Rex Rich and the

Warlord of Mars
An Adventure for Spirit of the Century 2009 version by bill White






SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #1 “The Secret of the Kaiser’s War Machine” Well-to-do Princeton drop-out REX RICH joins the French Foreign Legion when the French aviation contest in which he’s competing is cancelled at the outbreak of the Great War. There he meets troublemaker JACK REDSTONE, who joined up to avoid a stint in a Paris jail cell. After a big battle in which their unit is decimated by an unstoppable German Dreifusspanzer tripod-tank, they transfer to the French flying corps. Meanwhile, in an observatory in the Swiss Alps near Geneva, DOCTOR EINSTEIN discovers radio signals from space and responding signals from somewhere in Germany. A tense confrontation with PROFESSOR PLANCK at the University of Berlin leads to Einstein’s detention on University grounds. Luckily, LUCY LOVELACE is in Berlin with her American diplomat father, and (with nowhere else to turn) she contacts her old school friend Rex to help her carry out a daring rescue in the heart of Prussia itself! SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #2 “Max Mensch in No Man’s Land” Marine corporal MAX MENSCH leads his men into no man’s land to rescue downed pilot Jack Redstone. Trapped between a German tripod and an Allied land leviathan in mortal combat, Max and Jack must run a gauntlet of steel to return to friendly lines! They are pinned down and Jack is wounded. All seems lost, but Lucy Lovelace is nearby as a volunteer ambulance driver; she sallies forth from the aid station to create a distraction. All make it back in time to congratulate Rex upon his triumphant return from bombing Rundfunkstelle Rot to stop Professor Planck’s Quantum Radio from receiving alien super-weapon blueprints. SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #3 “Escape from Mars” On the Red Planet, young Red Martian scavenger TAN-GLIIL forages amid the ruins of a once-proud civilization until he and his people are taken captive by the cruel Black Martians, who reward the traitor TEL-JANRU with rulership of the Reds. Tan-Gliil is taken to the flying city of the Black Martians to become a gladiator in the slave-pits. He escapes, acquiring a set of Black Martian data crystals which he uses to aid his one-man rebellion against his captors. Meanwhile, the powerful but degenerate Black Martians come increasingly under the thrall of Tel-Janru, who sets plans of conquest into motion. Pressed hard, Tan-Gliil infiltrates the Black Martian base on Phobos, where he escapes from Mars through a one-way time-space vortex to planet Earth! SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #4 “Rex Rich and the Sky Pirates of Africa” At war’s end, when Rex Rich and Jack Redstone attempt a record-breaking around-the-world dirigible flight, their journey is cut short over equatorial Africa by a squadron of sky pirates, who shoot down Jack’s scout plane and take Rex’s dirigible in tow to a secret base. Their leader AIR-BARON ZEVO challenges Rex to a series of contests to demonstrate the superiority of homo futurian -- Futurian man! Meanwhile, Jack befriends a tribe of intelligent apes who help him repair his plane. Homing in on the radio beacon that Rex secretly activates, Jack manages to find and infiltrate the Futurian base. Together, the two friends make their escape, and Rex returns to Hub City with secrets taken from the Futurians that he will use to start his own aviation company.


He becomes ill and pale. GAME MASTER OF BENSALEM. SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #7 “The Enigma from Outer Space” Rex Rich and Jack Redstone arrive in Germany to see the prototype Panoptisonde Rocket that Snap has built to help Dr. Tan-Gliil’s psychic prowess. in its Micromachical Arena. dreams. It takes a combination of Rex’s leadership. Einstein test his theories. Rex is only able to win when Snap and Dr. But Rex Rich is sufficiently impressed that he hires Snap as a junior engineer with Rich Aviation! SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #6 “Rex Rich and the City of Wonders” Rex and Snap travel to the Atlantic island of Bensalem to consult the World Brain. Rex Rich. Cared for by SOFIA SANTE. or HIFI set. and the two face off aboard a Futurian skyship against the diabolical MAESTRO MYSTERIOSO. but tells no one what he learned. A dark presence haunts this mirror-world. who is en route to a League of Nations meeting in Geneva. Tan-Gliil’s powers return and he escapes. 3 . and fears. his psychic powers do not return in time to warn him about her. Rex is caught up in a high-stakes remote-control battle against the wily Sir Herbert George. Dr. JR. When Jack falls prey to the wiles of the Sultan’s intoxicating courtesan MISTRESS SHEBA. BONUS STORY: “The Man from Mars against the Futurians!” Tan-Gliil crashes in the sea.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 3 SCIENCE WONDER STORIES #5 “Max Mensch vs. Max Mensch and Jack Redstone follow her trail to Zanzibar. BONUS STORY: “Hub City Confidential: Max Mensch Case Files #1” Max Mensch is torn when his new job keeping nosey reporters away from secret projects at Rich Aviation gets him in dutch with Lucy Lovelace. the notorious slave-dealer. Luckily. all five find themselves trapped in a strange mindscape of their memories. with Dr. accompanied by Dr. but in the end Snap learns a valuable lesson when his miscalculations send his rocket beyond the target range and his entry is disqualified. BONUS STORY: “Snap Redstone and the Young Rocketeers of America” Jack’s kid brother SNAP REDSTONE travels from Iowa to Hub City for the Young Rocketeer of America contest. Max Mensch gets them both out of the villain’s clutches so that Lucy can write the expose that spurs the British authorities to action. as judges. master of illusion. Rex emerges from the World Brain with a smug look on his face. a horrible alien interloper from beyond the stars. It’s a close contest. SR. The New Atlantis recovers the saucer. soaring off into the skies of Earth. Einstein’s intellectual gifts. and Snap’s naïve and boyish optimism to drive away THE ENIGMA FROM OUTER SPACE. Einstein work together to create a fleet of radio-controlled miniature dive bombers that scatter Sir Herbert’s clockwork cavalry. where Lucy is trying to conceal her identity as a reporter in the seraglio of SULTAN SINBAD. and Princeton professor and rocketry pioneer ROBERT GODDARD. He is washed up on the shore of a sun-drenched Mediterranean isle. Snap has to work hard to compete with Goddard’s son ROBERT “GO-BIRD” GODDARD. a vast automated information archive. Einstein. Einstein. the Kidnappers of Zanzibar” Lucy Lovelace disappears in Constantinople while on assignment from her new job as a reporter for the Hub City Tribune. When Tan-Gliil’s flying saucer shows up in the middle of the rocket’s test flight. ADMIRAL TIRSANO arrives to take the Martian aboard the Futurian science-dreadnought New Atlantis and interrogate him with a Hypnosis-Inducing Field Illuminator. Max needs Lucy to help him track down the culprit. Alerted by an anonymous telegram. But when a saboteur strikes at Hub City Airport. Jack’s insouciance. whose goofy grin drives Snap crazy..

