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The Lord of the Flies is a story about a group of English boys aged six to twelve, who due to a war

get evacuated from the country. Things go wrong when their plane is shot down and they find themselves on a desert island with no adults or any other signs of civilization. At first, they all stick together, finding each other when Ralph blows through a conch shell he and Piggy find on the beach. Once they are all together they decide to choose a leader; both Jack and Ralph are the main candidates and although all the choirboys vote for Jack, it is Ralph who wins. Seeing that Jack wanted to be of some importance too, Ralph assigns him and the choirboys to be the hunters for the group and then proceeds to explore the island with Jack and another boy who is also in the choir called Simon. Once they get back Ralph blows the shell again to call the group together for a meeting in which they establish some rules and tasks within the group, like using the shell as a talking stick, but when one of the little boys (or littluns as they are called in the book) states he saw a monster the previous night all the boys become a little restless and afraid although the older boys assure the group that it was simply a nightmare. Ralph thinks to build a fire at the top of a mountain to attract a ship or even a plane and be rescued, so off go the boys and manage to start a fire using Piggys glasses to attract the sun and reflect it setting the wood alight. This fire does is not lighten for very long so Jack volunteers the hunters who hes in charge of to maintain the fire lit but as they are trying to get it going again they accidently set fire to the trees. All of a sudden Piggy realizes that the little boy who claimed to have seen a monster had been over by the fire and had now disappeared insinuating that he had been burnt alive. The older boys feel kind of responsible for not having been watching over him but they dont force the subject or talk about it again. From that moment on things get complicated; Ralph complains because although the boys are enthusiastic during the meetings with the plans they come up with, like collecting drinking water or building shelters, no one ever helps see them through afterwards; he also has an argument with Jack because his group of hunters still hadnt caught anything and didnt help with any other tasks either, so basically no one was doing anything useful. This makes him and Ralph drift apart and they start disliking each other. The final blow comes one day when Ralph and Piggy see a ship in the horizon while Jack and the hunters, who had become obsessed with catching a pig, were off hunting in the jungle; the fire that they were in charge of had blown out so the ship had carried on its course not even coming close to the island. When the hunters get back to the beach, ecstatic because they had finally managed to catch a pig, Ralph reproaches Jack for his irresponsibility and they start a heated argument in which Piggy also has a say and ends up being slapped and getting his glasses broken by Jack who in the end admits the fire thing was his fault but even so, is resentful towards Ralph for calling him out on it and acting superior.

Another meeting is held in which the group ends up separating itself. The littluns had all been having nightmares about a monster who lived on the island since theyd arrived and although the older boys carried on assuring them that it was just their imagination during this meet one of the younger boys affirmed to have seen the monster and believed it to live in the ocean during the daytime. Hearing this, Jack proclaims that if there is a monster him and his hunters will catch it and goes off down the beach followed by all the boys leaving Ralph, Piggy and Simon on their own. That night, a sky battle takes place but Eric and Sam, the twins who were supposed to watch the fire that night, had fallen asleep and did not see a dead parachutist fall from above and land on some rocks near to where they were. When they awake and try to light the fire again they see the shadow of the dead man and think its the monster of the island! They rush back to the beach to tell Ralph who immediately calls together a meeting to go and search for the monster. This expedition is led by Jack although everyone goes except for Piggy who stays behind with the littluns. As they explore they get to a part of the island they had never been to before and the boys are scared to investigate around there so Ralph decides to go alone. He is soon joined by Jack and as they explore together they start letting go of their negative feelings and feel their initial friendship coming back. Not having found the beast yet they decide to carry on looking but to go to the mountain first and relight the fire. On the way up Jack sees some pig droppings and the group decide to hunt it and start chasing it, even Ralph gets caught up in the excitement however, they dont manage to catch it. Still buzzing they reenact the hunt pretending a boy called Roger was the pig, they start stabbing him with their spears and seem to forget its a game and get more and more violent towards their friend without even realizing. Luckily, they stop before actually killing him and continue their quest to light the fire. By the time they arrive at the mountain it is already nighttime and Ralph suggests they camp out there until the next morning not to have to search for the monster in the dark but Jack dares him to carry on and go up the mountain, which he does to try and make himself a respected leader again. Ralph, Jack and Roger all head up the mountain together but it is Ralph who climbs the final bit and when he gets to the top, what does he see but the parachutist! And because it was dark, the same shadows that had scared Sam and Eric the night before frightened him too and he ran back down claiming to have seen the monster! The next day they have another meeting to decide what to do about the monster; Jacked calls Ralph a coward and wants him to give up his leadership but the other boys do not vote him out. This makes Jack angry and he goes off to form his own tribe further down the beach. Ralph and his group set to build another fire but this time down on the beach instead of on the mountain, all the boys help build it but slowly start sneaking off to join Jack. Jacks tribe, in which Jack is the leader, violently kill a sow and stick its head on a spear and leave it in the jungle as an offering to the monster, this is where Simon finds it later on covered

