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David Plum, Colonel, Nebraska Wing Commander April 2012

The 2012 Wing Conference will be 4-6 May 2012 at the Norfolk Lodge & Suites in Norfolk, NE. Work on your ideas and needs for your meetings and get with Major Schaeffer, our project officer for this year. Lets invite the Region staff personnel to help out in our areas if you cant be with us to make sure your position has some words of wisdom to offer to our members. 10 Days left to register for Wing Conference!!! This years Wing Conference includes an Emergency Services training event Sunday morning. Members signing up and participating in the Emergency Services activity will be able to claim reimbursement for fuel costs incurred attending Wing Conference.

14 April is the cut off date for hotel rooms available for wing conference at the Rodeway Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, & Norfolk County Inn & Suites. Rooms are going fast. Registration fees for the 2012 Wing Conference have been finalized. Banquet Only $25.00 Please send your payment to: Cadet Conference Only $30.00 Nebraska Wing Headquarters Senior Conference Only $40.00 P.O. Box 155 Cadet Conference and Banquet $45.00 Ashland, NE 68003 Senior Conference and Banquet $60.00 ALL PAYMENTS must be postmarked BY APRIL 30th! In the Memo line, put who the payment is for. Please cut and paste the following link into your browser Register online at: Attendees who cancel after April 30th will not receive a refund of their registration fees. Our keynote speaker this year will be Gerald David Oliver; the pilot of the worlds only flying B29 bomber. Aviation inspired David at a very early age; taking the controls of an aircraft for the first time at age 7. Now 29 years old, Oliver is the operations manager for FIFI, the worlds only flying B-29 Super Fortress bomber, and his path to that seat began with a 1994 Young Eagles flight. For more information on the NE Wing Conference and our keynote speaker please visit, There is information on the Home page and by clicking on the Latest News tab at the top of the home page.
The upcoming 2012 Nebraska Encampment is now accepting applications. Scheduled for 24 - 30 June 2012, Nebraska Wing Encampment will be held at Camp Ashland Nebraska. Application deadline is 30 April 2012.

Work it out Make it Happen!

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Nebraska Senior Members: The 2012 Nebraska Encampment is now accepting applications for the 24 - 30 June 2012, Nebraska Wing Encampment to be held at Camp Ashland Nebraska. Cadets attending the encampment must have completed the Curry achievement and seniors must have completed level one training. An encampment can be the most significant and worthwhile training experience of a CAP cadets membership. To make the encampment happen we need seniors members to participate. Without your support, the encampment could be scaled back or cancelled and we do not what that to happen. Goals of Encampments. Encampments are designed to provide CAP members the opportunity to: (1) Apply knowledge gained in the cadet and senior programs to practical situations. (2) Develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities. (3) Develop their leadership potential. (4) Enhance their interpersonal skills. (5) Develop time-management skills. (6) Develop a spirit of teamwork. (7) Inspire a sense of discipline. (8) Learn how to overcome challenges and succeed. (9) Enhance their local units Cadet Program. (10) Aid in retention and motivation. (11) Receive an introduction to the military. Please go to the encampment website at for details about how to apply. The application deadline for cadet and senior staff members is 30 April 2012. Training for all cadet and senior staff members will be 25-27 May 2012 at Camp Ashland. Non-staff cadets planning to attend need to apply by 05 June 2012. There is no cost for adults who stay at the encampment at least 4 days. Others will be charged on a per meal basis. Planned activities include: Rifle Shooting Repelling Emergency Services Training and lots more! Thanks, DAVID M. WAITE, Lt Col, CAP Commander 2012 Nebraska Wing Encampment Information on the encampment can be found at the web site: Get regular updates on Twitter: Text "follow 2012NEWGENCAMP" to 40404