or Snap are not taken as PCs. SuperSuper-Simple Minion Rules: So minions work the same way. except that their base skill column starts at the character’s “level” minus 2 (e. The PC can use the companion’s Aspects. They count as Great companions. Fair. For example: If two players put Rex first. to Rex. to Max.P L A Y E R --CHARACTER Einstein Jack Lucy Max Rex Snap Tan-Gliil ASSIGN COMPANIONS If Rex. to Snap. Good rather than Great) and they can be taken out in lieu of a minor consequence on the character.g. to Rex.. Any PC who received a companion gets an additional Fate point. to Dr. they become companions to other characters. to Max. she would receive 2 additional Fate Points. pick a Great skill to be Good. Note that the game runs best with 5 players. they get bonus fate equal to how they ranked the character minus 1.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 4 HAND OUT PLAYER PACKETS. 4 . Einstein. Assign characters to players so that we maximize satisfaction across all players. rank orders ankEach player rank-orders characters by preference for play. Rex: to Jack. Einstein. to Lucy. Jack: to Snap. Good. but pays to tag them with his or her own Fate points. The player can allow the companion to be taken out in lieu of taking a moderate consequence. GIVE AWAY FATE POINTS Give everyone 5 Fate Points. then the player who ranked Tan-Gliil lower gets Rex and the other player gets Tan-Gliil. If someone doesn’t get their first choice of character. Jack. and the only character without a player preferring him/her first is Tan-Gliil. Snap: To Jack. a Good skill to be Fair. So if the player who got Tan-Gliil had ranked him 3rd. Max. other unselected characters become NPCs. Max. --. and Average (chosen from character sheet: the companion’s Superb skill becomes Great. and a Fair skill to be Average) and 1 Advance (a STUNT or another column of SKILLS beginning at Good). or a total of 7. which gives the PC access to 1 skill each @ Great. to Lucy.

Max Snap Redstone Farm Boy A Little Too Much Juice That Goofy Go-Bird! Where’s Jack? A Few More Adjustments TanTan-Gliil Red Martian Tel-Janru Betrayed Us All! Get Out Of My Mind! Torn Between Two Worlds Only Dr. Boys Max. Rich? Rex Rich Brains Behind This Outfit War Hero Wealthy Aviation Entrepreneur I Learned Some Things From the World-Brain I’ve Heard Good Things About You. That’s Something I Hadn’t Thought About Mr. Lucy? Jack Redstone Saved My Life I’m Paying You—Just Make It Fly Einstein. Einstein Said! Well. Professor Planck! Fight for Peace I’m In Your Debt. Rex? Max Mensch A Rough Neighborhood Trench Coat Oy Vey! This I Need I’ll Keep My Eyes Peeled Do You Have Any Enemies. You’re My Hero! I Just Need to Ask A Few Questions What Are You Up To. Schmanger What Is It This Time.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 5 Dr. Rex Daddy Was A Diplomat Don’t Spoil The Moment By Talking. Einstein A Little Thought-Experiment The Greatest Mind of All Time! The Secret of the Kaiser’s War Machine The League of Nations Needs Dr. Beautiful Betrayer Let Us Join Our Minds Together 5 . Fraulein Lovelace Check Your Math. Herr Redstone Quantum Uncertainty Is Involved! Seen the Inside of a Jail Cell Lucy. Rich Won’t Like That Foraging in the Ruins of Mars Mars Must Be Free! I Must Consult the Data Crystals Sofia Sante. Max As Strong As An Ape What’d I Do This Time? But Snap’s Just A Kid! Lucy Lovelace All Over Europe Trust A Woman’s Intuition. Einstein Can Help Me We Meet Again. Jack? If Only She Were Jewish… Danger. Mr. Jack Sob Sister The Hub City Tribune A Girl Likes To Feel Appreciated It’s A Mitzvah! I’m No Einstein Are You Tough Enough. You Are One Hell of a Woman Any Landing You Walk Away From Do I Look Like I’m Worried? You Don’t Owe Me Anything. Einstein My Usual Methods Are Useless Here Jack Redstone Checkered Past Glad to Know You. You’re A Genius! That’s A Risk I’m Willing to Take The Right Tool Second Place in the Rocket Contest Golly! It’s Just Like Dr.

