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Manipulating Worksheets in Excel

1. Open My Budget from the Assignment Files folder in e-Chalk. 2. Save it to your USB Drive by the same name.

Moving Worksheets
There are times when youve created or inherited a workbook that is disorganized. You can fix it by simply putting the tabs in order. 3. Look at the tabs at the bottom of your screen:

Notice they are out of order. We want to put these tabs in order. Here are the steps: a. Click on the February tab b. Hold the mouse button down c. Slide the mouse down the tabs to the left until the black arrow is between January and Monday

d. Release the mouse button. 4. Move all the other tabs so that the tabs using the steps above so that the months are in order and Monday and Tuesday are at the end. You will be missing May, August and December. That will be fixed later. 5. Save your workbook

Deleting Worksheets
Sometimes you dont want a worksheet anymore for some reason. Its easy to get rid of a worksheet you dont need but once it has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. 6. You will want to get rid of the weekday worksheets because they dont fit with the budget were trying to create. a. Right-Click on Monday, this is menu that comes up

b. Click on Delete c. You will get this error after you click delete:

d. Click the Delete Button 7. Save your workbook

Renaming Worksheets
When you first create a workbook or when you copy worksheets, the names may not be appropriate for what you are doing. Renaming tabs makes it easier to find your data in a workbook you are working in. 8. You can also rename your worksheets since you have a few extra. 9. Double-Click on Tuesday and it will highlight the text on the tab. Type the word May on the tab.

10. Move May so that it is behind April using the steps listed in # 3. 11. Save your workbook

Copying Worksheets
Copying worksheets allows you reuse a worksheet you already have created and formatted so that you dont have to repeat work you have already done. 12. We still need an August and December. a. Right click on July and select Move or Copy from the list.

You will get this dialog box.

b. Click on September in the menu so that your copy will come up before September. c. Click in the checkbox for Create a copy beneath the menu so that it will create a copy of the worksheet instead moving it. d. Click on OK 13. The new worksheet was named July2. You will need to rename it: Double-click on the tab and type August 14. Save your workbook

Inserting Worksheets
If you dont have enough worksheets and you need a fresh worksheet in a workbook, its easy to add a new one. 15. You will need a December Worksheet as well. a. Right click on the August Tab b. Click on Insert

c. Select Worksheet and then click OK.

d. Rename the tab so that it reads December. 16. Save your workbook

Coloring Worksheet Tabs

Worksheet tabs do not need to be the color they are when you first create a workbook. You can color the tabs so they are attractive to look at and help you to define your worksheet for ease of use. 17. Now we want to color the tabs so that they are attractive and easy to pick out through the year. a. Right click on the tab for January and click on Tab Color


19. 20. 21.

b. Select a pretty light blue. c. Do that for February and March as well. You can color more than one tab at a time by using the shift key when selecting tabs: a. Click on April and hold down the shift key b. Click on June (This will select all three tabs at once) c. Let go of the shift key d. Right-Click on June, select Tab recolor and select a pretty pink Do the same for July, August, and September. Color these tabs a light orange color Color October, November, and December tabs a dark green color. Save your work and submit it in e-Chalk