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The final battle

By: Mahmoud El Hakim, 13

They were circling each other under the moonlight. Those vicious eyes fixed on each other. The trees surrounded them, there was almost no way out. The moon was high in the sky, giving scarce light in a forest of darkness. Everything seemed prepared for the fight, a fight that rarely happened in these lands. It was a fight, of wolves.

The two wolves moved step by step, cautiously, concentrating on the other's moves. Their red eyes were like daggers, focusing on each other, knowing that only one would come out alive.

One of them let out a howl. His black fur was scattered around his body, He was very hairy. He looked horrid; his crooked legs were thin, but sturdy. An ear was torn apart, it wasn't his first fight. His teeth were vicious, letting out his deep growl; his bloody teeth were strong and sharp. His incisors were sabers. His eyes were bloody red.

His legs stopped, he turned facing his white furred opponent, taking a stance. The white wolf looked rather pleasant, his fur was whiter than the moon itself, they were rather groomed and soft. His muscled legs took a stop, his furry tail stopping to place. Nothing moved, but his long white incisors which were emerging from his mouth. He let out a deep growl, telling his black enemy that he was determined to win.

Both in their attack stance, nothing moved, the wind howled, and the trees stopped swaying with it though, as if they were seated to watch the spectacle. The black wolf suddenly let out a howl, shaking the trees, an owl flew, and the wind carried the sound. The whole forest was struck by that horrid screech of deep voice. He leaped into a run.

The white wolf saw it coming, and assumed his position. As the black wolf's sprint came to an end he sprung his feet, soaring, claws stretched out, onto the white wolf. The white wolf flicked his paw into an attack, as they made contact. The black wolf was sprung away. He landed as his paws made impact grinding him on the ground, throwing him off balance for a second.

That gave the white wolf more than enough time to attack. He leaped at him, digging his teeth deep into his skin. A screeching yelp emanated from the black wolf's mouth. He struggled to release himself, but the white wolf's grasp was too

strong for him. He then threw himself on the ground, releasing himself, blood dripping from his back.

Full of fury, the black wolf bit the white wolf's neck, the white wolf let out a howl. He kept his teeth still, and kept on slashing at him with his claws. The white wolf wouldn't give up, but the teeth were biting too hard, his vision was fading away. With every struggle, more pain came, until everything was black.

There was a loud beeping sound, it was fast. It seemed to be speeding up, until it was a continuous sound, then it was quiet.

The white wolf was entering the void. The determination to win, it was still too strong, but, he already knew it was over. It seemed as if every time he admitted defeat he went farther into the void. He was on the edge of oblivion. It was then that he felt it, the urge of another chance, and the confidence of winning. He wasn't sure if it was too late anymore.

Energy was bursting through his body, everywhere until the tip of his nose. He seemed to be glowing. He opened his eyes and saw the black wolf leave, he stood on his four feet, and howled a howl, that shook the forest, and got the trees to sway, it was his final chance.

The black wolf turned and looked in surprise as he saw the white wolf leaping on him. He yelped a yelp of surprise, and took his final breath as the white wolf's claws impacted on his body. The white wolf let out a victory howl, as he felt the black wolf's pulse slow down. Tears swarmed down Kate's mother as she realized, it was the end. She let out a loud sob. As, the doctor looked at Kate, he Knew she was dead. Im so sorry, The doctor hoarsely said we feel your sorrow. She was so young. Her mother cried, she ran towards Kate and collapsed over her Dont go Katie please. She couldnt continue, her voice was failing her, it was too painful.

The black wolfs eyes were closing slowly. The white wolf was staring at him with pride. He understood now, he understood that he won because of the will power, his belief, his confidence. Once he had those, nothing can stand in his way. His teeth were still clenched around the black wolfs neck, making sure he would die, he only let go once he felt the pulse stop. He let out a victory howl, one that shook the forest, in harmony with the rise of a sun. They heard a beep. The beep started to sound again. Kate opened her eyes slowly, her vision returning. She had witnessed a battle, a battle that would keep her confident all her life. The winner was evident. Life was victorious! Kate let out a smile to show her mother that she was okay. Her mother ran towards her and gave her a hug squishing Kate with her arms.

It was incredible that she witnessed that fight, the fight between life and death. It was a battle that happened rarely in your life, maybe once. It was a battle many wouldnt survive; it was a battle of a lifetime. Kate knew this wasnt the end; in fact it was the beginning. She felt a chill in her bones as she remembered that someday, deaths son would return, for vengeance, maybe even stronger than his father. She pushed the thought out of her head, she was going to enjoy her life, she was almost certain. She emptied her head and tried to enjoy her mothers hug, while she still could.

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