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Cenegenics Chief Medical Message from the CMO Robert Willix. Our newly appointed physician partner Dr. MD Cenegenics Boca Raton Meditation: Age Management Benefits Every month the Cenegenics Las Vegas team meets in my office for an hour to have a group meditation. 2 . Dr. both in meditative and waking states. we use a specific technique known as Mantra Driven Meditation. Adams Our first quarter heralded a round of new services and some exciting “firsts” for Cenegenics. immune He is Cuban-born. but there are many other techniques that are effective. Cesar Pellarano is overseeing the center as Chief Medical Officer. The official Cenegenics Facebook page: Facebook. the leading telomere testing and services company. Interested? Please send me an email. In February. this is the simplest one to learn and can be taught in five minutes. we’ll be offering the first high-level. And be sure to visit and "like" our Facebook Fan Page and "follow" us on Twitter. Beginning in April.LATEST FROM CENEGENICS ® Message from the CEO/President John Watch official Cenegenics videos: YouTube. we once again raised the bar for preventive medicine with our partnership with Life Length. a frontrunner in China for healthy aging. Among its many health benefits. blood pressure. There is medical evidence that meditation slows the consumption of oxygen in all organs of the body as well as regularizing the brain waves. a 20-year consulting cardiologist and fluent in English and Spanish. Offering you Life Length’s extremely accurate analyses of critically short telomere—responsible for aging and age-related diseases—greatly expands your already exceptional healthy aging program.S. follow us here: Twitter. simply by dialing into an 800 phone line. seven-day medical vacation package from China to Las Vegas for Cenegenics protocols. Miami is now home for Cenegenics’ first bilingual agemanagement center. More on this innovative service coming soon. meditation reduces stress and delivers profound effects on your cardiovascular system. Did you know that meditators survive all illnesses better than the general population? I’ve been meditating consistently for the last 24 years and have found it to be extremely helpful in my overall health and well being. Robert Willix. During these sessions. Another first is our venture with Heng Ling Biological Technology. Visit our news/blog site at CenegenicsPost. Group meditation has a substantial effect on the health of every participant and proves more far-reaching than when you meditate alone. Our partnership with Optimal Wellness Network (OWN) opens a door for you to cardiac stem cell therapy outside the U. Telomeres are the best predictors of biological age and health If you’ve got a Twitter account. However. is CEO of the Miami center. with close monitoring/ follow-up from your Cenegenics physician. Meditators—twice a day for five years or more—also seem to have an extended expected life length. You’re invited. It’s time to expand our group to include you—from wherever you are.

Create a daily checklist of ways you can decrease your levels of stress. healthier and more stress-free life! Connect with your lifestyle counselor at CenegenicsLivingOnline. your body chronically secretes these hormones. MS. When you experience exorbitant amounts of stress every day. H Here's how. such as . .com. We love hearing from you—and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have. . Email them to me at jzerling@cenegenics. these behaviors form a treacherous formula for accelerated aging—something you definitely aren't intending to do. family or other life obligations—you must make immediate changes in your lifestyle to diminish the stress effects on aging. You know your own limits. ow? A persistent release of stress hormones. The problem is. CPT Cenegenics Beverly Hills In Western sleep is disrupted. . poor food habits become your comfort and you’re inactive due to exhaustion. In addition. which can elevate blood pressure values and make cholesterol levels worse. . adrenaline and cortisol. It is up to you to recognize when your stress levels are elevated at unhealthy levels.THE CENEGENICS ® TIMES Message from the Editor Jenn Zerling. y practice deep breathing y practice yoga y practice meditation y eat low-glycemic nutrition y drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of water y get 7 hours of sleep y pick a happy outlet y watch a movie y get a spa treatment y watch a sunset y write in a journal y listen to live music And remember . Regardless of the stress origination point—work. 3 . And stress alone may cause heart disease. Work within those limits to live a happier. Keep "To Do" lists so your mind stays uncluttered. most Americans experience a tremendous level of stress on a regular basis.