The winner of the race gets a big contract with the War Department. and then on your next turn move into an adjacent zone and use the 6 . Everyone gets one free tag on each Aspect in a zone—so you can be in a zone and tag “Bystanders” when I try to shoot at you (“You can’t get a bead on me!”).REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 6 Rex Rich and THE GREAT ROCKET RACE Set out the HUB CITY AIRPORT MAP and put character counters on it. the Army’s rocket-plane was built by Dr. Rich Aviation’s design is the Navy’s entry. or “Go-Bird” as the pilot. Today is the day of the big rocket-plane race between the Army and the Navy to see which intercontinental interceptor will go into production. along with a counter for the Redhawk rocket plane. with his son Robert Jr. Robert Goddard and his team.

the Rich 1922 Redhawk. Leadership. the Superb Resources of nasty Boss Fowler. persona.” • • • REX. you’re here because the Hub City Tribune needs a story. in a race against that creep Goddard’s plane. you’re keeping your eyes peeled for trouble. The League of Nations needs you. Finally: Only Dr. Einstein can help you. Hang the Aspect All In On This One on Rex. and other features of the character that define his or her identity. you also lose your company? Why would you do such a thing?” That’s A Risk I’m Willing to Take (2 Fate). attitudes. to observe the test. “I’m going to compel one of your Aspects to explain why you’re here. but you can if you want—but you may lose spotlight time if you do. 7 . he loses access to his Headquarters and his Resources are at -2 until Rex wins his company back (requiring a Superb test of Resources. • • • • Introduce a few more compels: REX RICH. But I could use them to help my block on the same turn: “I shoot wildly into the crowd. Thus you are too. TAN-GLIIL. didn’t you in fact take out a huge loan to finance the construction of the Redhawk? And doesn’t that mean that if you lose the race. The one thing you can’t do is use your free tag to cancel out someone else’s invocation of the same Aspect—so I can’t turn around and use my free tag on “Bystanders” to say they hem you in and make it easier for me to shoot you. and relationships. working for Rex. JACK. which skirts disarmament protocols under discussion in Geneva. you have to ask yourself: what did you do this time? Because you’ve agreed to test-fly your kid brother’s untested rocket-plane. Lucy interviews Rex Rich (compel What Are You Up To. you need to make a few more adjustments on the Redhawk before it’s 100% ready to fly. or some other skill as appropriate vs. DR.” HAND OUT FATE FOR INITIAL COMPELS Explain ASPECTS as traits. If Rex doesn’t get the contract. LUCY. Tell the players.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 7 “Bystanders” there to do the same thing on the next exchange. and their panic prevents you from getting away easily. the eminence grise of Hub City). so you’re here. Normally. EINSTEIN. you’re the brains behind this outfit. MAX. possessions. you’d be able to refuse the compel by paying me a Fate point. I’m going to advise you not to do that right now. and Dr. Rex?): “Rex. SNAP. Einstein is here.

Small-Town America. Unless the REDHAWK vastly outperforms the Army’s plane. Custom Ride (Duesenberg staff car. Snap. Gen. Hub City N. tell Max he can self-compel Are You Tough Enough. Big Man in the Military (use Contacting for military Resources). Bucking For Promotion. Science +4. Endurance. Robert Goddard. Great Pilot. “General MacArthur is eager for the race to begin. [Baron Zevo]. 1 month to build at Goddard Rocketeering. Superb Rocket Workshop (+5). Fair Endurance.” GoGo-Bird Goddard. Epic Cost [+7]. (“Dad”). ACTION. Composure 5 □□□□□. Weapons (+1). START THE ACTION. Superb Resolve (+5). Equestrian (use Athletics for riding). MacArthur]. A Tactical Diversion. Contacting. Stealth. Contact (Dr. Fate 5 □□□□□. Someday I’ll Go To The Moon. Science (+3). Jack. Custom Ride (1922 Peugot 161. Aspects: Goofy Grin. +2 w/explosives). Academics +3. the Army-sponsored entry built by Robert Goddard and his son. Jack? to hang the aspect Only Slightly Less Hung Over Than Jack on himself during this scene as well. Bankrolled by Secret Futurian Silent Partner. Ha Ha. Athletics. Beat Navy!. Big Name (+2 to Rapport or Intimidation the first time you interact with someone if they’ve heard of you).. he’s rooting for the SCREAMING EAGLE. Stealth (+2). Fantastic Speed [+6]. Good Resolve. Tan-Gliil. Politically Savvy. Aspects: A Patriot First. Resources. My Dad Invented Liquid-Fuel Rockets. Lucy. I Want It To Go Really Fast. Good Alertness. Survival (+1). Scientific Genius (+1 w/chemistry. extensive security). authorized by the War Department to award the contract to the better plane. Drive. Great Leadership. and even though he’s the judge. MacArthur will probably give the contract to the Goddards—but maybe he can be persuaded to judge the contest on the merits. Einstein. SCREAMING EAGLE futurized Douglas Cloudster rocket plane. great quality □□□□. Guns (+4). Composure 3 □□□. spend Fate to declare a minor device has been installed). Intimidation (+3). The Rules Don’t Apply To Me. Superb Engineering (+5). Toughness 1 □. Leadership +1). Rapport (+2). Snap. independent.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 8 JACK REDSTONE “Aren’t you worried that going bar-hopping on the night before a big test flight was a bad idea?” Do I Look Like I’m Worried? Take More Than A Little Hung Over during this scene. Weird Science (concoct fancy retro-science rocket fuels). Dr. Don’t Think You’re Smarter Than Me. [Gottlos]. Average Academics. +1 to Drive. Contacting +2. Inc. [Gen. Headquarters (Goddard & Son Rocketeering. Lead From The Front. Contacting (+4). Fair Athletics. Average Academics. Drive. Bring Me My Horse!. Max. I Won’t Sweat The Details. Fists. Fate 5 □□□□□ 8 . MacArthur. I Shook Hands With Dr. [Sofia]. +1 Drive). If Jack accepts. Survival. Toughness 2 □□. Einstein. Rex. Guns.J. Washington Insider. Science. Sr. I Beat You!. Command Presence (use Leadership for Rapport to get people to do things). The order of action is [Go-Bird]. Air Power Is The Key!.

