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Cc bn download link di y nghe v in vo nhng ch cn trng Numbers: I, for One, Use These Expressions a Lot download here Now,

, the VOA Special English program Words and Their Stories. Today I will tell about (expressions1) using numbers. Let us (start2) the number one. Numbers can be (3). and the one hand(4), they are simply numbers. On the other hand, they have meanings. I (5) use these expressions a lot. Many people consider themselves number one, the (most important 6) person. They are always (looking up for number one7) and (taking care number one (8). It is as if they are the one and only person on (earth9). Some people however, are not so (subtencious10). My brother is such a person. It is true (no job11). I am not trying to (poor that one12) on you. First, you have to understand that my brother is (one in annearly (13). He is such a (nice 14) person. All his friends like him. They consider him one of the poors15). Recently, my brother had a (bad day16) at the office. It was just one of both days17). Nothing (18) right. So he stopped at a local poor(19) -- a (20) place -- after leaving work. My brother planned to have a glass of beer with his friends -- a (21) before he went home. But a (22) turned into one or two, and soon those became (23). As my brother was leaving, he ordered a last drink -- one (24). His friends became (25). One by one, they asked him if he (26) safely. Now my brother is a (27) and (28) person. He is at one with himself. He (29) when he has had too much (30) to drink. So he (31) for a ride home from a (32) friend. (33) in the past, my brother had been in love with this woman. She is a great person -- kind, (34) and (35) -- all good qualities (36) into one. But (37) their relationship did not work. He always (38) say One of (40), I am going to marry this girl. But that never happened. For one thing, she did not love him as much as he loved her. It was just (41). The situation was (42) and my brother had to (43). But even now, he (44) her the one that (45) away. However, they are (46) friends. And because my brother (47) kind to her, she felt that one good turn (48) another. He was (49) to her and she wanted to help him (50). So she (51) him home. If my brother had (52) home from the (53) that night, his (54) would have been up. Something bad would (55) . (56) he made it home safely. And, he and the woman are (57) one. They are back to (58) they (59) being (60). This VOA Special English program, WORDS AND THEIR STORIES, was (61) by Jill Moss. Im Faith Lapidus.

Hello, n gi sa bi ri, ng l l hm qua nhg v web bn nng cp, nn hm nay mi post bi sa ln cho mi ngi. expressions. Khi ni n 1 th g chung chung, ngta thng dng danh t s nhiu. mt s bn sai ch ny. start with. Mt s bn thiu t with tricky. Mt s bn nghe nhm thnh stricky (t ny hon ton v ngha) v sticky (nhp nhp) On the one hand. Ci ny th ai cng ng h; thng i km vi n l "on the ohter hand" (mt khc) for one. Thng i km vi i t nhn xng I/you/sb for one (chc chn ti, anh, ai ...) most important looking out for number one means do what you think is best for yourself and not care about other people. taking care of number one (ch chm cht n bn thn mnh) earth self-centered. y l adj nn fi c ed, mt s bn thiu ch ny. no joke pull a fast one (la gt ai) one in a million = one in a thousand/billion (him hoi; ngn ngi mi c mt) nice one of the boys means a typical male bad day (C bi ht ca Daniel Powter ta Bad Day rt hay, mi ngi nghe cha nh?) one of those days = a bad day, full of problems went bar drinking quick one = mt ly quick one one too many. If you have had one too many, you have drunk too much alcohol. one for the road = an alcoholic drink just before leaving concerned drive home wise calm recogninzes. Ngi th 3 s t th t fi thm s alcohol accepted an offer. mt s bn nghe thnh excepted female At one time = trc y. Mt idiom hay dnh cho cc bn khi dch; s dng tt hn t formerly kh dng u cu. thoughtful intelligent rolled up. If someone or something has several qualities rolled into one, they have all of those qualities sadly used to st. S ny ko c these days. trong cm One of these days = one day, someday

one of those things. Thng dng c cu l Its just one of those things c ngha l an event or situation that you cannot explain, or do not like but cannot change. regrettable accept it. Ch ny nhiu bn nghe thnh excepted n considers got still had been deserves. trong cu One good turn deserves another = c qua c li good in return drove driven. trong cu If my brother had driven home from the bar that night, his number would have been up. = When your number is up, you are going to die. (ti s) bar number have happened Thankfully back to square one = bt u li t u where started friends written. Ch n gin ny li c rt nhiu bn vit sai