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NAPC Community Organizers Training Program June December 2012

Application Instructions
Who can apply? Young individuals with the following qualifications can apply: Age: 21 30 years old. Younger applicants with substantial experience may be accepted. Education: Preferably with two years of tertiary education. High school graduates who have excellent academic background or development work experience can be considered. Has basic knowledge of and interest in social development. Familiarity on developmental concepts and issues, and inclination to pursue career in development work are preferred from applicants. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Trainees should be able to confidently and effectively communicate ideas with appropriate language, methods, and approaches. Has basic writing skills. Trainees are expected to produce quality written outputs, which include daily journals, monthly plans and accomplishment reports, reflection papers, etc. Openness to relate, work and live with marginalized social sectors. Trainees will be most of the time immersed in community work for practical learning; hence, readiness to closely interact with underprivileged constituents is required. Physically fit to do fieldwork. Trainees should be in excellent health condition to cope with the demands of on-field training, which is physically strenuous and which may expose the trainee health risks. Can handle pressure. Trainees should be psychologically prepared to meet required outputs on time while dealing with stress, and probably homesickness, on field. Preferably with exposure to community work or experience in working with socially oriented organizations Preferably with experience in advocacy work and networking

How to apply? Please send this application form together with other required documents on or before 12nn, May 15, 2012 to: Other required documents are: Letter of Intent, Curriculum Vitae and Photocopy/Scanned Copy of CTC (Cedula). Please layout Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Intent in A4 paper size and if possible, send them in PDF format. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. For queries, please contact: Jan P. Dacumos Focal Person for Youth and Students, and Children Sectors National Anti-Poverty Commission Telefax: (02) 426-5195; Mobile: 0906-582-3042 Email:

I. PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. First Name: 4. Sex: 7. Age: 5. Date of Birth: 8. Height

2. M.I.

3. Surname:

6. Place of Birth 9. Weight 10. Civil Status

11. What religious tradition (if any) do you identify with? 12. Do you identify as member of a political party/organization? Y/N If yes, please specify. II. CONTACT DETAILS 13. Present Postal Address: 14. Telephone Number/s (include area code; indicate if telefax): 15. Mobile Number/s: 16. Email Address/es (indicate if primary or secondary): III. ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION & EXPERIENCE 17. Name of organization/s you are active in (indicate area/cause you work for): 18. Current Position (specify job responsibilities): 19. Write a brief description of roles and practical experiences you have had in your organization/s. 20. Briefly describe a project, campaign or activity in which you are working on or have worked on that you think is relevant to this program and will be useful to your training. 21. How do you think this program will impact on you as a youth? How do you think this impact will benefit you as an individual and other people in general? 22. How will you use the lessons learned from the training to contribute positively towards development? 23. What are your specific career plans after graduating from the training program? IV. REFERENCES (Please do not include relatives.) 24. Reference 1 Details Name: Organization: Position: Email: Fax (include area code): Mobile/Telephone (include area code): 25. Reference 2 Details Name: Organization: Position:

Email: Fax (include area code): Mobile/Telephone (include area code): 26. How did you learn about this program?