Evaluation of Performance

This unit we were performing a piece about social injustice. My group was the Class group. We worked hard and then we put all the pieces together which included the Religion group, the Homosexuality group, and the Physical Disabilities. When I performed the piece I thought that I did a sufficient job. I figured out that I cannot change my gestures without tons of practice. At the start of the performance with one of the Class pieces, I had to seem happy about getting the thing that the other people want however I could not do this well. So at home I practiced a little each day so that I would remember and be able to do better next time we performed. Then on the day that we performed I remembered what I had to say and then I was able to do a good job on stage next time. I realized that I needed more practice to get better at changing the way that I talk and show my facial expressions. I also realized that I need to improve in a couple more ways. I figured out that I also needed to focus more on stage. During a few of the lines I started to snort and chuckle but after a bit of practice I got better at staying in character and not breaking face which was really hard to achieve. In my group’s performance, I thought that we stayed really focused and understood what we had to do and why we had to do it. We worked consistently well and we also were able to get the best out of the topic that we chose. I thought that we could have chosen a better finale as I thought that the dream sequence did not work as well. It did not work as well because in my opinion the final line for it wasn’t a good line for a president to say. It didn’t make sense and I thought that it ended the piece right then and there which didn’t work well. For the entire piece, I thought that the end was not good at all. It did not make sense and I think that we should have just ended on the part where the 5 people just drop the signs. I feel that this could have been improved through just not adding that at all. It didn’t work in my opinion and it really acted weirdly. I wish that we could have changed these two things because then our performance would have been just that much better in my opinion. We could have also changed the amount of people that we had on stage because I thought that we had too many people on stage at one time. If we had added all the groups together but just left them on stage alone it would have worked a lot better in my opinion and there would be more room to act accordingly. It was a difficult piece to perform and having more space to move and more room to act this way then would make it easier on us as a class. I would change all these things and then I think that our piece would have the individual stand out and not just the entire class on stage acting together. These are the things that I would probably change about this piece.

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