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BOOM a cosmic explosion rocked the cockpit. This is Alpha Falcon to village home, weve taken multiple hits from Hostile Aircraft and were running out of maneuvers here! We need assistance, over the falcon shook as another hit smashed against the hull. The desperate crew of the stricken craft, rushed with a glaring madness across their face to perform what little repairs they could. The combined attack from the Hawabaplesisim religion and the Evans Corp had come suddenly and viciously, giving no mercy and expecting none. Barney, take us down to the DZ, well try and spread there fire Charlie exclaimed loudly from the Mini gun of the craft. Barney, the pilot, tried desperately to land in a sea of fire. Weve just lost engine two! I cant hold her together much longer Charlie he screeched in reply. Suddenly, the craft exploded from under themsend shards of burning metal and flames across the sky in a fiery explosion. From this inferno, floated two fragile figures. thank god we have jet packs exclaimed Charlie. Then his head exploded. Nbbbn BOOM HEAD SHOT the victor yelled, slamming his XBOX controller to the ground. you cant do that harry its not fairr winged Charlie, crumpling inwards at his demise at the game. stfu Charlie, your just dead so take that shit palmer retorted from the side dirty Mexican. From across the vast expanse of the room will remarked, whoa, you guys take this way to seriously, I mean seriously dudes just chill he then proceeded to take out a spliff, light it and relax in his arm bage arm chair, murmuring and then I got high under his breath. Meanwhile Barney had decided to climb up onto the curtain rail, and pretend to be a monkey. While chaos is descending on the living room, Adam is upstairs firing is LMG upon the approaching zombie horde. All is well in the Northumberland household. Until.. BAM BAM BAM BAM, CLICK CLICK CLICK . The sound of the hammer of a gun hitting open air, is one not wanting to be heard when keeping a blood lusting crowd of raving zombies at bay. err guys.. buzzed Adams Voice over the House Intercom were outta ammo as if on cue the horde descended on the humble abode. AH AH AH cried barney as a flesh eating zombie burst in through the window beneath his feet., and presided to rip open Charlies head and snacking on his brains. Will, being the chivalries hero he is, leapt up from his slouched position and ripped the zombies head off with his teeth. Adam then proceeded to burst into the room, screaming DURKA DURKA- the zombies ran off. As the group begin to observe Charlies injurys, he let out a menaFJD sounding sentences. guys.. remarked Barney I think hes become retarded. And so they left the now mentally challenged Charlie in a dark corner where he belongs. Harry then preceded to wap out a stick, and slowly creep towards him and say in a rather familiar Australian accent hey, look over there, its one of the worlds

retarded animals, a retarded Charlie! One lick and ill be sick, all over his mutilated face, Im gonna poke it with this stick . A sudden wail DAAA FOR THE MOTHERLAND and Boris was heard echoing through the vaalleeyy. Palmer took out a pair of binoculars and began scanning the horizon. Yeah we have multiple hostiles enroute to our position over harry relayed. The 5 teens then preceded to take out weapons from under their jackets, and take up defensive formations along the front side of the homestead, awaiting the Russians. After 28 hours of fighting, the entire Russian army still hadnt managed to over throw the defenders, but this battle was beginning to tire them. Barney: guys I cant be arsedd I wanna watch house nowww. This was followed by numours agreements from the occupants, to which Adam replied guys dont worry, rob hill owes me a favor. 5 minutes later, Adam looked to the heavens and cried AC130 ABOVEEEEEEE After the rain of death had finished, the population realized they were sub human to the 5 teens, and all proclaimed them rulers of the world. Palmer and Adam then decided to rename the entire world Britain and renew once more the mighty British Empire. Charlie was locked in a room. In Mexico. Where he belongs. All was well.

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