Weapons Test. unless the pilot takes consequences. Again. representing a faster ascent. Outbound Leg. unless the SCREAMING EAGLE crashes. returning to the airport first without crashing) and convincing MacArthur to be fair (i. 9 . Failure takes the plane out with a great big explosion. the faster plane gets a +1 bonus. Take-Off. Failure means that the plane can’t receive the contract.. VICTORY CONDITIONS So winning the contract requires both winning the race (i. These are independent tests of Pilot. The faster plane gets a +1 bonus. ShutRocket Engine Shut-Off. These are independent tests of Pilot. +2 if the difference is 3 or more. Failure takes out the plane on the runway unless the pilot accepts consequences. The winner gets a bonus equal to the shifts that may be divided among the weapons test and inbound leg rolls. Spin gives a +1 bonus to take-off. Spin gives a +1 bonus to the outbound leg roll. shoot down the targets. versus a difficulty of Superb.e. Spin gives a +1 bonus to the rocket engine shut-off roll. even if it gets back home first. These are independent tests of Engineering. This is a contest of Jack’s Pilot skill vs. versus a difficulty of Great (+4). These are independent tests of Guns. versus a difficulty of Superb (+5). and return to base. representing a quick run on the targets. Inbound Leg. representing a smoother ignition sequence.e. Take-Off. versus a difficulty of Mediocre (+0). Spin gives +1 bonus to the inbound leg roll.” THE COURSE Engine Rocket Engine Ignition. versus a difficulty of Great (+4).. +2 if the difference is 3 or more. Go-Bird’s. Failure takes the plane out on the runway unless the pilot takes consequences. Go-Bird’s. representing quicker arrival at the weapons test site.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 9 CONDITIONS. “The course requires that the two planes take off together.The winner arrives back at Hub City Airport first. These are independent tests of Engineering. Failure takes the plane out unless the pilot takes consequences. taking him out via social interaction). fly out to sea where a few barrage balloons have been tethered to old mothballed destroyers. This is a contest of Jack’s Pilot skill vs. Landing.

Great difficulty. LUCY LOVELACE. Snap. Jack. reveal a random aspect). you’d better double-check the wiring underneath the panel. or Dr. Boys (Tan-Gliil). hang Crossed Wires on the REDHAWK. that Go-Bird Goddard is obnoxious. Einstein). If he fails. if Jack fails. “There’s no way a youngster like Snap could have put together this rocket-plane without making some mistake. TAN-GLIIL. isn’t that right?” Otherwise.e. You’re No Einstein. he can also use his Universal Gadget stunt to add improvements to the rocket-plane. Snap can use Engineering to get rid of the Unmade Adjustments aspect that hangs on the REDHAWK. “Boy. Resolve of Dreifusspanzer Gottlos to gain more information about the tripod (i. But Snap’s Just A Kid. For each turn that he accepts the connection. and give out Fate if they are bound by their Lucy-related Aspects.” Make an Engineering roll (which Jack doesn’t have) vs. Resolve maneuver on the character in question. Make a Rapport vs. you need a big story or your editor will bury your copy on an inside page. “Lucy. so you don’t see there’s a man out there with binos and a wireless set out in this field right here. I Just Need to Ask a Few Questions (Snap. Max can go after him.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 10 JACK REDSTONE. like that caused by the mental emanations of a Black Martian terror weapon—but it’s coming from somewhere close by here on Earth!” Get Out of My Mind! Take -2 on all actions until he uses his action to succeed at a Superb Resolve test. 10 . “Max. if you win. You just can’t concentrate on those last minute adjustments! Are you going to let him rub it in about being Second Place in the Rocket Contest?” MAX MENSCH. and that’s no good. Tan-Gliil can roll Mysteries (albeit at -2) vs. You’re My Hero (Max). Sofia’s Stealth (+3) to spot a fellow with binoculars and what looks like a wireless set on his back out in the fields surrounding the airport. in which case compel as follows: Max. “You feel an insistent throbbing in your skull. Trust A Woman’s Intuition. you get to hang the aspect Distracted by Lucy on the character and they take a -2 on their next action because she distracted them. Let the player role-play the response. Roll Max’s Alertness (+2) vs. Rex? (Rex). here. SNAP REDSTONE.. Who are you going to talk to try to dig up a good story?” She may try to talk to one of the PCs. or What Are You Up To. say.

