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Research Assignment:

Oral presentation

Semester One - 2012

Course: Code: Examiner: Moderator: Total marks: Due date:

COMMUNICATION SKILLS COS1A11 MS R Nayagar MS R Pather 30 Starting 7 May 2012

This assignment must be ready for presentation by the 7 May 2012 or on the date allocated to you by the lecturer during class. No extension will be granted unless a written request for extension has been given to the lecturer (and approved) 48 hours prior to the date of presentation.



The Commercial industry is a challenging and exciting field to work in. However there are various problems that complicate message delivery within the industry. TASK: Research your chosen field of study. Identify a problem within your discipline. Research the problem thoroughly. As a group, decide upon a topic inspired or derived from the BACKGROUND. Formulate a suitable topic to illustrate your problem. Include the following in your discussion. Clear outline of the problem. Motivation or reasons for choosing this topic. Implications of this problem for society or the industry. Some evidence to support your argument. Possible solutions to the problem. Read the instructions that follow before you begin.

1. This task should be done as a group assignment; no individual work will be marked. Prepare one oral presentation per group. 2. 3. You are therefore required to form groups of exactly THREE members. All THREE members must belong to the same diploma group and the same lecturer. 4. Obtain a contact telephone number for each group member. Choose people whom you see regularly. Make sure you stay in contact with your group and participate equally. Non-participation is not an excuse! 5. 6. Consider and study the MARKING RUBRIC (see Appendix A). Read the BACKGROUND carefully before you begin. As a group, plan, research and think ahead. This assignment cannot be completed at the last moment. 7. Each group member is responsible for a specific section of the oral presentation. The FIRST SPEAKER must introduce the group and topic, as well as provide a basic overview of the problem and how it affects the world today. The SECOND SPEAKER must provide an in-depth discussion of the problem with examples. The THIRD SPEAKER, must provide reasonable and interesting solutions to the topic problem. 8. Each group is allocated 7 minutes for their presentation. Each speaker will get 2 minutes for their portion. The remaining one minute will be for questions from the audience. Time will be strictly monitored. NO WAFFLING!


You are required to submit your assignment on edulink as a turnitin assignment before the scheduled date of your presentation. This will be discussed further in class.

10. You are also required to hand your lecturer a typed version of the presentation before you commence your presentation. This typed copy should clearly indicate evidence of research and careful thought. A list of references is essential as part of your typed copy of your presentation. The format of this typed copy will be discussed in class. Ensure that your assignment is submitted to turnitin and the report accompanies your hardcopy submission. 11. Use A4 sized, white paper. This assignment must be typed using a 12 sized Arial font with one and a half spacing. The Appendix A must be attached to the front of your typed presentation. All work (including the appendices) must be neat and presentable. 12. This is an ORAL PRESENTATION where each member of the group GIVES A SPEECH to the audience. This is NOT A READING EXERCISE! You will automatically be given a fail grade if you read your speech. 13. You can use visual aids such as posters or transparencies to enhance your presentation. Make sure such accessories are clear and viewable by all the audience. Remember that posters, overheads, etc. are tools in a presentation and not a crutch. If you hide behind them or if they are sloppy, you will be penalised. 14. Ensure that you have all your visual aids ready before you start. 15. Marks will be deducted for not following instructions. If you do not understand the instructions or task assigned, make an appointment to see your lecturer well before the due date. 16. Each group member will be marked individually during the presentation by the lecturer. HOWEVER, these individual marks will be added together and an average mark will be awarded to the group members! This is to ensure, that the whole group interacts as a team to prevent weak links and poor presentations. 17. REMEMBER!!! You need to include persuasive techniques in your presentation in order to convince them of your point of view.

Oral Presentation Rubric


Non Verbal Communication

Eye Contact Does not attempt to look at Only focuses attention to one audience at all, reads notes the particular part of the class, does entire time not scan audience 0 0.5 Has either a deadpan expression or shows a conflicting expression during entire presentation 0 Occasionally displays both a deadpan and conflicting expression during presentation 0.5 Occasionally looks at Constantly engages audience someone or some groups by scanning or roving eye during presentation contact 1 2 Occasionally demonstrates either a deadpan OR contradictory expression during presentation 1 Gives audience clues to what the content of speech is about; never deadpan or contradictory 2

Facial Expressions


Makes minor mistakes, Tension and nervousness is Displays mild tension; has but quickly recovers from Student displays relaxed, selfobvious; has trouble recovering trouble recovering from mistakes. them; displays little or confident nature from mistakes. no tension. 2 0 0.5 1 Sits during presentation, slumps, or leans on desk. Gestures are inappropriate. 0 0 Occasionally slumps, or Statue-like rigidity leans during No gestures to reinforce message presentation; few OR distracting gestures gestures used 0.5 1 6-9 are noticed 0.5 1-5 are noticed 1 Stands up straight in a relaxed way; natural movement; effective gestures 2 No vocalized pauses noticed 2


Vocalized Pauses (uh, 10 + are noticed well uh, um) TOTAL

Examiners Notes: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Section B: Content of presentation A Content Subject matter not clear; irrelevant information included ; vague One or more important points left out 0-2 Displays no persuasive techniques. 0 Information is not clearly connected to the subject matter. OR Insufficient material. Majority of points glossed over 3-4 Displays some persuasive techniques and attempts to arouse interest in audience. 1 Sufficient information that relates to subject matter; Many relevant points made. Majority of points covered, some points glossed over. 5 -6 Material clearly related to the subject matter. Explains all points according to the brief given 7-10 B C

Persuasive Ability

Displays clear attempts Successfully convinces audience to persuade audience in with varied and stimulating introduction and persuasive techniques . maintains interest. 4-5 2-3 Interesting, relevant visual aid enhances presentation by illustrating and reinforcing. 4-5 Presentation is logically organized; the audience is able to following the structure 3 Demonstrates a strong positive feeling about topic during entire presentation. The interest level of the audience is maintained throughout. 2 Presentation is between 6-7 minutes 0

Visual Aids

Unclear, distracts audience and hard to read. uses irrelevant visual aids. 0 No apparent logical order of Presentation. Thoughts presented haphazardly, illogically. 0 Speaker shows no interest in the topic; audience is confused /bored Low volume and/or monotonous tone cause audience to disengage. 0

Visual aid does not Visual aids relate to the support the text of the presentation. presentation; is irrelevant 2-3 1 Presentation doesn't flow, although some attempt at structure exists. Information is loosely connected; lacks clear transitions. 1 Shows lack of enthusiasm /interest toward topic presented Does not engage audience most of the time 0.5 Information articulated clearly; there are some minor flaws in logical structure 2 Occasionally shows positive feelings about topic. Engages the audience most of the time 1 Presentation exceeds 7 minutes -1


Enthusiasm & Engagement of audience

Time frame (deduct marks as follows) TOTAL

Presentation is less than Presentation is between two minutes 4-5 minutes -2 -1