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This was a Nebraska Mission find believed to have occurred between 1968-1970. Do you know/remember this mission? Answer: As for the wreck (Find) photo, to the best of my memory (since I scanned it onto a flash drive years ago and threw away the slide): The aircraft was a brand new Cessna 180 that was being flown up to a flying club in Eastern Nebraska by the club's president and several other club members. The aircraft ran out of gas before reaching Omaha. I believe that a head wind contributed to the fuel usage. the pilot then attempted a landing at Eppley but could not make it. They then attempted to glide onto a farmer's filed on the Iowa side of the Missouri River. But evidently not a skilled dead-stick pilot as he turned on his final approach the aircraft stalled and dropped in a group of trees on the edge of the field. We (CAP) responded to a request for a ground search team. About the time we located the crash (based on information from Eppley), all members walked out (with only scratches and bruises) to a farm house and called the authorities. It seems to me that it was in the Summer, 1968 - 1970. That was probably the easiest search I participated in, the worst was looking for a plane that went down in the Winter carrying a college debate team on its way home (Morningside College I think) from Denver. The weather was terrible, snow storm around freezing. The plane was not found until that Spring, all aboard were killed and it was within 500 yards of a farm house. Story from Carl Lindberg

Greetings, I have been appointed the Report of Survey Officer for the below missing piece of equipment. I am asking if anyone has it please let me know so we can reestablish accountability for the item. A negative response is not required. Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter. DARRELL R. McMILLAN, Lt Col, CAP Vice Commander, NEWG Noun Base Station-HF Make Motorola Model MICOM-2 Serial Number 856SXC1729 Organization NCR-NE-001 Property Tag CAP1002013 Source DOD-Funded Initial Acquisition Cost $1,600.00 Acquisition Date 19 Dec 1997 Useful Life in Years (Remaining) 10 (0) Location Description HF TRANSCEIVER

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Staff Meeting:
No staff meeting in May, due to Wing conference. June Staff meeting will be a cook out or potluck on 12 June. NCR Commander, Col. Sean Fagan has resigned and Col. Dale Hoium is the Interim Commander. Applications for the selection of a new commander for the Region will be accepted until 11 June.

WA, Madeline Kennedy, will be out of the office from 13 April to 20 April. All inquires should be sent to Lt. Col. Darrell McMillan at Staff Announcement Lt. Col. Dave Smith is Wing Assistant Safety Officer as additional duty. Mission changes:
CAPF 108s are no longer required to be uploaded or submitted to the wing for reimbursement of ground sortie fuel. The receipt must be uploaded within 72 hours of the last sortie and must include last name, mission number, sortie(s) numbers (if more than one for that amount of fuel, write them all on the receipt), the vehicle license number if POV or vehicle number if corporate vehicle. If this information is not on the fuel receipt, your fuel amount will not be reimbursed. The mission will be closed after 7 days. READ CLOSELY--- WMIRS RULES UPLOADING Fuel RECEIPTS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 72 hours OF SAREXS INTO WMIRS ITEMS LISTED ON RECEIPT MUST INCLUDE: Name (printed legibly) MISSION NUMBER SORTIE NUMBERS IF MORE THAN ONE LIST ALL VEHICLE LICENSE # OR AIRCRAFT # YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF THIS IS NOT DONE WITHIN 72 Hours OF EXERCISE. NO EXCEPTIONS Mission will be closed within 7 days.

Direct Deposit:
Members are still encouraged to use the direct deposit at National for fuel reimbursement of Air Force funded missions. With closing out these mission within 7 days, your money will be deposited into your account sooner. The wing will still issue checks to those members not participating in the direct deposit.

