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In 2002, a new Oracle Application will be introduced to the OHSU community Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA). OGA will replace OHSUs current method of management for sponsored projects and allow for additional functionality to be used to maintain compliance with sponsor regulations as well as more effectively and efficiently manage sponsored projects at the department and central administration level.

Current System for Management of Sponsored Projects

Sponsored projects are currently tracked via the OHSU General Ledger (GL) as well as internally developed databases within Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). The SPA databases track general award information, while the Oracle GL tracks the detailed financial transactions for each sponsored project award. The information in the SPA database is accessible only to the SPA staff and is not directly connected to the financial information in the GL. Very few award attributes are maintained in the GL. To obtain meaningful data, these two systems must be manually merged. Additional limitations to this current system include a lack of encumbrance accounting and inability to control the type and timing of expenditures that are charged to sponsored projects. Finally, the current procedure for tracking sponsored projects involves setting up one GL Fund for each year of the award, thereby creating a structure of continual opening and closing of SPA Funds.

Future System for Management of Sponsored Projects

To more effectively manage the special needs of sponsored projects administrative and financial management, OHSU has chosen to implement the Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) Application. OGA was developed specifically for sponsored projects and the sponsor regulations of such projects. Implementation of this system will allow the integration of the general award information, previously held in internal SPA databases, with the detailed financial transaction information in each award. In addition, OGA will integrate with other Oracle Applications at OHSU such as Accounts Payable, Purchasing and General Ledger as well as the additional applications set to go-live in January Human Resources, Payroll, Labor Distribution and Accounts Receivable.

Oracle Grants Accounting General Structure

OGA operates based on a structure consisting of Awards, Projects and Tasks. Depending on the type of sponsored project, the OGA award will be set up with a particular Award, Project and Task structure. These specific structures will be described in detail in future publications. Generally, the following definitions apply: Award Grant, cooperative agreement, or contract received by an organization, which is used to fund one or more projects. Project Primary unit of work that can be broken down into one or more tasks. Task Ability to show further detailed breakdown of project work.


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Research Development and Administration Sponsored Projects Administration 2525 S.W. 1st, Suite 220 Portland, OR 97201 Mailcode AD220 (503) 494-0355 Fax (503) 494-1191

Oracle Grants Accounting Chart of Accounts

Transactions to OGA must come in the form of the chart of accounts that has been specifically built for OGA. The chart that has been developed consists of the following segments: Segments Description G + 4 digit alpha dept code + 4 numeric digits Alpha description GR- + Alpha description 1 numeric digit A + 4 digit alpha dept code + 4 numeric digits Example GSURG1234 SM.Surgery GR-Lab Supplies 1 ASURG1234


Project Organization Expenditure Type Task Award

Therefore, the chart of accounts string for OGA transactions will look like: GSURG1234 SM.Surgery GR-Lab Supplies 1 ASURG1234

Oracle Grants Accounting Functionality

OGA was developed for the needs of grant accounting and specifically to assist in maintaining compliance with sponsor regulations especially federal grant regulations. To that end, OGA has the following functionality: Budgetary Control - Ability to set spending limits within the award can be set at the award, expenditure category, expenditure type or task level. Encumbrance Accounting (Commitments) Reservation of funds against Budget prior to actual payment. Funds Checking Compares expenditure amount, including indirect costs, to Budget Available Balance (Budget Actuals Commitments) Costing Compares Expenditure Item Date to Task Start & End Date, Project Start & Completion Date and Award Start & End Date. Expenditure Item Date must be within all 3 date ranges in order to pass Costing Process. Transaction Controls - Ability to include or exclude particular expenditure types from being able to be charged on a project. Allowed Cost Schedules - A list of expenditure types that can be used on a sponsored project. Burdening - The process of assessing indirect costs to expenditure transactions.


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Research Development and Administration Sponsored Projects Administration 2525 S.W. 1st, Suite 220 Portland, OR 97201 Mailcode AD220 (503) 494-0355 Fax (503) 494-1191

Oracle Grants Accounting More Information?

For additional information on OGA, please use the following sources: ASIP Newsletter & Website OGA Section SPA web site ( & SPA SPIN Series OGA Hot Sheet informational emails and campus mail distributions Contact OGA Sponsor, Lynette Arias (494-1193 or Contact OGA Team Lead, Marie Steelman (494-7400 or

Oracle Grants Accounting Future Topics to Include..

Project, Award and Task Structure By type of sponsored project ! How various types of Projects/Awards are setup and managed in OGA FOMOPPL to POETA Conversion ! Projects, Awards and Budgets ! Transactions Crosswalk Information ! Current GL Fund to OGA Project and Award ! GL Object Codes to OGA Expenditure Types ! Future POETA to FOMOPPL summarization ! 4 Digit Alpha Department Codes Transactions in OGA ! Purchasing with POETA ! Labor Schedules and POETA ! Transaction Controls & Allowed Cost Schedules ! Cost Transfers OGA Reports and On-line Status Inquiry Project Key Members and Award Roles ! OGA Fiscal Authority OGA Aliases ! How aliases are generated ! Where OGA aliases will be used OGA and Workflow ! On-line routing and approval of information OGA and the Internal Billing System (IBS) ! How Feeder System transactions work with OGA Self Service OGA and other future enhancements of OGA


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