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Col. Travis Hoover Composite Squadron Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1 April 17, 2012

Upcoming Events:
MOWG Encampment Staff Training Weekend: 27-29 April Nebraska Wing Encampment: 24-30 June Next Squadron SAREX: 30 June-1 July Missouri Wing Encampment: 7-15 July

Aerospace Learning Center

Our Aerospace Learning Center (ALC) was assembled and is hosted by our Aerospace Education Officer, Capt. Ernie Trumbly. The ALC is used as a hands-on aerospace classroom to teach cadets about aerodynamics, aircraft and aircraft subsystems. The growing number of displays focus on aircraft and their subsystems, along with aerodynamic theory. One display area concentrates on cockpit evolution and instrumentation. The walls are adorned with photos of various aircraft cockpits and story boards on avionics, cockpit evolution and HelmetMounted Systems. There is a full scale Israeli Kfir fighter aircraft cockpit on display as well. Another part of the display area focuses on aircraft sub-systems such as structures, landing gear, propulsion/fuels, electrical and hydraulics, oxygen, ejection seats, etc. Perhaps the most attentiongrabbing display is the area which concentrates on the external stores subsystems such as racks and pylons, various pods and systems, and armament. The armament display features several full-scale infra-red guided missiles from the US, UK, Japan, France, Israel and Russia. A large display of aircraft antennas assorted by functional use is mounted on the ceiling. There are also various air data, temperature, and angle of attack probes and sensors on display. Future plans include an engine and eventually an airframe. Plans to acquire and build a flight simulator cockpit for cadet use is currently being discussed. The ALC will be the center of

Inside this issue:

Mission Base SAREX Color Guard Places 2nd as Cadet Competi-

The Cockpit Display is One of the Favorite Learning Areas of Our Cadets

Squadron SAREX 2

forthcoming outreach Aerospace education for schools, Boy Scouts, and a host of others.

Seniors Complete CLC Members Credited with NonDistress Find Safety Brief -Hydration Our New Commander: Capt. Perry Workman

Squadron Website Updated

Did you know we have a Squadron Website? We do, and it has been updated. Go to http:// and check it out. Recent improvements include a new page theme, roster and calendar updates, and new pictures. Ideas for new and additional content are always welcome. There are places to submit comments throughout the site, or you can contact 1st Lt. Jered Horn. The Squadron Website, along with our Facebook and LinkedIn pages are attempts to keep up with the digital age and allows us to take advantage of electronic media. The current website is just a start. There is potential to build it into an essential tool for Squadron information-sharing and outreach. You can help by visiting the site and providing feedback.

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Col. Travis Hoover Composite Squadron Newsletter

Mission Base SAREX

On 7 April, 2012, aircraft, ground teams, and mission base staff from at least nine squadrons of the Missouri Wing converged to conduct Mission Base SAREX to practice response to flooding in the Mississippi and Missouri river basins. CAP assets were deployed for aerial and ground photo reconnaissance of critical infrastructure, levee patrol, and to perform search and rescue operations of endangered persons. Over 300 photos were uploaded into the Automated Recon Geotagging-image Upload System (ARGUS). Aerial photos were taken of the river basin. Ground photos were taken for critical infrastructure evaluation. CAP incident command was practicing coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and the Missouri National Guard in order to accomplish the assigned mission. We train so we can learn to work well with our state and federal partners, said Capt. Austin Worcester, the Missouri Wings Emergency Services Training Officer and incident commander (IC) for this exercise. Seven CAP aircraft flew 12 air missions and three ground teams completed 15 ground missions. More than 100 CAP members participated in the exercise.

SAREX Mission Base in the SEMA Center at ISTC

Color Guard Places 2nd At Cadet Competition

It was amazing to have five great teams competing. Lt. Col. Julie Oldham
After months of preparation, including countless hours of practice and studying, five of Missouris finest squadron Color Guard teams converged on Jefferson City to compete in the 2012 Missouri Wing Color Guard Competition. The event took place on 10 March, 2012 at Ike Skelton Training Center (ISTC). On her impression of this years competition, Lt. Col. Julie Oldham said, It was amazing to have five great teams competing. Teams from Cass County Composite Squadron, Central Missouri Composite Squadron, Col. Travis Hoover Composite Squadron, St. Charles Composite Squadron, and Springfield Regional Composite Squadron vied for top honors and the designation of 2012 Missouri Wing Color Guard. Teams competed in the six events as part of the Color Guard competition. The events were: written exam, panel quiz, uniform inspection, standard drill, indoor practical, and outdoor practical. When all was said and done, Springfield Regional Composite Squadron marched their way to the top spot. Our color guard placed second.