Start with their Base Camp Rack and consider some of their several accessory packages for the rack. With that in ease of use and maintenance needs should also be considered. versatile. For this reason. quality. consider a treadmill from Woodway (www. 39 universities—including Auburn Football and Penn State—use Sorinex equipment in their athletics department. These treadmills use a zero stretch Slat Belt tested to be the “ideal” softness/ firmness for reduced shock while maintaining normal mechanics. Just talk to your service coordinator or lifestyle counselor. and spotter straps for safely bench or Star Trac (http://www. For a customized workout program using your home gym. such as various utility pins used for plate storage. which can be used as a recumbent bike or an upper body cycle.octanefitness. Clear Training Guidance: Know You're Improving Your Fitness & Burning Fat y y y The EnergyPointer shows if the effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning Displays calories burned Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk 4 . Also consider an adjustable step up box which you can purchase through sources such as www.woodway. First Degree Fitness offers the E-720 Fluid Cycle. Bowflex and Powerblock both offer good options for dumbbells. Ellipticals can be purchased through Octane Fitness (www. Every person should own a Polar heart rate Monitor Get a Polar heart rate monitor delivered with your nutraceuticals. easy to use and a great MS. y training goals y space limitations y budget Equipment versatility.FITNESS The Home Gym: Less is More! Jeremiah Jacobs. here are some suggestions for the minimum equipment required for an optimal home gym. as well as safety bars for inside and outside the rack. power-systems. For cardio options. chinups and dips. The Uber package offers accessories to satisfy most of the necessary components for your gym.startracusa. get a firm grasp on your . Start with a good set of adjustable dumbbells and a multi-bench. Equipment produced by the company Sorinex ( is durable. CSCS Cenegenics Carolinas Building a home gym for yourself? Consider these top three factors… B efore you begin your workout project. contact your Cenegenics nutrition/fitness counselor who can help devise the right program based on your physical assessments. .sorinex. band .

low-fat cottage cheese and string cheese. B. low-calorie/ low-fat and low-sodium (less than 500 mg) meals. family and community can keep any of us from preparing healthy meals. T Read on for essential tips to eating healthy on a busy schedule: y plan your meals—don’t get caught without food for the day y invest in a lunch box or cooler—you can easily store water. don't skip meals and always have a designated time to eat 5 .S. The result? Quick-fix foods that are high in fat. Greek yogurt. overachievers. supermoms and dads. know that the solution isn't to find more time. but to work with the schedule you do have. fruits and protein shakes when you’re on the go y always have cut veggies and fruits in your fridge (at home or at the office) —having healthy snacks that are easily accessible will be a big help when hunger strikes y keep raw. frequent travelers and a host of other people trying to beat the clock. The minutes spent perusing fast-food or vending machine options could be used more wisely by visiting the grocery store. sugar. salads.NUTRITION No Time to Eat Healthy? Think Again! AnnMarie Miglorino. sodium or calories and low in essential nutrients. So if that sounds familiar. prewashed and pre-cut fruits and vegetables. nutritious snacks at your fingertips y set an alarm for mealtimes—even if you're buried in a project. Cenegenics NYC Demands of work. unsalted almonds or walnuts in your desk to go with the fruit or veggies y make a huge salad every three days. where you can pick up prepared salads. hat’s especially true for workaholics. divide it up and store it in Tupperware® containers—grill four extra-lean turkey patties or chicken breasts to go with the salad y cook a bigger batch of food on the weekends—then refrigerate or freeze for weekday consumption y drink water—place four bottles on your desk at the beginning of every day and be sure to finish them before leaving the office y always have healthy. sandwiches and meats.

you’re on the path to optimized health through exercise. For your afternoon snack. crack two whole eggs and some egg whites into a pan with fresh. Later. Planning will also prove large improvements in your lifestyle habits no matter how big or small your steps are. then separate into Tupperware® y stock up your work refrigerator with the right snacks y look at your weekly planner and schedule when you will exercise y end every day at a reasonable hour to ensure restful sleep y purchase one-gallon water jugs for proper fluid consumption Your Cenegenics nutrition and exercise counselor can teach you lifestyle habits that optimize your exercise. you’ve got Greek yogurt with organic berries ready for snacks—and you eat a grilled veggie salad with chicken for lunch. You walk into your kitchen to make breakfast. Director of Nutrition & Exercise – Cenegenics Las Vegas Picture this. One Step at a Time Rudy Inaba. That evening. 6 . nutrition and nutraceuticals. eighthour sleep. After your second round of nutraceuticals. there’s hope.LIFESTYLE A Results-Driven Week. if that kind of day only exists in your imagination. T Start moving toward a healthier lifestyle by making some adjustments: y go on one big shopping spree for all the staple food items for your week y cut up your veggies and fruits for the week. you’ll be able to make bigger leaps in the right direction toward optimal health. But on the flip side. and nutraceutical programs—and help you determine the small steps to better achieve these results. hen you take your Cenegenics nutraceuticals and head for the gym. at work. nutrition. In visualizing an optimal week. chopped vegetables. If that’s your daily routine. Having a solid plan each day allows you to plan out your daily meals and workout schedule for the week. you have another yogurt-and-berry cup or finish lunch leftovers. you head to bed for an uninterrupted. you arrive home to a freshly prepared Alaskan salmon fillet with sautéed veggies.

