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The Urban Poor - The United Nations estimates that 870 million people in cities live in slums. By 2030, an estimated 5 billion of the world's 8.1 billion people will live in cities. About 2 billion of them will live in slums. Clean water, sanitation facilities and healthcare are huge gaps in congested urban areas. Poor incomes, consequent malnutrition and unhygienic living conditions have negative bearings on the overall physical, economic and social well being of a community.

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High population growth in developing countries has lead to rapid urbanization but without the infrastructure to support this urbanization, leading to congestion, lack of necessary infrastructure and massive urban slums

10% of Mumbais population earn less than Rs. 591 per month Every 2nd person in Mumbai lives in a slum High levels of congestion - 54% of Mumbais population occupy approx 6% of the land in the city Mumbai slums get an average of 90 liters per capita of water daily the rest of the city gets 200 lcpd


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Alchemix Session 5 triggers a discussion on this critical subject, through examples of two innovative social enterprise models that are attempting to create impact in slums in Mumbai.

WaterWalla, a social business that sources and introduces clean water technologies that improve the health of residents in urban slums.

Swasth India Services Private Limited, a social business working towards improving the health of low-income segments in urban and rural India.

In this session of Alchemix we will look at the need and opportunity for breakthrough innovation designed for, and implemented with, the urban poor. The session seeks to generate insights on: 1.What are the most critical need areas (and related social enterprise opportunities) for social and development impact in this context? 2.What does it take to succeed with a market-based model in urban slums? 3.What are the funding challenges for social enterprises in this context?

Alchemix is a series of curated, open forum discussions between Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors, creative minds and engaged citizens. Alchemix takes a deep, insightful look at high-impact social models from an innovation lens. Previous speakers include social entrepreneurs, founders and thought leaders from organizations like Pratham Books, Ashoka, Floh, mDhil, NationWide, and many more.
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