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Career Opportunities A degree in Sociology prepares students for higher education with eventual careers in teaching, organizational development,

or research. Opportunities also exist in military and in private security. A Social Work degree will prepare students planning for careers as case workers for juvenile delinquents, mental health clients or childrens services. The department also offers a limited number of courses in anthropology, the study of humankind. These courses are designed to expand the students understanding of themselves in relation to other cultures and ideas. Criminology Criminology is an area of study within Sociology; no degree is offered. However, students who choose to take Soc 330 and four other courses related to Criminology will receive a certi cate from the department. Applications are available online. Pre-Law Sociology or Criminology are choices for students desiring to take the LSAT (Law School Aptitude Test) and apply for law school. Students may choose other majors such as English, History, Accounting, Business, etc. Bachelors Social Work Program Mission The mission of the BYUIdaho Social Work Program is to support the overall mission of BYUIdaho and The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints, and to help students develop knowledge to become competent and effective communicators and professional social workers for generalist social work practice and Christian service with individuals, groups, families, communities, and society. To help students of diverse interest and abilities to use and integrate social work historically grounded purposes, philosophy, knowledge, values, supervision, consultation, and skills for leadership in the evaluation and development of social policy, social service delivery systems, professional employment, and for their roles as citizens and parents. To promote economic and social justice and prepare graduates to work within the context of their clients speci c cultures. Social Work Accreditation The Baccalaureate Social Work program at BYU-Idaho is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. (Please see a Social Work advisor if you feel you need more information or details). Social Work Application Process Only students accepted into the Social Work Program are Social Work majors. Freshman and Sophomore students choose a major of their choice (e.g. usually General Education, Sociology, or some other social science discipline). Students ful ll G.E. and Social Work prerequisite course work during their Freshman and Sophomore years and make application to the program during the second semester of their Sophomore year. Application will be required for admission to the BSW Program; the

following will be required: Second semester Sophomore standing, completion of most general education requirements, cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher, a statement of psychological well-being, three letters of reference, and a personal autobiography (two pages or less). In addition the following prerequisite course work: Social Work 260, Sociology 111 or 112 with grades of B range or better, Human Biology 230 or 264, Statistics 221, Psychology with grades of C range or better. Introduction Sociology and Social Work studies are concerned with the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Subject matter ranges from the immediate family to the hostile mob, from crime to religion, and from the divisions of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture. The mission of the Sociology and Social Work Department is to: Prepare majors to incorporate Christian service into their careers and personal lives. Help General Education students gain an appreciation for the social and cultural in uence affecting them, their families and society. Prepare majors for advanced study and careers in the elds of sociology and social work, criminology, and anthropology.

Develop knowledge and skills related to successful human interaction and function pertaining to society, culture, the social environment, and social justice.Please access the application online at

Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Workers
Repstad, Pl: Sosiologiske perspektiver for helse- og sosialarbeidere

As its title suggests, this book is aimed at health and social workers. But its target group should not be defined too narrowly. Examples are garnered largely from the daily contact health and social workers have with patients and clients, but clearly there could be material here for social security officers, clerics, teachers, politicians, planners - and for that matter - anyone who has occasional contact with welfare services and systems, whether as a patient or in some other capacity. This probably covers the majority of us. The book introduces central, fundamental sociological concepts and perspectives and describes sociological trends. Throughout, the general material is adapted to the themes and circumstances under which health and social workers must operate. Material is selected with an eye to the kinds of sociological themes that are most relevant to welfare state personnel. The book ends with a discussion of sociology's role in society, emphasising its potential value for workers in the health and social sector. Sociology?s penchant for contemplation, classification and analysis, and its predilection for viewing things from several perspectives, can sometimes feel frustrating and unsatisfactory for someone searching for clear, practical rules of thumb. Sociology?s purpose is to foster a deeper understanding rather than to give unambiguous practical advice. For this reason the author attempts to introduce a sociological framework that can be applied to the working situations practitioners find themselves in. This is an easily accessible introductory work that stimulates further thought. About the author: Pl Repstad is reader in social science at Agder College as well as professor II of religious sociology at the University of Oslo?s Faculty of Theology. Repstad has written several books and articles on social science, especially in the fields of religious sociology, social policy, social science method and research ethics. Publisher: Universitetsforlaget AS 2004 ISBN: 82-15-00382-6 233 pages, hardback