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5 April 2012 We have completed the upgrade of our membership system and we appreciate your patience during this transition. We are excited about the new benefits this system will provide our organization. If your membership expired during this period you can log into e-Services and complete your renewal at this time. Also, all applications, promotions, and other membership-related actions sent in during the upgrade window will now be processed. The applications below have been relocated to its new location. Any member that previously had access to these applications will automatically be granted permissions to its new location. Group Admin has been relocated to Membership System under the Group Admin tab. CAP Personnel Information has been renamed Personnel Information. Organization Contacts has been moved into the Membership System application under the Organization Maintenance tab. Membership (Duty Performance Promotions, Retirements, and Transfers) has been moved into the Membership System application with specific tabs for each action. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact the CAP Helpdesk on eServices if you have questions. Thank You. Sincerely, Your NHQ team Web servers, located at the National Technology Center (NTC), are moving to CAP NHQ (Maxwell AFB, AL) on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. This will be done in two stages. First, the online testing system will be taken down on Monday, 9 April, at 6:00 AM EDT. The tests affected will be: Spaatz Testing Senior Specialty Track Exams Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (Yeager) Exam Cadet Orientation Quiz (Glider) CAP Basic Instructor Course Exam CAPP 221 (A, B, & C) End of Course Exams CAPT 116 General Emergency Services (GES) Exam CAPT 117 ES Continuation Education Exam Parts 1 3 FRO On-line Course Exam GA-8 Course Exams Maule Familiarization Course Exams NCPSC Glider Exam Satellite Digital Imaging System Exam Skills Evaluator Training Exam SSF/CAP Tow Pilot Course Wing Runner Test CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE >

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Continued from page 4 The remaining NTC web systems (WMIRS, Communications, NESA Registration, etc.) will be taken down at 12:01 AM EDT, 11 April. Once all the data is moved and the systems tested, they will be put online and links in eServices to the new locations will be updated. The new web addresses (URL) will be: will become will become All pages at will move to except the Communications pages. The Communications pages will be at All systems should be online by noon EDT on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. We will work with the AFRCC and 1st Air Force to be sure they have the current alert rosters for all wings and missions will continue during this time. Questions should be directed to the National Operations Center at 888-2111812 ext. 300 or

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2012 Nebraska Wing Encampment

Please go to the encampment website at for details about how to apply. The application deadline for cadet and senior staff members is 30 April 2012. Training for all cadet and senior staff members will be 25-27 May 2012 at Camp Ashland. Non-staff cadets planning to attend need to apply by 05 June 2012. There is no cost for adults who stay at the encampment at least 4 days. Others will be charged on a per meal basis. Planned activities include: Rifle Shooting Repelling Emergency Services Training and lots more!

2012 Wyoming Wing Encampment

Dates of encampment: 4-12 August, 2012, staff to report on 2 August, 2012 Location: Camp Guernsey, WY Cost: $170 for basic/advanced trainees, $120 for cadet and senior member staff - checks made out to WY Wing CAP. Important Forms and Information: Invitation Letter (DOC) CAP Form 31, Activity Application (DOC) Release Form (DOC) CAP Form 60 (PDF) Mile Run Certificate (DOC) Transportation Certificate (DOC) Equipment List (XLS) Training Guidelines Deadlines: Staff - April 30, 2012 - See instructions in this letter. Basic/Advanced trainees: July 9, 2012 - need CAPF 31, release, mile run certificate, transport certificate and check for $170 to Col Skrabut. Contact Information: Col Stan Skrabut, 2012 WY Wing Encampment Commander 659 N 10th Street, Laramie, WY 82072 307-287-8147 Nebraska Wing Conference - Cadets Mini-Conference I apologize that this section is blank. I requested the information, however I didnt get anything back.

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National Aerospace Education Officers School Date: JUNE 19-23 Location: Pensacola, FL Go to (Click AE,: Whats New?) Association of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Offering FREE Membership to CAP Cadets The Association of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has joined hands with CAP and is providing complimentary membership to any cadet under age 19.The AMAs TAG (Take-off And Grow) events partner CAP cadets with AMA chapters for exciting remote-controlled aircraft experiences. This partnership allows CAP cadets great mentorship and career exploration opportunities. To find out more, contact, To access CAPs related remote-controlled aircraft lessons, go to, Lessons and Other Resources at

Attention Aerospace Education Officers 4-3 The first quarter (January to March) is now over. Please fill out your quarterly report and send it to the wing director of aerospace education. The aerospace education staff here at wing sends their thanks to you.

