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Madeleine Valcour IB History HL 9. To what extent did Maos domestic policies solve the problems he faced?

-identify the problems and specific policies -assess the extent to which policies addressed problems. -RULE, not rise. Introduction: -a bit about his ideology and goals etc Discuss problems -backward, underdeveloped industry -chaotic government system -unemployment -food shortages -inflation -rising population

20 March 2012

Discuss relative policies -agrarian reform law 1950 (research) -Co-operations, collectivization of land 1953 -took over banks and ordered wages and prices to be fixed at set amounts, punished black marker transactions severely. -rebuilding railways which had been destroyed in civil war and war with japan to help bring coal from the north to the cities. -Five Year Plan 1953 la Russia: heavy industry, transport focused. Was reasonably successful (research more) How much each one worked, how problem was dealt with