4 min each side)—make sure to cover and keep flame on medium to low. from Cenege Unique. then mix. Prep Time: 20 min Cook Time: 15 min Preparation: Heat one 2 tablespoons of olive oil in large round pan. Add sole into heated olive oil (turn twice. Add gorgonzola crumbles into the veggie mix and stir. C nics® Med ical Institut e . Add the asparagus. similar to a tender. cheese will automatically turn into sauce (about 4 minutes). Use your fingers to lightly coat sole (both sides). parsley. red and yellow bell pepper and onion. Add paprika. A dvanced. Serve veggies on a plate. Ingredients (Serves 4) four Dover sole fillets olive oil 1 ½ tablespoon paprika ½ tablespoon parsley ½ tablespoon sea salt 1 teaspoon lemon pepper ½ tablespoon lemon zest 2 tablespoons one lemon olive oil – 2 tablespoons 1 bunch of asparagus – chop in ¼ pieces 1 red bell pepper – ¼ inch pieces 1 yellow bell pepper ¼ inch pieces ¼ red onion . about 12 minutes Meanwhile. Add zest to both side of sole.RECIPE OF THE QUARTER White Fish (Dover Sole) over Sautéed Veggies Dressed in Gorgonzola Sauce Brandi Reed Cenegenics Beverly Hills Dover sole is a delicate. . Add lemon juice over sole. zed Health 7 . Power Approach for Optimi ive Medical ful. Now we’re targeting it head on with a totally new level of medicine—and a focus on heart attacks and stroke. Sauté until tender. with sole fillets over the veggies. versatile white fish that’s buttery sweet and mild flavor. heat 1 tablespoon in another round pan Baste sole fillets with remaining olive oil. . sea salt and lemon into small bowl. Add fresh parsley for garnish. the Glo DO WN TH LOA D EP DF H Heart Dis ease & EtRE S rok! Preventio e n Pr bal Leader omprehen in a Proact ogram sive. tiny halibut fillet.diced 3 tablespoons of gorgonzola cheese crumbles Preventing disease is what we do.

the answer is “no”! side from the obvious stressors that accompany growing up. .e. TVs and other electronic devices can literally reduce the production of melatonin by the brain. It should not be used in individuals with autoimmune illness because of its ability to stimulate the immune system (i. Also. But as you age. You may have heard that melatonin is used for sleep induction and for jet lag. you may want to discuss this with your Cenegenics physician to see if you are a candidate and may benefit from therapy. seasonal affective disorder) y reduce migraines y reduce stress hormones (cortisol levels) y protect the heart and have mild beneficial effects on blood pressure y support growth hormone production y alleviate glaucoma y reduce side effects of chemotherapy and enhance the death of cancer cells during chemotherapy while protecting healthy cells Most individuals can tolerate a low dose of melatonin with little-to-no adverse effects. light from night lights.e. FAAFP Cenegenics Las Vegas Do you still sleep like a baby? Chances are. lymphoma and leukemia). rheumatoid arthritis and lupus) nor in patients with immune related cancers (i. y have potent antioxidant properties. And there are a multitude of other factors that may reduce melatonin production. Also women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use melatonin. there is an actual biological cause for this: Melatonin. . 8 . MD. the pineal gland actually produces less melatonin. Darkness in the eye tells the brain to make melatonin so your body can prepare for sleep. all leading to poorer sleep quality. A Melatonin has also been shown to . Don’t be fooled—it has many more benefits than that. If you’re not currently on melatonin.e. which may help protect against cancer y stimulate the immune system y relieve certain types of depression (i.NUTRACEUTICAL OF THE QUARTER: MELATONIN Do You Still Sleep Like a Baby? Beth Traylor. a substance secreted in the evening by the pineal gland that is involved in the control of circadian rhythm.