We Are Much Alike. Also in her possession is a photograph of Go-Bird Goddard shaking hands with Dr. Art. what should you be doing?” (Let Dr. A banner hangs above the scene. Saboteur. Average Academics. Snap Redstone. No One Will. Take a Fate point for using a skill you have at 2 or less to act [maybe compel this in response to Fight for Peace] THICKENS THE PLOT THICKENS MEANWHILE. EINSTEIN “Herr Doktor Einstein—given that you’re a committed pacifist. Sofia Sante. Einstein.” At the other end of Sofia’s radio connection is Air Baron Zevo. Composure □□□. Hell Hath No Fury. Are We Not?. Sofia has a flower in her lapel. Linguist (speak many languages). Endurance. she will leave the flower on his unconscious body. Good Athletics. Empathy. it takes Great Science or Academics to recognize it as a species of African violet known to grow in what was once German East Africa and is now the Bensalem-run mandate territory of Tanganyika. Master of Disguise (pay Fate to “go undercover”). Investigation. If she beats Max. Max should be pursuing the “man” with the binoculars. Futurian spy and saboteur. Deadly Double Agent. and will use her Alertness (vs. Mimicry (imitate mannerisms). Survival (+2). Superb Deceit (+5). Clever Disguise (resist scrutiny of disguise with Deceit). Fate 5 □ □ □ □ □. Snap Redstone looks on. Toughness □□. He is aboard the Zevodrome now cruising at top speed for Hub City Airport with the goal of 11 . Einstein tell you which Aspect he’ll selfcompel): Fight for Peace. Fists (+4). and that you’re in the middle of a militaristic field experiment that may be in contravention of the treaties being arranged right now back in Geneva. Take a Fate point for trying to convince someone to call off the race and generally making a nuisance of yourself. spin on the roll will identify it as growing mainly on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Futurian. My Usual Methods Are Useless Here. That Perfume…. who is really Sofia Sante. Cover Identity. Infiltrator (Use Investigation to send message or leave clues). If I Can’t Have You. Resolve. Guns (+1). Stealth (+3).REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 11 DR. Sante. She will be in communication with the Zevodrome. clearly disgruntled. Greek. Engineering. Einstein while Rex Rich hangs a medal around his neck. Exotic Beauty. Great Alertness. it reads “Young Rocketeers of America. and of course Rex Rich. Fair Drive. target’s Alertness) to try to put “Target Spotted!” tags on Dr.

Survival (+1). Engineering. Fists. activities. Fair Contacting. 3 “squadrons”. speculative. Zevo). Engineering +2. The Secrets of Bensalem. Superb Resources (+5). Composure 3 □□□. Snap. Behold Futurian Man!. Giant Walking War Machine. “conscious” (Crack Crew: We’ll Follow You To Hell. Great Leadership. +1 to Drive). and Dreifusspanzer Gottlos will be lowered from a winch to the field. Intimidation (+3). Toughness 3 □□□ Composure 3 □□□ Fate 10 □□□□□□□□□□. I Have My Orders. Endurance +1. Rex Rich!. I Still Serve the Fatherland. Air Baron Zevo. Weapons (+1). they are targeted as a side effect of fighting against Zevo and the Zevodrome. reducing the shifts of an effect by an amount equal to their value (4 in the case of the Zevodrome’s crew and 3 in the case of each squadron). Empathy. +1 to Endurance [craftsmanship]. Prototype Car [2] (maximized. Now I Possess the Zevodrome. Rapport (+4). South African By Birth. Note that Zevo’s minions work like companions: they can be taken out in place of other consequences. Gyrotroopers and Armored Biplanes (Guns +3. We Are Futurians! Stunts: Mass Fire (+2 to Guns when used to block). skilled (Guns +4. Futurians Are Everywhere. Weapons (+2). Rapport. Dreifusspanzer Gottlos (Tripod Tank “Godless”). quantum ray cannon [special effects]). Grappling Arms (Use Might in combat to grab and immobilize opponents). Armor (Use Endurance to defend in combat). Art. Great Guns. A Touch of Genius. Gyro-pack (futuristic miniaturized helicopter. Personal Gadget (gyro-pack). Shattered Body.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 12 kidnapping the scientific expertise that Zevo’s ally Professor Planck needs in order to complete his new machinery. Pilot +2. 12 . Might (+4). Hand-to-Hand in the Trenches. They are not themselves targetable. armed. Sky Pirates of Africa. Towering Over the Battlefield. Shattered Soul. Personal Gadget (+1 to Guns. and companions. A World To Conquer. There Can Be No Peace For Me. While the rocket-planes are testing their weapons out at the target site. Toughness 5 □□□□□. walking tank. Intimidation. Science. After Them. Average Athletics. +1 to Pilot) or Armored Biplane (futuristic biplane. Thick Armor Plating. Resolve (+3). Resolve. +2 toughness)). You Fools!. and Rex. Good Endurance. Good Drive. Pilot +3. He will demand updates from “Agent Carlos” and if he doesn’t get them try to browbeat the person on the other end for information about his or her location. Average Academics. there to wreak havoc while Sofia and the gyrotroopers capture Einstein. Fair Alertness. Alertness +1. Fate 5 □□□□□. “Godless Godless”). Gambling. Superb Endurance (+5). the Zevodrome will float into view over the airport and the armored biplanes will strafe the field. Fists. alternate use (aircraft carrier). Zevodrome [3] (maximized zeppelin. Athletics. Prussian Heritage. Deceit. Survival (+2). Bristling With Ordnance. Stunt: Damage Control (roll Engineering to remove consequences at difficulty equal to shifts))). Curse You.

