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Android Store can not afford the chaos: sudden drop in third-party valuation of the store
Core Tip: Tencent reached, the valuation of domestic third-party software store plummeted, Android is no exception.

Where you always under the Android software? The answer may be varied.

Shen, vice president of the ninth city just recently got a set parallel HTC phone, which actually was more than 10 brush into the software store, Google's official Android Market, An intellectual market, Andrews market, Feng machine market, etc., a piles of the market so that consumers get confused.

Major Android handset makers are pushing their own application store, the three operators have launched their own application market, placed in front of developers and consumers of the Android market has more than 50.

Developers complaining about too much trouble wait on so many channels, and consumers who were engaged in these chaotic markets of dazzling. This pattern, which greatly hindered the development of the entire Android ecosystem. The news from the investment community is, the recent third-party Android application store valuations began to decline.

Too much, too messy

January 5 news, Sony Ericsson officially its smartphone application store Playnow the ninth city to the online game operator, which indicates that, after poor Playnow store operators need to find a new way.

Shen told reporters set, Sony Ericsson was looking for several Internet companies to bid Playnow software store operations, and ultimately win the ninth city. Right now, he was busy out of the program to revive the glory of the store, from the parent company Sony brought some quality games, film, music, resources, or from the outside into a large number of good mobile game

Be said Shen, Playnow store will be completely redesigned the entire interface, and striving to improve and develop the relationship between.

And Sony Ericsson, almost all of the Android mobile phone manufacturers are trying to emulate Apple, build up a complete ecosystem.

Samsung launched its own application store "Samsung Apps", Motorola operates its own application store "Knowledgeware Park", Huawei launched its own "Newell cloud" stores.

To promote their own application store, mobile phone manufacturers in China most of the factory comes to Google Android Market store removed to make way for their own store. But the Android market mess, these mobile phone companies is not much improvement in their stores.

"Android is now too chaotic distribution channels." An Android developer described to reporters said, every manufacturer has its own Android phone application store, the three mobile operators have also launched their own stores, and now the market has 91, machine front, wisdom and many other third-party security store, Android developers a common complaint, "the channels need to wait too much."

Shanghai, a mobile application developer, told reporters, when they developed a new software, you need to be promoted in these different channels, it consumes energy.

The vendor Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers have their own application stores uploaded App, but found that download is very small, "so we are less likely to put too much energy in there to promote."

In the view of most users, the application stores and supermarkets is very like, the ability to obtain customer satisfaction the most critical factor is to look at all the goods inside incomplete. Currently the major mobile phone manufacturers software store the number in the software is still less than normal.

Samsung's software store is considered to be relatively fast growth, but its application number only 13,000 or so, and Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market is far from official.

Chang Ai Media Consulting CEO, said the biggest mobile phone manufacturer's application store is that they all want to copy Apple's model, the results of ineffective, because Apple's App Store is a real ecosystem, and Android manufacturers are very scattered, No vendor has enough appeal as the formation of an apple ecosystem.

Sudden drop in valuation

In the mobile phone manufacturers own software store before force, China's civil third-party Android application store has been everywhere, most of them evolved by the Forum was to live a good software store.

These third-party applications store ranking on advertising to make money, China's mobile Internet market, there are a large number of users looking to quickly expand the scale of application, they are very dependent on the promotion of these distribution channels, so the position to spend money, spend money on the market has become the recommended the rules.

Almost every market has its own application list, have their own recommendation application, recently more and more market began to create "must-installed" software sector, which are the source of the Nuggets.

A developer to provide a safe intellectual network reporter, Andrews, UC, Wei Feng network advertising published cases reveals the inside rules of the game.

91 under the Andrews market, for example, the quality of their home in the last year recommended position has risen to 12,000 yuan per day. The market total of ten categories, each category each day recommended an application, the charge has reached 5,000 yuan per day.

Behind the general store there will be an application of a software evaluation forum, there are typical security intelligence, machine Feng, Wei Feng, these forums in the evaluation of the software release will also provide the software Android APK file downloads, the same charges of these forums not low.

-An intellectual network, for example, in early 2011, "posted in Webmaster referral" fee of 6,000 yuan, the central home page Banner ads Weekly about the 6000-8000 yuan.