Start Thinking About Summer 4-10 The National Aerospace Education Officers School will be held at Pensacola Naval Air Station in the Florida panhandle starting on June 19and ending June 23. If interested contact the wing Director of Aerospace Education (DAE) for more information.

WING CONFERENCE IS COMING! 4-17 This year the Nebraska Wing Conference will be start on Friday, May 4 and end on Sunday, May 6, 2012. It will be held at the Norfolk Lodge & Suites in Norfolk. . The Nebraska Wing director of Aerospace Education will be there with free gifts and resource materials for current AEOs. We hope to see you there!

WEB SITE OF THE QUARTER 4-24 Visit the Nebraska department of Aeronautics at (copy and paste address into browser) Once there you will find navigational aids, pilot information, links, frequently asked questions, programs, aviation symposium, publications, and airports in Nebraska, All kind of information, so check it out!

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NCR Drill/Color Guard Competition Location: Camp Ripley, MN Date: 13-15 April 2012 ICS400 Location: LaVista Fire Dept District 2 108th St. and Chandler (between Giles & Harrison) Date: 21-22 April 2012 Register: MORE IMPORTANT DATES: SLS at Sandhills Composite Squadron - 28 April 2012 Fremont SAREX - 21 April 2012 Nebraska Wing Conference Location: Norfolk, NE Date: 4-6 May 2012 Contact: Tom Schaeffer

Nebraska Wing Summer Encampment Location: Camp Ashland Date: 24-30 June 2012 Contact: Lt. Col Dave Waite Application Deadline: 30 April 2012 NCR Roger Brogren Glider Academy Location: Mankato, MN Date: 14-21 July 2012 Contact: Lt Col Roger Brogren Wyoming Wing Encampment Location: Camp Guernsey, WY Date: 4-12 August 2012 Contact: Col Stan Skrabut, 2012 WY Wing Encampment Commander 659 N 10th Street, Laramie, WY 82072 307-287-8147 ICS300 - Intermediate Location: New Hampton, IA 260 East Bldg, Chickasaw Co Rescue Bldg Date: 28-29 August 2012 Register: Contact: Beth Lewis 515-725-3204 ICS400 - Advanced Location: New Hampton, IA 260 East Bldg, Chickasaw Co Rescue Bldg Date: 30-31 August 2012 Register: Contact: Beth Lewis 515-725-3204 Nebraska Compliance Inspection Location: Camp Ashland Date12-14 October 2012 Contact: Col. David Plum

AF SAR Eval Location: Columbus, NE Date: 19 May 2012 NCR Staff College Location: Offutt AFB, Omaha NE Date: 3-8 June Contact: Col Mary F Donley 605-321-8056 National Flight Academy Location: Fremont, NE Date: 14-28 June Contact: Col David Plum Nebraska Airfest & 2012 Nebraska State Fly-in Location: Norfolk Regional Airport Date: 16-17 June 2012 Contact: Joseph Graae at

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APRIL April Birthdays

Capt Clark Dix Capt Gail Axen Lt Col John Talbott Maj Brian Farleigh Poetry Month 1 - April Fools Day Reminders: 1 - Palm Sunday *Member email addresses on 5 - Maundy Thursday eServices; it is very important to keep your email address up6 - Good Friday dated in eServices. To check or 8 - Easter update your info, go to the 8-14 - Library Week Review/Edit my Info link 9 - Easter Monday at the top of the eServices 13-15 - NCR Drill/Color Guard Comp. (Pg. 9) homepage. Please keep 17 - Income Tax Day physical address up21-22 - ICS400 (Pg. 9) dated also. 22 - Earth Day 25 - Administrative Professionals Day Dont forget any information you 27 - Arbor Day would like to add to the newsletter must be received by noon on the Friday following the staff meeting!