Squadron SAREX
On 17 March, 2012, cadets and senior members from our squadron conducted a SAREX at 1st Lt. Andrea Edwards property just east of Carthage. More than 5 hours of ground team training was conducted and one mission was completed. All attendees left well on their way toward GTM-3 qualification. The surroundings were perfect for the exercise as well as the cookout at lunch. With renewed interested in Emergency Services (ES) among cadets and senior members alike, we are planning more exercises in the near future. Talk with our ES Officer, Major Bill Knotts, if you have any questions or want to know more.

Senior Member Being Rescued During the Exercise

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Seniors Complete CLC

After completing the Squadron Leadership School (SLS) and learning about squadron operations, senior members are able to attend the Corporate Learning Course (CLC). The term corporate in the title refers to CAPs status as a nonprofit humanitarian corporation chartered by the US Congress in 1946. The CLC is designed to explain how a wing operates in each of CAPs major mission elements and how mission support functions support these mission elements. Armed with this knowledge, senior members can learn how they and their respective organizations can best support the wing and fulfill the corporate role of CAP. Five of our senior members (1st Lt. Andrea Edwards, 1st Lt. Carroll Knotts, 1st Lt. Perry Workman, 2d Lt. Stephanie Workman, and 2d Lt. Susan Murdock) attended a CLC hosted by Table Rock Lake Composite Squadron in Branson 31 March to 1 April. Completion of the CLC is a requirement for level 3 advancement in the senior member professional development program and to be eligible for the promotion of Major.
Senior Members Posing For A Group Picture

Members Credited With Non-Distress Find

Early Sunday morning on 4 March, the call came. An ELT signal was detected in the Aurora, Missouri area. Our members responded and assembled a ground team. The ELT was difficult to find, but the mission ended in a successful non-distress find. Col. Travis Hoover Composite Squadron members participating in this mission were: 1st Lt. Perry Workman, 1st Lt. Andrea Edwards, C/1stLt Caleb Rouse, C/CMSgt Eric Workman, and C/2dLt Sam Russell. Congratulations to the members who responded to the call!

The ELT was difficult to find, but the mission ended in a successful nondistress find.

Safety Brief - Hydration

Your body looses water each day when you go to the bathroom, sweat, and even when you breathe. You loose water even faster when the weather is really hot, when you exercise, or if you have a fever. Vomiting and diarrhea can also lead to rapid fluid loss. If you dont replace the water you loose, you can become dehydrated. Here are the symptoms of dehydration: Dont wait until you notice symptoms of dehydration to act. Actively prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
Signs of Dehydration

Little or no urine, or urine that is darker than usual Dry mouth Sleepiness or fatigue Extreme thirst Headache Confusion Feeling dizzy or lightheaded No tears when crying

Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, Aerospace Education

Squadron History:

Joplin Regional Airport Old Terminal Building Joplin, MO 64801 Phone: 417-529-5251 E-mail:

Our squadron is named after retired Air Force Col. Travis Hoover, one of the famous Doolittle Raiders who led the first U.S. retaliatory raid on Japan after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittles 79-member crew flew 16 Army Air Corps bombers off the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet on April 18, 1942. They brought the United States into World War II by flying to Japan and bombing industrial targets in Tokyo without enough fuel to safely reach landing strips in China. The raid inflicted little damage, but roused American spirits and proved that Japan was vulnerable to U.S. bombers. Hoover flew the second B-25 bomber behind Doolittle. When his plane ran out of fuel, he crash-landed the aircraft into a Japanese rice paddy. Hoover and his four crewmen survived the rough landing, and were met by Tung Sheng Liu, a Chinese aeronautical engineer who helped them evade Japanese troops and reach China. For his service in the historic raid, Hoover received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Our New Commander: Capt. Perry Workman

A change of command occurred on 24 February, 2012. Our previous commander, Lt. Col. Donald Wheeler, announced he would be moving back to Texas. Our own 1st Lt. Perry Workman (who has sense promoted to Captain) stepped in to fill the position of Squadron Commander. Captain Workman was, and still is, the Communications Officer and Deputy Commander. For now, and the foreseeable future, he will continue to hold those positions along with assuming command of the Squadron. The Workman family has been a staple in the Col. Travis Hoover Composite Squadron for several years now. Capt. Workman joined in 2008. His wife, 2d Lt Stephanie Workman Jacob Workman and C/CMSgt Eric Workman both joined CAP in 2007. C/2dLt Jacob Workman is one of our Squadrons previous Cadet Commanders. We all look forward to the future of our Squadron under Capt. Workmans command.

Lt. Col. Wheeler Prepares to Hand 1st Lt. Workman the Ceremonial Flag

recently became a member and is our current Safety Officer. Capt. Workmans sons, C/2dLt