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Instructional aides; A model associated with story, a chart for recapitulation, a well equipped classroom. General objectives 1. To enable the students to understand English 2. To enable the students to speak English 3. To enable the students to read English Instructional objectives; 1. Knowledge- students will be able to know about the story the hare and the tortoise. 2. Understanding- students will be able to understand the moral of the story. 3. Skill-students will be able to develop the skill of listening, reading and speaking English. What is this? (While showing o picture of Hare) Which animal can live both in water and on Land? Have you heard any story of a hare and a Tortoise? no Ans. Tortoise Rabbit


Announcement of the Topic-Students we will learn a story Hare and a Tortoise. Subject Matter-Once upon a time, there lived a hare and a tortoise in a jungle. The hare was very proud of his fast speed. One day, the hare said to the tortoise, I m very fast, but you are very slow. The tortoise replied, No it is not true. I can beat you in a race. The hare laughed and the race was fixed. They also fixed a goal. The race was begun. The hare ran very fast. He was soon far ahead. He saw there was no tortoise at all. The hare was tired. He thought of taking rest under the shadow of a tree. He fell fast asleep. But the tortoise went on moving and finally he reached the goal. When the hare got up, he ran very fast. But the tortoise was already there. The hare felt very small. Moral- Slow and Steady wins the race. Presentation Step 1: Oral development of the composition by P.T. The P.T. will begin the story with the help of teaching aid. He will speak the sentences by pointing towards the various aspects shown in the chart. She will use facial expression and proper gestures to make the story interesting. She will write the meanings of difficult words on blackboard. Step 2: Oral development of the composition by the students

By showing the flash cards, the P.T. will ask the students to develop the story themselves. The teacher will give them keywords. He will ask questions to develop the story. Step 3: Writing of composition by students The P.T. will write an outline of the composition on black-board. Then he will ask the students to write the composition. He will enable the students to complete the story. Recapitulation:-1.What did the hare say to the tortoise? 2. What did they decided? 3. What did the hare do on the way? 4. Who won the race? 5 What do you learn from the story? Home-work:- The pupils will be asked to write and learn the story at home.