activating a secret self-destruction device to blow it up. Dr.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 13 Tan-Gliil will recognize Gottlos as employing Black Martian technology. Gottlos will go after Einstein or Snap or both. Zevo will begin to withdraw. Once the targets are captured. there Jack Redstone will be shot at by Go-Bird Goddard just as Air Baron Zevo attacks Hub City Airport in his Zevodrome with armored biplanes and gyro-troopers. Fair Academics will recall that Lettow-Vorbeck’s small troop was the only colonial German force not to have been defeated in open combat during the Great War. It starts to beep and a lamp lights up.” as he says—in order to cover the withdrawal. and pretend it was a mistake. Snap may spot what looks like a satchel charge attached to the underbody of the Dreifusspanzer. posturing defiantly at the biplanes and gyrotroopers who will try to take him out. The one who gets closest to it first notices markings associated with General LettowVorbeck’s Schutztruppe Deutsch-Ostafrika. it will take Engineering modified by Athletics to shimmy up there and cross-wire the thing to either defuse it or make it blow up. and will have to obey his secret Futurian masters—but he’ll try to do it sneakily. MacArthur will put himself at risk. The overall plan is for Dreifusspanzer Gottlos to 13 . taking out anyone in the zone and doing a Superb attack on those adjacent. If he makes it back to the airport. and of course recall the Secret of the Kaiser’s War Machine. grabbing them and handing them off to gyro-troopers to be carried back to the Zevodrome. Lucy has seen them as well. In summary: The rocket race will begin and things will go pretty smoothly until the rocketplanes get to their target practice site. -1 for each zone further out. Go-Bird will be ordered to attack Jack. and Jack will vividly remember battling tripods similar to this one on the Western Front during the Great War. it fought its way into Mozambique and was repatriated after the war ended. at the target site. Rex. Max Mensch will tangle with Sofia Sante. He will cheerfully abandon Gottlos—“that monstrosity. Max. wired to a small radio receiver. Einstein will recognize the quantum ray cannon as the handiwork of his old foe Professor Planck. The explosion could be quite deadly. meanwhile. everyone has one exchange to get as far away as possible before it goes off. he’ll try to land on the Zevodrome.

he’ll throw himself into the thick of things. Give Fate to make people want to give up! 14 . your goal is to take PCs out hard and fast. If he sees a flying saucer—like the one that Tan-Gliil has—he’ll want it for the United States military. so that the game can move on to the next phase. Einstein. and/or Rex Rich. Otherwise. Snap Redstone. General MacArthur will try to impress people with his military bearing and obvious heroic qualities.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 14 wreak havoc while Sofia and the gyrotroopers capture Dr.” When things go south. and he’ll do his best to get his hands on it. hopefully the PCs will feel some obligation to get him out of it! As the GM. Meanwhile. ordering the land leviathan from nearby Raritanic Naval Arsenal into action. hanging Aspects on them like. “MacArthur is a genuine American hero. he’ll do his best to get himself in trouble.

severe). 1 or 2. That’s Something I Hadn’t Thought About to get Snap to play along. “You’re one of us now! Welcome to the Futurians!” and explain that among Futurians. 3 or 4. If Zevo gets away. 15 . and political enlightenment. he’ll be treated as a dangerous and despicable enemy. he may have captives. he escapes his bonds. he’ll be given a Futurian uniform and a bunk with the Zevodrome crew. Resolve (+2). Average Art. 5 or more. technologists and scientists receive the highest honor.. In the Trenches at Ypres. The Soul of an Artist. They will say. minor. If he gets spin. If he fails. If Rex Rich is captured. If necessary. he’ll be treated like Rex. Incipient Megalomania. Compel Well. Intimidation. Born in Austria. Composure 2. Germany Was Betrayed. Dolph will tell him how the Futurians were founded by the great Baron Rosenkreuz 500 years ago on Bensalem with the purpose of leading mankind into an era of scientific. He will be assigned as cabinmate to young Dolph Schicklgruber. Good Mysteries (+3). If Max Mensch is captured. too. he takes a consequence at least as bad as the shifts against him (i. Rapport (+1). If Jack Redstone is captured.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 15 Rex Rich and The Shining Mountain ZEVODROME ABOARD THE ZEVODROME Air Baron Zevo will try to withdraw once he’s wreaked some havoc and taken some prisoners. he will leave Gottlos behind as a distraction and then activate its self-destruct sequence. technological. a Superb test of his Endurance. major. Welcome to the Futurians!. a Great War veteran from Austria who joined the Futurians after the war after deciding not to become an artist.e. and because of their expertise deserve to be running things. Fate 3. he’ll be treated like Rex. If Snap Redstone is captured. Fair Leadership. Dolph Schicklgruber. Zevo will order him staked out on the deck of the Zevodrome.

REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 16 If Dr. on patrol in the South Atlantic (it is a flying warship). They can sneak into the radio room and send a message. they land or crash in the middle of the Amboseli Plain. a search will begin aboard the Zevodrome. failure means recapture. If Sofia Sante is on board. If the escapees try to leave the Zevodrome in a plane. She may be able to use Rapport or Empathy to learn of his plans to conquer Mars by opening up a space-time gate and leading an army into the past to colonize and transform the dying planet. he’ll be taken to a cabin in the gondola with a tiny porthole through which he can see the ocean below. etc. The Defiant will contact the War Department back in Washington. If Jack is with them. Soon. she will try to persuade him to join Zevo. Dead ahead is a great snow-capped mountain. spin means access to where ever they want (the Engine Room.). if he won’t agree. Compel A Little Thought Experiment to have him spend his time pondering a scientific puzzle that’s been on his mind. If anyone manages to escape from their quarters. then savannah. who knows what Tan-Gliil revealed to her about Mars (in Science Wonder Stories #6): that it is a dying planet ruled by degenerate Black Martians who follow the traitor Tel-Janru. then jungles. they will manage to contact the USS Defiant. test the escapee’s Stealth versus the crew’s Alertness. success means continued freedom. she’ll be treated as a guest. Meanwhile. Zevo will want to recruit him as an ally in the attack on TanMars. and be asked to dine at Air Baron Zevo’s table each evening. In any event. If Lucy Lovelace is captured. the Arms Room. which will try to reach Rex. the Zevodrome will give chase (use the chase rules). one of the intelligent gorillas from his previous African adventure will eventually meet and 16 . They believe that they are going to find work overseas. eventually returning to Earth to conquer the future! If Tan-Gliil is captured. conditions at home are desperate. the ocean gives way to desert. the Flight Deck. Einstein is captured. Somewhere over the Atlantic. The journey takes about 4 days. it will require Stealth or Burglary to sneak past the crew to do whatever they want to do. trying to shoot them down. a transport plane will land on the Zevodrome and a bevy of beautiful German maidens will disembark. he’ll be staked out on deck.