and pesticides. . After initial extraction. eventually altering the chromosomes and leading to cell death or senescence (cellular aging where cells malfunction and can no longer divide). and licensed to T.TA-65® About TA-65® TA-65® is a proven telomerase activator* that was discovered by California biotech company Geron. T. Why not simply buy Astragalus extracts in a health food store? Astragalus extracts can be found in most health food stores. heavy metals. How is TA-65® made? TA-65 is a naturally occurring single molecule found in the ancient Chinese herb Astragalus. state-of-the-art. In our plant extraction facility. but such products contain little or no TA-65. laboratory for final purification that ends up with 90+% pure TA-65. With cell division. The product is then sent to a FDA-certified. the base ingredient is further purified and then sent to an outside government testing facility where it is tested for purity. creating a problem as the years march on. Sciences has developed a proprietary process to refine and purify TA-65. Our proprietary production process starts with 3 tons of plant material and ends up with capsules that we guarantee contain 5mg of TA-65. We tested 4 commonly available Astragalus extracts and none of them contained any measureable amounts of TA-65 (the test assay is accurate to one part per million). Sciences. Our process begins with tons of plant material harvested from selected farms in one small region in China. telomeres grow shorter. shortened telomeres—the protective end-caps of DNA at both ends of every chromosome.A.A. The patented supplement targets one of the primary causes of aging. Cells divide daily. the raw Astragalus root is chopped up and refined.

choose biodegradable ones on your body. A showerhead filter removes the toxic chlorine that is in most of our water and affects the air we breathe in the shower. Here’s why: Many non-biodegradable products use chemicals that are estrogen mimics. And don’t forget your shower. EMFs interfere with normal cycles of some hormones (like cortisol) and can interfere with good quality sleep. Solution? Get a good hepa filter for your bedroom or work space. If mold is a problem in your home. those larger black boxes. There are three types: y carbon (most common) y reverse osmosis (purest) y alkaline (medicinal) If you use reverse osmosis. electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and chemicals can hinder your health. Want to help our planet Earth as well? Stop using non-reusable plastic water bottles. identify the source and clear it up immediately. Water leaks and condensation must be corrected. W Get an under the sink water filter for drinking and washing your food. most bedside lamps can affect your body. Most mold spores can attribute to allergies—but endotoxins from some molds are downright dangerous. TVs on a far wall are okay. e all have filters on our heating and air conditioning units. but those filters only protect the units.DR. Plastics and saran wrap fit into that category. those where the plug has two prongs instead of three. but not good if you’re sleeping on the other side of the wall. Filters having zeolite and carbon also take chemicals out of the air. should be a distance from you. Keep ungrounded appliances. SAYS … Environmental Factors Can Affect Your Health Dr Rusty Silverman. DO Cenegenics Atlantic City Air and water quality. Your bedroom is your rejuvenating space. Also transformers. And when it comes to personal care and household products. under your sink and on your lawn. 10 . Even when turned off. make sure to supplement your minerals. away from where you sleep.

CPT Cenegenics Beverly Hills C. Cenegenics is like a team sport since I have someone to look in to see what I’m doing. Once you’re motivated.PATIENT KUDOS Patient interview by Jenn Zerling. JZ: How much does motivation play into a health transformation? CH: Motivation is 95% of the chore. Here is his life-changing story. but a lot of times a coach will just tell you what to do and you don’t have to think about it. Continued next page … 11 . rather it comes from within. continue to stay in shape and not over-train. He has significantly reduced his body fat from 16. JZ: Have you achieved that same level of joy in just three months on the program? CH: I think it’s even better now than when I was just told what to do by a coach. As you get older. I’ve always been an athlete and I wanted to go back to the joy I felt from when I was involved in sports at a younger age. No one is watching to see if I get up in the morning to go to the gym or watching to see if I’m good with my diet or going to penalize me if I don’t perform well. The only difference is that I’m no longer on a team. A good coach will obviously get the best out of you. JZ: Why now? CH: I’ve tried it on my own and I haven’t been successful for whatever reason. “Is this the day or the year that I will go after my dreams?” One of my dreams was to be in top physical condition and to see what I can do. and I have no one to compete against except for myself. To be exclusively your own coach without any help isn’t impossible. You wake up and ask yourself. is a Beverly Hills patient who has been on the program for 150 days. MS.H. Not realizing all that I would get from Cenegenics. but I felt I needed some help with that. the motivation isn’t because you’re told what to do. I thought that something or someone would be able to help me get over that hump and reach an efficiency and peak performance that I was craving. JZ: What prompted you to become a Cenegenics patient? CH: You reach a point in your life when you want to see what you can do before it’s too late. then the next level is to discover how to intelligently get in shape and stay in shape.8% to 9%. That’s the toughest thing.

