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S.No Name 1Glycyrrhiza Chemical Constituents Uses Glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhizic acid)-Salt of glycyrrhizinic Expectorant Demulcent - Flavoring agent acidGlycyrrhetinic acid (has triterpenoidal structure) Anti-gastric effects Isoliquirtin Flavonoids Liquirtin & isoliquirtin Anti-spasmodic, treatment of Rheumatiod arthritis. Saponin glycosides (13) triterpenoidal. Immunomodulatory drug 1) Ginsenosides - dammarol Stimulant and sedative properties 2) Panaxosides oleanolic acid as aglycone + Aphrodisiac (panaxadiol + panatriol) 3) Chikusetsusaponin 75% starch Diosgenin*, a steroidal sapogenin Rich source of diosgenin precursor for Smilagenin, Epismilagenin and isomer yammogenin; synthesis of several corticosteroids, Sapogenase enzyme sex-hormones and oral-contraceptives. Treatment of rheumatic arthritis Causes irritation of gastric mucosa, leading secretion of mucous Stimulant expectorant. treatment of chronic bronchitis. Used in Congestive heart failure.. Slowing ventricular rate in atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, supraventricular tachycardia and premature extra systoles. Cardiotonic, stimulant, expectorant. Diuretic in small doses. In large doses it is emetic and cathartic. In chronic bronchitis and asthma. Cardiotonic. Source of K-strophanthin. Less cumulative effect than digitalis. Very poisonous. Most poisonous seeds. Tincture is cathartic emetic. Peruvoside is used in treatment of mild cardiac insufficiency.



4Sarsaparilla 5Senega 2 saponin G Senegin 4% Senegenin + Senegenic acid + presenegenin & polygalic acid 5.5% 6Digitalis Purpurea glycoside A digitoxin + glucose digitoxigenin + 3-digitoxose Purpurea glycoside B gitoxin + glucose gitoxigenin + 3-digitoxose 7Squill 0.3% cardiac glycosides + mucilage 40% + Ca.Ox + Glucoscillaren A + Scillarenase enzyme. GScillaren A/B Proscillaridin A/B 8Strophanthus GK-Strophanthin (K-strophanthoside + K-strophanthoside cyamarin and cymarol) Strophanthidin + 3 sugars cymarose and glucose (except cymarol). 9Thevetia Cardio-active glycosides triosides (combination of 3 sugars) Thevetin*(mix of 2 triosides) - Thevetin A + Thevetin B (Cereberoside) Seeds: cerberin, neriifolin, peruvoside, theveneriin, peruvosidic acid. 10Aloe Anthraquinone glycosides- Aloin (mixture of Gs) *Barbaloin Aloe-emodin anthrone C-10 Glycoside. Isobarbaloin, Aloe emodin, resins. Also Aloetic acid, chrysophanic acid, choline etc. 11Senna 2 Anthraquinone glycosides Sennoside A Sennoside B (Stereoisomers) Phytosterol, mucilage, resin, myricyl alcohol, salicylic acid, chrysophanic acid and calcium oxalate. 1) Anthra quinines with COOH group like rhein and glucorhein 2) AQs without COOH group like aloe-emodin, emodin, chrysophanol 3) Anthrones and Dianthrones of aloe-emodin, emodin, chrysophanol 4) Heterodianthrones like palmidin A, Palmidin B, Pamidin C. Anthranol derivatives causing gripping effect. O-glycosides and C-glycosides. 4 primary glycosides which are called as cascarosides A, B, C, D. Aloe emodin, chrysophanol, emodin etc. Essential oil (0.05%), resin (8.9%), brown fixed oil(10%), a pigment, raffinose and coumarin compounds, psoralen, isopsoralidin and corylifolin.

*Purgative of colon. Aloe gel is used in cosmetics. Treatment of pain itchings and slow down ulceration and keratosis. *Purgative Cause gripping effects in colon. Bitter stomachic Treatment of diarrhea Purgative



Bitter stomachic in small doses. Tonic and in larger doses as purgative. Treatment of leucoderma, leprosy, psoriasis and inflammatory diseases of the skin. It is taken by oral route of administration or applied externally in the form of ointment or paste. Seeds: Diuretic, anthelminthic, and laxative. Bitter tonic to stimulate the gastric secretion


15Gentian 16Chirata

Gentiopicrin (gentiopicroside). Amarogentin, amaroswerin, gentioside and a mixture of (gentiopicrin and gentisin) called gentinin. Ophelic acid; 2 bitter G- Chiratin and Amarogentin. Bitter tonic (free of constipative effect). Remedy for scanty urine.

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All Drugs - Chem - Uses

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