An intellectual network vice president of Ping Gong, said the location of these recommended prices every quarter, basically, "This is the industry's rules." She said that safety net to rely on such intellectual recommended fees can remain profitable. An intellectual like the same number of users ranked relatively few applications store front are good to rely on advertising fees.

Because these software store holds the Android software distribution channels, profit model is relatively clear, so strong was sought after by the capital was invested in a grand series of multi-market safety and wisdom and N, Wei Feng network and several distribution channels, be regarded as capital a sign of entering the field.

Since then, the market emerge overnight, dozens of similar market, investors approach the market for such rapid cold.

Chang Ai Media Consulting CEO told reporters that the recent valuation of third-party applications store began to significantly decline. Early last year, venture valuation assessment of an application store a day in accordance with generally active users $ 100, and a year later, the price has dropped to 100 yuan or so.

He believes that one important reason is that giants such as Tencent to enter this area, the stores of other software posed a serious threat. Tencent launched in September last year, "Tencent Application Center", relying on Tencent large user of resources, which is considered to be other third-party software store huge threat.

For most investors, why invest in the hope that its third-party software store can grow to a large platform, Tencent and other giants come in, this possibility is greatly reduced.

Legend Investment Co., Ltd. Jin Wen Ji, vice president pointed out, prior to entering the field in Tencent, China's development of these applications store already for several years, but did not see a real hope which made a big platform, so recently the first third-party software store in the valuation decline.

"Homogeneous competition too much." Wen Jin Ji analysis, because Android too many distribution channels, and did not form a software developer to find a software store one-sided situation, "but some software stores, find some good software to their where to go first on the line. "

In other words, most of these applications market conditions remain in "content" stage, but fragmented market situation so that each one can not form a strong channel to channel can not get the high premium.

An intellectual network, this Ping Gong, said more front rank of third-party software store is not worried about the entry of Tencent, Tencent, said she entered in the first half of last year, but so long passed, Tencent real impact on our limited contrast, those who do not get the financing of small and medium software store, the next day will be even more sad.

"No developer is willing to wait so many shops." Chang said, so developers in the future is bound to focus on a few stores. The application of some small shops, will face larger difficulties.

Deep-level ecosystem

In the process of developing software store, mobile phone manufacturers attitude is essential.

In this early stage of market development, parallel phone Brush market has become the most important areas of competition. These third-party software market in order to seize the market, will buy the brush position to spend money, so when consumers buy a parallel imported phone will be installed inside the security intelligence, Andrews and other software store.

After this, with the formal channels of domestic sales of the Android phone shipments surge, how, and regular mobile phone vendors, software store in deciding the fate of the important major cut-off point.

Ping Gong, said security and intellectual network is now more than 60 mobile phone vendors, the pre-market safety and wisdom to the new factory to the mainstream mobile phone. She said the security market wisdom has more than 90% users from the mainstream mobile phones.

However, the mobile application market for third-party manufacturers attitude was ambiguous, in order to promote their own application store, mobile phone manufacturers in a number of high-end models do not allow any other pre-installed application market, and in some low-end mobile phones, in order to attract users , mobile phone manufacturers in the factory-installed a number of third-party application store.

Android Store: chaos can not afford

For example, the thousands of intelligent machines in the Huawei C8650, in relation to both their own pre-installed by Huawei, "Newell cloud" stores, and intellectual pre-installed security market, reflecting the ambivalence of mobile phone manufacturers: on the one hand want to promote their shops , on the one hand they need to install a third-party application software stores richer to drive hardware sales. This situation has resulted Android software store even more dispersed.

Some people interview, said the industry wants to develop a deeper level, need to provide more in-depth services.

As to the further development of mobile Internet, Android has become increasingly clear rules of the game: to rely on software built-in fees or advertising revenue, become a general consensus.

Therefore, applications need to store some basic services, strengthen, and many began to make the application store for developers to provide many services, such as statistics, industry analysis, distribution channels and advertising platform.

"How can a store in the consumer's mobile phone to stay in the end, this and the store itself on the quality, stability, and pay for convenience, have a great relationship." Shen, vice president of the ninth National City said.

For example, he mentioned, Android mobile game free download props mostly rely on fees to make money, so an application can provide a good store of toll lanes, it is very important.

Whether to build in-depth ecosystem will determine whether an application store will eventually develop into a platform.

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