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(kerala government certified engineer) thalakottu (H),pannikkotur(P.O) ,koduvally,calicut -673572,Kerala, India Mob: 09947347961 (india) Home:04952247077 Email: Objective

. To seek challenging positions, which will permit me to use and enhance my skills in progressive and dynamic organization, while being able to dispense my maximum potential to the benefit of the organization and, at the same time acquiring knowledge on the road to success.

Experience : 1. Working as AUTOMATION ENGINEER IN IPCS

Job Profile: project engineer Skills gained:

Good knowledge in working principle and features of Sensors and Transducers for Pressure,

Temperature, Level, Density, Mass Measurements. o Good knowledge in programming and maintenance of different types of PLCs like Allen Bradley, o Siemens, Modicon, LG, Ge Fanuc,ABB,KEYENCE ETC. Familiar with SCADA software-WONDERWARE Intouch,FASTTOOLS yokogawa,IFIX ,MOVICON. Good knowledge in types, flow characteristics, performance evaluation, selection & sizing of control valves. Application and project development with PLC and SCADA. Working experience in configuring AC DRIVES. Familiar with maintenance of YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS3000 DCS

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Main Responsibilities:

o o o o o o

Project in charge. Responsible for factory automation equipment's electrical/control design. Controller programming (PLC, PID, VFD) programming and final integration to meet customer specification. Conducting Site acceptance test. Require to present machine control design concept to the project team and customers for approval. Give assistance to the commissioning team.

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Job Profile: transmission engineer

Main Responsibilities:

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Developed, Integrated and tested major audit tool for call routing, facilitating the corrections in switches Responsible for maintenance of test bed prepaid system and integration with peripherals Tested significant number of MSCs Call processing scenarios testing Performed BTS and Microwave installations including and not limited to Antenna hoisting and installation at the tower, indoor installations, power tapping, configuration / commissioning, antenna alignment testing and troubleshooting. design telephonic systems use fiber optic technology to maintain stream integrity create data transfer modules assist in video communications tapping of various telecom equipments Commissioning of BTS / RBS and Microwave PDH/SPDH/SDH Radios oversee the telecommunications budget of the company

Embedded programmer and electronics device installer ,India Main Responsibilities:

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Implement dept policies or procedures in order to have a smooth functioning of unit Assist in design and development of embedded software applications. Provide support in preparing application architecture and design documents. Write programming codes for embedded applications according to coding standards. Enhance or modify application codes as per project requirements. Work with QA team in manual and automation testing activities.


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Degree / Certificate B.Tech in electronics and communication PLC,SCADA,DCS EMBEDDED Mcs,assembly,c SIDCO

University / College / Institute Vishvesharaiya technical University certification certification certification

Duration 4 years

Year of Completion 2010

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Technical Expertise

Programming Languages\Tools

PLC Programming: SLC 500, AB PLC, Micrologix, Controllogix, Siemens, SoftLogix, Vipa,keayence,siemence(s7-200,s7300).zeliosoft,gefanuc,omron SCADA :wonderware intouch,ifix,movicon,fasttools,yokogawa dcs HMI/SCADA Configuration: RSView32, AB Panels, Wonderware, RSViewSE/ME, GE Cimplicity. Industrial Networks and Communications: DH485, Ethernet TCP/IP, Controlnet, DH+, RS232, Devicenet, OPC Standard, Wireless, plc scada communication. embedded c,mcs,assambly,C, C++, ,Windows Administration

Operating Systems

MS DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7,Linux LAN Configuration and Administration, Assembling of PC, Desktop Support,


MS Office Package, Trouble Shooting Hardware and Network, Configuration of Firewall and Antivirus Software, Customer support etc.


Project # Project Name Team Size Technologies Details

: 1(Academic/work experience) : Academic Project(PASSWORD PROTECTED VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE WATERMARKING) :3 : MATLAB : Academic project details Watermarking is the procedure that embeds data called a watermark, tag or label into a multimedia object, such as images video or text for their copyright protection. There are two types of watermark namely visible and invisible. A visible watermark is secondary translucent image overlaid into the primary image and appears visible to viewer on a careful inspection. The invisible watermark is embedded in such a way that the modification made to the pixel value is perceptually not noted and it can be recovered only with an appropriate decoding mechanism. Objective of this project is to hide data inside an image by watermarking and then recover the hidden data with the help of password using MATLAB algorithm.

Project # Project Name Team Size Technologies Client

:2 (10HP VFD AND PLC INSTALLED AT CALICUT AIRPORT) :2 :plc gefanuc,scada intuoch and vfd of aallen bradley( power flex 4nt 10hp-2umb) : Calicut international airport, kerala, India : Ipcs automation o o o o Program VFD according to customer requirements. Vfd(PowerFlex)and plc(Allen Bradley) programming. Power and control wiring off vfd Calibration and speed control off motor according to the feedback


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Project # Project Name Team Size Technologies Client

:3 (AUTOMATION WORK AT ROBINSONS TILE FACTORY) :3 :SCADA(wonderware intouch),PLC( Allen Bradley micrologix) : Robinsons,cochin : ingenious power and control systems o o o o o Responsible for panel and machine wiring. Trouble-shoot electrical and electronics hardware Repairing & maintenance of electromechanical machineries, calibration and positioning of sensors, Panel board . Fixing ac drives, PLC, HMI. Erection panel board.


Project # Project Name Team Size Technologies Client

:4 (VFD INSTALLED AT A PAPER GLASS FACTORY) :2 :vfd(allenbradley) : glass fact :ingenious power and control systems o o o o Responsible for panel and machine wiring. Repairing & maintenance of electromechanical machineries, calibration, temperature controller, Panel board &PID. Fixing ac drives, PLC, monitor. Erection panel board


1. 2. 3. 4.

Former Senate member and General Secretary of the college Sub Editor of College Magazine and Member of Nature club in College Won several prices for cultural, sports and other extracurricular activities at school and college level Former member of College Cricket Team

Interests and Hobbies 1. Playing Cricket 2. 3. Playing Football Reading Books

Personal Information First Name: muhammad Permanent Address: thalakkotu(H), pannikottur(P.O), koduvally, calicut 673572, Kerala, India Date of Birth: Passport No.:

Last Name: Saheer.t

Mobile: 09947347961(india), Email:

5th september, 1984 J7630511

Driving License :
Languages Known :

India English, Hindi,

Malayalam... Arabic ( Read and Write)

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Reference Available on request

Declaration I hereby declare that the above-mentioned details are true to the best of my belief and knowledge. india Muhammad saheer.t

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