If possible. Msonge. Tan-Gliil’s flitter can sustain the pursuit. Oo-oolp. Otherwise. Air Baron Zevo will try to shoot down any pursuers. Tchagga Tribesman (companion). (companion). Tan-Gliil may even be able to project its course. for as long as its pilot desires. Alertness +1. (3) The tripod-tank had markings associated with a German colonial force that operated in what is now Bensalemite Tanganyika. Weapons +2. The Zevodrome circles above the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and then descends into the caldera. For money. although they’ll be able to note the Zevodrome’s southeasterly course heading. at whose floor has been constructed a secret science base. those shot down will be taken aboard the Zevodrome by gyro-soldiers. the limited endurance of chasing planes will require them to turn back. Survival +4. They mainly grow bananas. otherwise. Oo-oolp. they meet a Tchagga tribesman whom they must befriend. With sufficient data. The Tchagga live in small villages of beehive-shaped thatched huts. Stealth +3. Might +2. (2) Air Baron Zevo’s main area of operations has always been Africa. some may desire to give chase. Endurance +1. Investigation highlights the following facts: (1) An unusual flower was found near where a strange man was seen with binoculars and a new-fangled looking radio set. there Professor Planck has been attempting to construct the space-time gate as well as a vehicle capable of making the passage. THOSE LEFT BEHIND As the Zevodrome cruises away. Survival +3. The flower is an African violet that grows mainly on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Intelligent Ape (companion). Stealth +4. 17 .REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 17 guide them. and keep out of sight of the Zevodrome. they use red and blue glass beads and lengths of cloth called doti. (companion).

and can help explain why—the desire to go to the Moon. Fair Contacting. Good Rapport. Sleight of Hand. a Futurian crew aboard a small dirigible will come calling for it. It takes a Good Academics result to figure out that “The Shining Mountain” means Kilimanjaro. He will cooperate with investigators to reveal his son’s complicity with the Futurians. I Can Feel the Fire In You. If Sofia Sante escapes.). Stealth. Minions (servants and guards as needed). Empathy (+4). Sofia believes this sort of thing is unconscionable. Headquarters (“Sinbad House. Average Leadership. she can and will reveal something to the characters via a message of some kind (perhaps via the radio she left behind. success identifies the design as parts of what can only be a launch cannon built into the top of a mountain like that proposed by Sir Herbert George. Resolve. Sublime Dancer. Resources (+3). she will purr and be seductive but ultimately reveal that the goods are picked up by dirigible. hurry Or you will never see them again. The Zanzibar Connection Goddard. A FRIEND. “Air Baron Zevo must have literally promised my son the Moon!” Examining the records of Goddard Rocketry. will be mystified by his son’s betrayal in the skies. 18 . New Times in Zanzibar. Madame Sheba. Sr. otherwise.” bordello on Baghani St. they are being taken to the heart of the shining mountain. In the Harem of the Sultan. Jealousy Becomes Her. Great Athletics.. She does this once she finds out that women are being duped or tricked into becoming Martian colonists. Superb Art (+5). Composure 4. How Can Any Man Resist Her Charms?. The most recent shipment is waiting to be picked up. Bejewelled Costume. the Game Master of Bensalem. Jack. The most recent shipment left a few weeks ago and should be arriving there any day now! Examining blueprints in Go-Bird’s office is a good test of Engineering. Weapons (+2). A Woman Always Lands On Her Feet. an unsigned telegram from Zanzibar telling the PC with whom she was most impressed): Your friends are in great danger. Exotic Beauty. Endurance.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 18 Connection. Fate 5. only Fair is required if Africa is already known to be the destination.. Survival (+1). Inc. Toughness 2. reveals numerous shipments made from their factory to a shipping agent in Zanzibar. Hidden Weapons. The address in Zanzibar will bring the characters face-to-face with Madame Sheba if they pursue it.

it takes a Fair result to reveal it’s headed for Africa. of course.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 19 If Sofia is captured. she will be willing to reveal where Zevo is bound for her freedom. later betray them only to double-cross Zevo once she finds out about the German women. The zone in the top right corner holds the entrance to a cave that leads to the secret Futurian base at the bottom of the caldera. and that she will give up her life of evil to join them. She will. Other possibilities include mobilizing resources to track the Zevodrome. The base can be seen from the alpine desert zones: when PCs enter 19 . a Great result to narrow the results down to Bensalemite East Africa. and an Epic (+6) result to pin down Mount Kilimanjaro as the ultimate destination. but flying characters may move one zone as their action for the turn. Failure gives Zanzibar as the answer. She will try to convince her interlocutors that this is a good idea. THE SHINING MOUNTAIN Use Survival to move from zone to zone.

