technological To tame: domar. display. dedication. enthusiastic. sensitive. patience Develop. become ill. easy-going. ability.

Grey slate roof The president was flanked by senior ministers. A well-thumbed book Books with creased spines A dog-eared book De ultima generación Holgazanear.UNIT 10 Describing rooms and houses Bright and cheerful Dark and dingy (sucio) Dimly (débilmente) Brightly LIT softly Recently Poorly BUILD solidly Writing model Cobbled To mould well-thumbed Creased dog-eared Fly-leaf State-of-the-arts Idle To lure Slate To flank Light and airy Warm and cosy Comfortably Sparsely (escasamente) FURNISHED elegantly Conveniently Ideally SITUATED Pleasantly Neat and tidy Cramped and cluttered (abarrotado) Tastefully Newly DECORATED richly Adoquinado moldear Muy manoseado Arrugado Con la esquinas dobladas por el uso an empty page at the beginning or end of a book next to the cover Cobbled courtyard The children moulded little pots out of/from clay. he's just bone idle She was lured into the job by the offer of a high salary. 26 . be lazy Atraer Pizarra (roca) Flanquear a state-of-the-art computer He's a very able student.

Your feet stink! I'm not interested in government handouts . salvarse Tener lástima a.all I want is a job. Pity (= Feel sorry for) those on the street with no home to go to. 27 . His career bit the dust when he lost his job. I would like to thank you for all your work. a spanking new suit There has been a surge in house prices recently. Sorry about the clutter in the kitchen. The river is fringed with wild flowers. Once again terrorists have slipped through the police net. She won the 400m race with ease. but I thought everyone had already been told. raído Acequia Tardío Delicado Depender de algo Apestar Limosna Escaparse. limpísimo Repentino aumento Bordear Facilidad En representación To die / end in failure Lista de turnos fugarse Agotador Atestado de cosas It's that sort of slick sales talk that I mistrust. He wore a shabby old overcoat. compadecer to say something which you should not have said Apagar un cigarrillo Avecinarse Nuevísimo. To stub out your cigarette Dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon. On behalf of the entire company. I'm sorry if I've spoken out of turn.The joy of plumbing Slick Shabby Ditch Belated Frail To be reliant on To stink Handout To slip through the net To pity To speak out of turn To stub out To loom Spanking Surge To fringe Ease On behalf of sb To bite the dust Rota To elope Strenous Clutter Ingenioso pero insustancial Gastado. His doctor advised him not to take any strenuous exercise. a belated apology a frail old lady He's completely reliant on his wheelchair to get about. a weekly rota She eloped with an Army officer.

apagado) Constant VOICE VOICE SOUND NOISE Resonar High-pitched (agudo) Booming (retumbante) Unmistakable Incessant DOGS Growl NOISES Dies down DOORS Slam shut BELLS Tikle Go off (bomb. trouble. etc. toll (tañer) party Shriek (grito. alarm). to rustle: susurrar de hojas. Deep Hushed (silencioso) Muffled (sordo. penetrante) DEAFENING (ensordecedor) Behaviour Cry Applause Fans Scream Cheer Whine Fades away (disapear) Creak open Chime (repicar). chillido) silence 28 . mentioned the din of the traffic a pain-racked gesture The loudspeakers blared across the square.Noise and sound Din Racked To blare (out) Squeaky (chillona) Loud Distant Excessive Barullo showing or feeling the physical or mental pain. to hoot: tocar el claxón ROWDY PIERCING (desgarrador.

She went through absolute hell during her divorce. The bond(s) of friendship/love Mantener a raya Respaldar. we should have a good crop of vegetables in the garden. His gambling problem has put a great strain on our relationship. I don't want to diminish her achievements. Relationships To put a great strain on sb Someter a una gran presión a alguien To have it in for sb Tenerla tomada con alguien The girls all cracked up when they saw him. 29 . but I saw through him at once. to downsize your workforce/company If we can keep the rabbits at bay. she stumbled on a log and fell on the sand. Experimentar malas experiencias To see through Calar a alguien To crack up Partirse de risa Others phrasal verbs: to break up with. apoyar Tropezar Disminuir. to let down. Will you back me up if I say that he wasn't here? Running along the beach. reducir Vínculo A punto de dormirse I was just drifting off to sleep when there was a crash in the kitchen.UNIT 5 Motherhood Wreck To downsize To keep sth/sb at bay To back up To stumble To diminish Bond Phrasal verbs To drift off to To go through Desastre (física y psicológicamente) Reducir el tamaño de una empresa The stress she had been under at work reduced her to a nervous/quivering wreck. The maths teacher had it in for me. but she did have a lot of help. she was always giving me extra homework. He told me he was incredibly rich and owned a Ferrari.

/ˌʌn. to look up to 30 .tɪd/ Heightened tension To fall for sb intensified to be strongly attracted to sb To strain Forzar Turn to sb/sth Pedir consejo Other expressions: to get on my nerves. Their relationship turned sour when Jim’s love of whisky began to affect his work. to look down on sb. These people are appealing to our government to help them. prickly relationship between President Obama and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Relación precaria She has a rather uneasy relationship with her mother-in-law.A rocky relationship To turn sour To turn sb back on To take to sb To take an instant dislike to sb To make/pull a face Prickly relationship Uneasy relationship Fierce argument Courting couple Unrequited love: Relación inestable Agriarse Dar la espalda Empezar a gustarte alguien to dislike sb the moment you meet them Poner cara rara Relacion espinosa They had a fairly rocky relationship at first. but they’re talking of getting’ married now.rɪˈkwaɪ. I was pulling silly faces to make the baby laugh. Tension has heightened after the recent bomb attack They fell for each other instantly Their marriage is under great strain at the moment She has nobody she can turn to sb. to keep in touch. Discusión agresiva Two fierce eyes glared at them a couple that has a relationship before getting married No correspondido It's just another poem on the pain of unrequited love. We can't just turn our backs on them. She took to her new class mates immediately Sandra took an instant dislike to his mother. but she did her best to hide it. to keep himself to himself. Pickles: espinas.

bajar Apretarse el cinturon Tener dinero justo para gastos Plantar cara Reducir Agotar Crisis de crédito Dar a Hacer aparecer The government has announced plans to cut back on defence spending by 10% next year. It’s hard to make ends meet To face up to hard economic realities To cut down on luxuries To run out of savings The patio doors give onto a small courtyard. the word 'England' may still conjure up images of pretty gardens and tea parties.sɪˈvɪər/ apresurarse Locamente enamorado perserverar perserverar The president hastened to reassure his people that he was in perfect health. The education director is persevering in his attempt to obtain additional funding for the school. Speaking To cut back (on) To bring down To tighten your belt To make ends meet To face up to To cut down To run out of Credit crunch To give onto To conjure up Reducir. I like the way your house is laid out To lay out Diseñar. 31 . disminuir Traer. This scandal could bring down the government. trazar To set out To fall deeper and deeper into debt It’s the middle class who are paying the bill.ɪd/ To stick at sht To persevere /ˌpɜː. He is completely besotted with his new girlfriend You'll never learn to play the piano if you're not prepared to stick at it.sən/ Besotted /bɪˈsɒt. footing the bill.Listening (pag 61) To hasten /ˈheɪ. For some people.

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