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COMMUNICATION QUESTIONS 1) For each of the following situations, identify the most appropriate COMMUNICATION MEDIA to be used. a) b) Informing members of staff of redundancies. Pinpointing the location of products in a shop.

c) Announcing that there is a telephone call for an employee who is currently working on the factory floor. d) Displaying fire safety information to be viewed by employees.

e) Keeping customers up to date with the latest product news and store developments. f) Communicating detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives on a specific subject. g) h) Holding interviews or meetings over a long distance with the aid of I.T. Communicating general written information via a computer.

2) Using the organizational hierarchy below, identify the direction you think the each of the following messages are being transmitted in.

M M S M S M S l e i s s a a s H M a n i l a r y a g

a r

n B

a o

g b

i n

g S

D m

i r e c t o y t h e a r n

eP r r o d J o n eM s r

u c t i o n M B i l l P r y o

aA g c e c r o u n t a n t M s H e l e n H a

l e s A s P s ri so t d a u n c t t i o n Q A u s a s l i i st y t a C n Aot nc ct r o o u l l en rt s A is s S a l l y M S r i m J i sm P rM y or r D e n n i Ms i H s so b J b e sn n y a l e s t e Pa H m o r y g d i e u n c t i o e

s s J

n t e

w c h

o n

r k e i c i a

r s n s
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a) From Hilary Jones to the Sales team b) From the Production workers to the Managing Director c) From the Production Manager to the Accountant d) From the Accountant to the Accounts Assistant e) From the Quality Controller to Bill Pryor

3) Give a brief definition of each of the following methods of communication. a) The Grapevine b) A Memorandum c) Public relations material d) Presentations e) Invoice f) Fax g) E-mail 4) Identify the four elements of communication and define each.


5) From the following scenario, pick out 5 barriers to communication and state how they could be overcome. Mr. Bob Smythe, Managing Director of Funny Foods Ltd. was having problems with his computer. He was surfing the net trying to find information regarding other companies in the novelty food business. The problem was there was too much information to choose from! After hours of browsing, he finally found a company he thought may be just what he was looking for and so called the telephone number given on the web site. The telephone was answered quickly, but the person seemed to be speaking Double Dutch (not surprising, since the company was based in Holland). Mr. Smythe could not understand at all! Giving up on that idea, he thought he would write a written document to the company and so started to write a memo! Unfortunately, Mr. Smythe was not very good at writing short documents and it ended up being 24 pages long (using lots of big, complicated words)! When the Managing Director of the Dutch firm got half way through reading the memo, he gave up and threw it in the bin. Im bored with this, he said. If that company cant get to the point and tell me what they want in less than 5 pages then they mustnt be a very good business at all. I dont want anything to do with them!
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