University of Berlin. The Zevodrome will float above the mountain (as its own zone). Great Art. Deceit. Rapport. Intimidation. Fair Alertness. the source of the quantum radio transmissions he received during the Great War. Sleight of Hand (+2). I Will Behold A Final Theory. subtract 4 from the opponent’s skill to determine the “quality” of the insight). a successful attack sends the character elsewhere—in this instance. Mad Science [2] (quantum uncertainty). Einstein likes to say—to Mars 65 million years in the past. “You Think God Does Not Play Dice. in other words. for every point that his opponent’s Science skill is below his. Note that he can use it to attack at range. “They Laughed When I Told Them My Theory!”. Good Academics. 20 . Intimidation. This is a scientific and engineering puzzle (i. roll 2dF. This could make the fight in the Futurian base positively dreadful for the PCs. Composure 2. Resources (+3). probably to Mars. and gyrosoldiers and armored biplanes will patrol. Professor Planck. specializing in quantum physics). as Planck sends them all across Mount Kilimanjaro. He needs a scientific insight in order to put the final piece into place. Quantum Radio. the value of the insight is reduced by one (so that winning the contest vs. (b) He can gain a scientific insight with a Science vs. All Hail the Futurians! Scientific Genius (physics. Superb Science (+5). Professor Planck is trying to open up a dimensional gateway—a “wormhole. Average Contacting. however.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 20 either zone. Engineering (+4). “Entropy Explains So Much!”. move the target right or down. Fate 5. someone with Great Science allows him to treat his roll as + + + [+3] while winning against Mediocre Science allows an insight that produces a – [-1] roll. Resolve. World Famous Scientist (use Science among those who are aware of your reputation in place of Rapport.. Einstein?”.e. add a zone marked “caldera” with a Survival 8 boundary above the alpine desert zone on the right. Deceit). Secret Weapons (Universal Gadget). For each level of consequence accepted. A Message from Mars. The First Planck Constant Is Evil. move the target left or up. on a -. Secret Weapon: Uncertainty Cannon (use Science to attack. Eh. and will probably use it to cause unfortunate rescue-minded PCs to crash their planes—tag Secret Weapon to pay off the pilot of that plane or vehicle.” as Dr. Science modified by Engineering) of Legendary + 2 difficulty (=10) that he has so far been unable to solve. Mysteries (+1). On a +. with the Futurian base just beyond it. Secret Weapon. “The mouth of the interdimensional vortex would be unstable! The polarity of the negative mass cannot be sustained!” (a) Tan-Gliil’s data crystals contain a scientific insight that will allow him to treat his roll as being ++++ (+4). Empathy. Science contest. Obviously don’t move off the map). or else just out-of-phase with the universe.

sucking everyone in! So. a gateway opens. but in a catastrophic and explosive fashion. if he fails. it still opens. everyone probably winds up on Mars.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 21 If Snap agrees to help. this removes the -1 restriction (since Snap’s Engineering is equal to Professor Planck’s Science) and lets Planck make the Science roll normally to see if he can do it. just as the Warlord of Mars had planned! 21 . If he succeeds.

e. Good Endurance. Warlord of Mars. Unbelievable Plane. Composure 2. Plans for Conquest.REX RICH AND THE WARLORD OF MARS 22 Rex Rich and the Red Planet TELTEL-JANRU. Light and Lethal. Telepathy (use Mysteries in place of Rapport and Empathy w/a successful test of Mysteries vs. Landing Pads. Radium Sword. Resolve +2. Superb Athletics (+5).. Tripods. Weapons (+4). Lift Matrix Pods. Unbelievable Tank. Walking War Machine. Warlord of Mars (Minions: Black Martians. Endurance +1. Weapons +3. Armed. Survival +1. “We Meet Again. “Bow to Me! I Am Your Leader!”.g. Psychic (use Mysteries as super-scientific Alertness). Alertness +2. Alertness +1. Tan-Gliil!” Psychic (use Mysteries for paranormal insight). Warlord. Armed. Unbelievable Maximized Plane. Guns +3. Black Martian Super-Science. Martians. Green Martians. 22 . Black Martian Super-Science. Flitters). mysterious PC-defined problem). +1 Weapons [craftsmanship]. it’s possible that one or more may serve as companions. Mars Needs Women. Fists +3. Set everyone up on the Mars map. Fate 20. A Reputation for Cruelty. Stealth +1. Code of the Warrior. Black Martians. The Flying City of Mars. Toughness 3. Martian Super Weapons (gain +1 bonus to attack if you “invent” new Martian superweapon. Drive +2. By Your Command. Arsenal. Traitor To His Own People. Mysteries +4. Resolve to attack). Zevo will attempt to storm the Flying City. Rapport (+3). Control Tower. Use perception rolls for initiative and “spotting” (who can see whom) and maneuvering rolls to declare relative position. Endurance +2. Green Martians. Average (+1). Great Mysteries. give them Survival +3. Radium Sword (slice through anything. Degenerate Race on a Dying Planet. Red Martian. Fair Resolve (+2). Telepathic Antenna Array. Breeding Chambers. Pilot +4. Endurance +4. Armor (can take 1 moderate consequence). Leadership. Psychic Attack (use Mysteries vs. Fast as Lightning. Stealth +2. The Warlord of Mars will try to capture everyone and send his forces through the interdimensional vortex. Fear the Warlord! Flitters. Tripods. Grand Concourse. In that case. Secret of the Kaiser’s War Machine. A City in the Sky! Red Martian Slave Pens. Alertness +1. Guns +3. Gladiatorial Arena. Resolve). 1/session per Martian). If anyone frees or otherwise befriends Red Martians. “scintillating heat beam”.

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