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British rule in Singapore from 1839-1942 was one of exploitation of the locals. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree to a large extent. Firstly, exploitation refers to the use or utilization, especially for profit. An example would be economic exploitation which is the act of using another person's labour without offering them an adequate compensation. In the 18th and 19th century when the British imposed its colonialism on Singapore, it exploited the immigrants from China, as well as the locals, for their own benefits such as more trading revenue, which would lead to them being more powerful politically. The first factor is the exploitation of the local Chinese immigrants. The British brought the Chinese immigrants from China with the malicious intent for cheap labour. They brought the Chinese immigrants to Singapore for free and then kept them in debt for a long time and used to abuse them. They used to provide poor housing and insufficient salary to the Chinese immigrants. They made their lives harsh by making them work for long hours, and did not care for them. Although, the Chinese immigrants were doing most of the work which without them would have been a failure, (eg. coolies on a trading deck), the British gave them little credit for their hard labour and exploited them as instead of using the revenue gotten from their jobs, the British kept the money to themselves to live in a life of luxury as well as to advance Britain in various aspects. The Chinese immigrants were told that they were receiving a good salary and through lying and deceiving the Chinese immigrants, I conclude that the British did exploit the locals of Singapore. The next factor is that the British did not exploit the locals of Singapore through the White man's burden. This was a motivation for the British to help uplift and advance the lives of the unfortunate in SEA , including Singapore, and they took it upon themselves to help uplift the lives of the locals in Singapore by making the Raffles town plan, organising roads, infrastructure, ensuring quarantine laws were passed along with other laws, and to take care of the society(eg. Hospitals being built.). Hence, with this primary motivation in mind, although there were some other mindsets, such as gaining trading revenue, the British did not entirely exploit the locals of Singapore. The next factor is that the British exploited the Chinese immigrant locals of Singapore by denying them their rights. The British did not care for the Chinese immigrants and exploited them by refusing to select a Chinese protectorate although the Chinese were complaining about\t the pressure they were recieving fform the secret societies. they exploited their innocence and