in flies. As he watches them fly around the sows head he has a kind of vision in which The Lord of the Flies speaks to him and says that Simon will never be able to escape him for he lies within all humans. Simon then terrified, faints. He wakes up in the darkness, for it had already become nighttime again, and disorientated, he starts to climb up the mountain. Once he reaches the top he sees the parachutist but had gotten close enough to see what it really was and anxious to tell the rest of the group that it wasnt a monster he rushed back down towards the beach. In the meantime, Jack and his tribe were having a feast eating the sow they caught earlier; even Ralph and Piggy had gone hoping to reestablish some order to the group. Most of the boys decide to switch sides and join Jack except for the twins Sam and Eric and a few of the younger boys, this giving place to a crazy wild dance along the beach. It is in this moment that Simon also reaches the beach, but the other boys seeing a lurking shadow appear from the jungle and caught up in a wild frenzy think its the monster and jump on him acting practically by habit now, and tear him apart like savages using their hands and teeth. As Simon tries to snap them out of their madness and tell them what he saw, he slips and falls down with all the other boys on top of him and dies getting carried away into the ocean by the waves. Then, a gust of wind blows the body of the parachutist down from the mountain onto the beach scaring all the boys and making them run away. The next day Ralph and Piggy talk about what had happened; Ralph feeling extremely responsible and Piggy not wanting to accept what had happened, insisting it hadnt been their fault, simply an accident. Jack moves his tribe away from the beach settling on the top of the mountain. In his reign he is the boss and does whatever he pleases treating the other boys cruelly. They still all believe that Simon was the monster and that the monster was capable of changing into many shapes so it could be anyone; he then makes a plan to invade Ralphs camp at night to get more fire. This is exactly what they do and in their attack they end up beating the group up badly so the next morning Ralph and his boys decide to go to Castle Rock the name of Jacks new camp to try and make them see reason and get rescued. This however turns into a disaster; as soon as they arrive the guards tell them to leave and throw stones at them, then, Jack and the hunters appear with their latest catch provoking a fight with Ralph. The hunters in the meantime capture the twins and tie them up, then, Roger throws a big rock down the mountainside which hits Piggy and throws him off the mountain down to rocks below and to his death. Ralph manages to escape although the twins dont and hides in the jungle. He comes across the spear holding the sow head and takes it to use as a weapon. At night, he sneaks into Jacks camp and finds the twins guarding it, he wants them to go back with him but they refuse to do so although they tell him about Jacks plan to capture him the next day.

Ralph hides behind some shrubs and the next morning when Jacks tribe found him, they couldnt get through to him because of the thickness of the shrubs he was hiding in. This makes Jack set the trees on fire to try and smoke him out of his hiding place; Ralph has no other choice than to run, and he does, he runs fighting his way past the hunters and ends up back down on the beach where he falls down in exhaustion knowing there is nowhere else for him to run to. However when he opens his eyes and looks up he sees a naval officer standing there whose ship having seen the fire in the jungle had come over to the island. The boys find themselves all together on the beach again with someone to rescue them and one by one burst into tears. After Ralph briefly explains what had happened, the naval officer realizes that they had gotten carried away in the wilderness and had actually become savages; he is appalled by their behavior however he also feels sorry for them and turns around to give them a moment to pull themselves together which is where the book ends.

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