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Kristian Schuller - Photographer | Idol Magazine

25/04/2012 01:02

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We adore these visually decadent images by photographer Kristian Schuller. Having been introduced to Conde Nast publications by the late influential Isabella Blow, Schuller continues to work with a number of high profile fashion publications.

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The stunning work of the Paris based photographer features a fantastical world where butterflies can be worn and dresses trail larger than the wearer. This is a dream world that you want to be a part of. Filled with curious depictions of beautiful girls juxtaposed with circus freaks or perculiar penny farthing bicyles.

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Kristian Schuller - Photographer | Idol Magazine

25/04/2012 01:02

Internationally renowned, Schuller studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood and also photography alongside German fashion photographer FC Gundlach at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin. More recently he has appeared as a guest judge and featured photographer on the third series of Germanys Next Top Model. Kristian Schuller is also behind the artwork for 80s pop supremoes Duran Duran comeback album Astronaut.

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Kristian Schuller - Photographer | Idol Magazine

25/04/2012 01:02

Earlier this month Schuller was announced as the winner of the Best Director of Fashion at the annual A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF) Festival, Barcelona for his moving picture La Traille (The Waist). Originally created for SHOWstudio.coms The Fashion Body A collection of short films which portray a different part of the body, artfully demonstrating the ways in which fashion adorns it. The film by Marie and Kristian Schuller includes pieces ranging from crystal Louboutins to leather skirts by Louis Vuitton with the striking silhouette of a couple of silk, Mr Pearl corsets.

In 2010 Kristian Schuller released his first book 90 Days, One Dream which documents simultaneously the surreal and the exotic.

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Kristian Schuller - Photographer | Idol Magazine

25/04/2012 01:02

To see more of these stunning images, find out more about the book and to watch the movingpictures visit the website:

Words: Rose Swingler Images: via

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Kristian Schuller - Photographer | Idol Magazine

25/04/2012 01:02

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