But you’ve gotta enjoy the climb! Once you get there. how can they take care of themselves while being resourceful to those people who heavily rely on them? CH: I don’t mean the word selfish in a negative way. You feel great that you can do it! I mean. why do people climb mountains? This is no different than climbing a mountain. emotions and availability for other people in your life and for life in general because you’re happy. I am more focused. I am keeping track of how much weight I can lift and I seem to be stronger than ever. To have the courage to say "no" to life's temptations because your goal is burned into your mind will allow you to be unstoppable. but it isn’t. but to be able to work out very hard is a very nice balance for me. the view is fantastic! The act of succeeding allows you to feel like you can do anything. Walking around with washboard abs and a 32-inch waist is nice—I once had a 36-inch+ waist. JZ: People get scared of being selfish. But the best thing is the psychological change. you can open up your heart. People who are worried about taking time to take care of themselves are really the ones who don’t have time for anybody. JZ: Between day 100 and today.PATIENT KUDOS Interview cont'd… There is an interesting psychological phenomenon around achieving your goals. Some people may look at this as selfish. JZ: How has reaching your fitness and aesthetic goals empowered other areas in your life? CH: Reaching my goal has helped bring things into clarity with my personal goals and relationships. They are unhappy. So. It’s allowed me to make certain decisions that I would have otherwise put off. I work very hard. You are all you’ve got! You’ve got be happy in your own skin and accomplish your own goals. And unfortunately that doesn’t allow them enjoyable times with the people around them. what is one thing that you have been following for steady progression? CH: I was measuring weight and we know about the fat. 12 . In terms of work. it’s given me a sense of priority and balance in my life. If you take care of yourself. I am definitely not my former self. It translates into the job and in your relationships. JZ: Have improved fitness levels helped you in other areas of your life? CH: All of the changes made in nutrition and exercise stem from having the right mind set to make these changes happen. There comes a time in life where you have to want to take care of yourself. or the steadfastness and discipline and related courage and confidence garnered by living a healthy lifestyle.

While in medical school. JZ: How did that impact your student life vs. In medical school. Colombia. In the China mission. This was a university-based volunteer program. Some of the countries HTI has supported include the Philippines. I was involved in medical missions as a volunteer. the commitment was approximately two weeks. which is affiliated with HTI-US out in Oklahoma. I helped man the pharmacy or perform the patient intake process. The team leaders wait for us to sign up based on our availability. those students who didn’t participate? DD: I gained an added dimension of how I see things and how I connect with people. JZ: How are these countries chosen? DD: All are based on need. JZ: How did you find time for these missions while in medical school? DD: In college and medical school. HTI provides you with a schedule that lists all the places they are going to and when. I also practiced general medicine. Benin. very helpful fields. When I was still a college student. China. I volunteered with other organizations prior to HTI. Haiti. North Korea. Cambodia.HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS Interview with Dr. In my humble opinion. When I moved to the US. When I was a premedical student in the Philippines. But many places definitely need specialists like ophthalmologists and ENT surgeons. It allowed us to understand where the patient is coming from. The commitment is a few weekends out of the year. The Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Manila (The Volunteer Service Corps of the University of the Philippines Manila) hosted summer immersion programs. all students should try it at least once in their lives. general medicine and surgery are the usual. Descartin Interview with Jenn Zerling. like taking blood pressures. I attended an international medical conference at the University of Kansas (conducted by Institute for International Medicine) and met HTI-Canada. in my experience. Most of the time. We lived with other communities in least developed parts of the country for four weeks and trained on proper healthcare assistance and community health principles before going there. JZ: How did you choose which country you would go to each year? DD: It’s a personal choice. I volunteered with organizations like Open Hand Ministries and various other local church and socio-civic medical service sending groups. There was a very big volunteer program for students. JZ: What is your involvement with HTI? DD: I am an international volunteer physician with HTI. Continued next page … 13 . Mongolia. With HTI. MS. India. CPT Cenegenics Beverly Hills Dr. JZ: What do you specialize in when you go to these sites? DD: In medical missions. enough time to travel to least developed parts of the world. which is comprised of healthcare workers and other interested individuals who wish to help less fortunate people from around the world. Sri Lanka. Cameroon. Myanmar (Burma). I did general medicine. weighing patients and conducting preliminary interviews. Descartin is a humanitarian for Health Teams International (HTI). Nepal. Peru and others. you have to be ready for everything. I got involved in mission work around the Philippines. In the Philippines. Honduras.

