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Research Proposal

Factors of Employee Motivation in Afghanistan

April 24, 2012

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Department of Business Administration Head of Department, BBA Division Kabul, Afghanistan Ahmad Zaki Hussaini PO1-09-BU-060 Student of Bachelor of Business Administration Management Class, Semester 8th Evening Session Bakhtar University, Kabul/Afghanistan Cell Phone: 0700-145-764 E-mail Address:

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The importance of employee motivation is now being recognized by all the major organizations as it has a significant impact on the overall performance of the organization. For any organization to achieve its goals it is important to keep their employee motivated and satisfied. When employees are motivated the individual quality and quantity of performance increases which indirectly has a positive effect on the overall performance of the organization. Employee motivation leads to job satisfaction which also plays an important role in increasing the overall efficiency of the organization. The presence of these factors may not be important but the absence of these factors can have an adverse effect on the organizational performance. One of the main jobs of a manager is to motivate his or her employees. This paper studies the level of employee motivation at standard chartered bank, DHA, Phase IV branch. In order to develop a better understand of employee motivation and factors affecting it, the paper begins with a review of the literature and theories related to employee motivation. Then the adopt research methodology is discussed in Chapter 3. The next chapter includes the findings and the results of the study. Conclusion and recommendations are explained in chapter 5.

Scope: Employee motivation in each part of the world plays an important role for the Employment percentage of every organization. The main scope of this research paper is to reach the organizations how much the employee motivation affects their organizations efficiency. The employee motivations turns employees to creativity and innovation. Objective: The main objective of this research is to provide an overview regarding the major challenges of employee motivation in Afghanistan and analyzed the contributing factors behind these challenges. This paper also provides the information of weaknesses and strategies of employee management inside organizations in Afghanistan.

Review of the Literature: However, there are various books, report, studies and several website available on this topic in Afghanistan but in order to gain important background information, relevant concept and broad spectrum of different view regarding the employee motivation and its challenges in Afghanistan and its relationship with other challenges, this paper will review several research, studies and reports from the most reliable organizations (Standard Chartered Bank). In addition, I will be using my own knowledge and experience as I have more than 6 years working experience with international organizations and donors that will be a great input for this study.

Research Methodology: This research paper will be having both kinds of data collection primary & secondary with (Qualitative & quantitative) research methods. The Primary will be conducted from Internet, Journal articles, books and etc., & the Secondary will be conducted from Interview of Standard Chartered Bank employees, face to face talks & questionnaires.