they can email Gerry Roussie. exercise and reduction in stress. pre-diabetes. When I was on the mission. there are no hospitals at all. If anyone would like more information. The hospital where we worked primarily had acupuncturists and Chinese traditional medical practitioners. There are a lot of people waiting in line to be treated so you focus on chief complaints due to shortness of time. nurses and an optician with us. make a financial contribution or schedule a presentation about our or visit: http://healthteamsintl. Since being with Cenegenics. That has changed because in the past. I did a lot of smoking cessation education. they didn’t have the kind of clinics that we know here in the US. Descartin cont'd… JZ: You must see a lot of untreated diseases when you get there.html JZ: Do you do anything with nutrition and supplementation? DD: Yes. 14 . JZ: What are some of the common conditions or diseases you see? DD: Hypertension. which means less talking due to time constraints. the people wait a long time before they get seen. In the rural areas. diabetes.HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS Interview with Dr. my emphasis is now more “whole” than before. DD: Yes. but I am not sure if they have MDs on staff. We also had a dentist. upper respiratory tract infections and conditions related to smoking since they smoke a lot there. We work with a hospital there that staffs traditional Chinese practitioners. respiratory infections. JZ: Do these countries have medical care in between these missions? DD: In the areas we went to. I focused on treating diseases. They have to travel a distance to get medical help. I emphasized nutritional balance. PhD the executive director at HTI at roussie@sympatico. This is very typical in developing I looked at functional declines and even though this is not an ideal situation. specifically in China because they are very familiar with meditation practices. we were the only MDs there.

I was there when we didn't have the ability to identify the presence of this cancer until it was too late. that we are detecting cancer earlier and saving lives. I don't know about you. They attribute this to PSA screening and early detection. a panel made of primary care doctors. it showed a 21% increase in survival in the PSA group. Those who went over 10 years had an even greater survival advantage. I'll continue to screen my patients with PSA and leave the arguing to the folks in the Ivory Towers who really don't take care of anyone .MEDICINE IN THE RAW PSA Has No Value—Or Does It? Paul Thompson. It was the advent of PSA that has given us the ability to diagnose men with early prostate cancer and spare them a horrible death. Conclusion Having been a practicing urologist for 20 years. yet always want to tell everyone else how to. decided that PSA was of no value. ell . now the PSA experts (urologists) have addressed that claim and have come up with a much different conclusion. Kapoor President of the LUGPA said “The ERSPC confirm what those caring for patients with prostate cancer have observed over the last two decades. European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate CANCER (ERSPC) The study included 182. 15 .” He then went on to say that the decision on how to screen and treat prostate cancer should be made by patients and their doctors. W LUGPA Weighs in The Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) respond to the above study with "See we told you so!" Dr. . The director of the USPSTF was a pediatrician and was also responsible for the claim that mammograms were of little to no value.S. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine should open some eyes. but I'm going with the experts. Preventative Task Force. 50-74 years old. This is what we thought. in eight different European countries. PSA screening over the last two decades has decreased the death rate from prostate cancer by 40%. . while the incidence has remained stable. MD Cenegenics Dallas Fort Worth PSA recently made the news when the US Preventative Task Force. Men were assigned to one group who received PSA screening or the other which did not get PSA s performed. The study follow-up was over 10 years.160 men. but the definitive study with long-term follow-up confirms it and truly shows how misguided the advice was from the U.

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