Regulation Changes: CAPR 1-2, 03 APR 12, Personally Identifiable Information CAPR 5-4, 5 FEB 12, Publications & Forms Management (Includes change 2, 30 MAR 12) CAPR 77-1, 9 APR 12, Operations & Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Vehicles NOTE: CAPR 77-1, The way to obtain a CAP drivers permit has changed and will be all done online now. However, HQ servers are being moved and you wont be able to do that until the servers are back up. CAPR 76-1, 9 APR 12, Civil Air Patrol Member Movement via Military Aircraft CAPR 50-17, 24 MAY 11, CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program (Includes change 1, 9 APR 12 All of these can be found at, then click on Forms, Publications, & Regulations, and one more click on Indexs, Regulations, & Manuals. You can then click on the regulation you are looking for. NOTE: Shaded areas identify new or revised material since the 1 October 2011 Index 0-2 & Index 0-9 All Staff, So you are aware of these speed bumps that have become necessary at Camp Ashland, please heed below from the Camp Site. Thank you and we all need to observe the rules from the base. Madeline ALCON: Due to observed and reported excessive speed of vehicles leaving the gate, I have installed a set of speed bumps next to the guard shack. The posted speed limit is 10 mph and the presence of the speed bumps should decrease the frequency of speeding vehicles in this area. Please disseminate to the lowest levels. Thank you. /r 1SG Richard Goodenberger First Sergeant, NEARNG Operations, CA-TS
CAP Policy of Non-Discrimination: It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no member shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any CAP program or activity on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability (formerly handicap). It is CAP policy that no applicant meeting the CAPs minimum age requirements will be denied membership in CAP on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability (formerly handicap).

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Scald Prevention
Safety Tips
A scald injury can happen at any age. Children, older adults and people with disabilities are especially at risk. Hot liquids from bath water, hot coffee and even microwaved soup can cause devastating injuries. Scald burns are the second leading cause of all burn injuries.

Scald Safety

Teach children that hot things can burn, Install anti-scald devices on tub faucets and shower heads. Always supervise a child in or near a bathtub. Test the water at the faucet. It should be less than 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius). Before placing a child in the bath or getting in the bath yourself, test the water. Test the water by moving your hand, wrist and forearm through the water, The water should feel warm, not hot, to the touch. Place hot liquids and food in the center of the table or toward the back of the counter. Have a kid-free zone of at least 3 feet around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried. Open microwaved food slowly, away from the face. Never hold a child while you are cooking, drinking a hot liquid, or carrying hot foods or liquids. Never heat a baby bottle in a microwave oven. Heat baby bottles in warm water from the faucet. Allow microwaved food to cool before eating. Choose prepackaged soups whose containers have a wide base or, to avoid the possibility of a spill, pour the soup into a traditional bowl after heating.

Burn Rx
Treat a burn right away. Cool the burn with cool water for 3 - 5 minutes. Cover with a clean, dry cloth. Get Medical help if needed.

Prepackaged microwavable soups are a frequent cause of scald burn injuries (especially noodle soups) because they can easily tip over, pouring hot liquid ( and noodles) onto the person.

Create a Safe-Zone!

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-30Welcome to the April edition of -30- The Public Affairs teams part of Fly the Horizon. This month the PA team would like to invite all the members of our Wing that plan on attending our upcoming wing conference to stop in at the PAs breakout session. We hope to receive input from our members on how youd like both our internal as well as external information program to look. We also plan to discuss potential changes to our website at the session. Everyones feedback is valuable to us. We also plan to speak a bit about crisis communications. We will present some examples of good and not so good responses to crisiss and how our wing plans to handle such events. The breakout session is tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Final time and hotel location will be posted at the conference site. I do have a request for unit commanders. I need your assistance in recruiting additional public affairs specialists for your unit. We have an ongoing need for both squadron PAs and mission information officers. The question occurs is how do you recruit people with both talent and interest in news and/or public relations. Think first about why you joined CAP. The reason you joined is a good place to start in recruiting others. Was it an interest in aviation? Or was it a desire to be a part of an organization that provides emergency & other services to our fellow citizens? Whatever the motivation, chances are good that others you are in contact with just might share that interest. Those common interests extend to folks with skills in news and PR. So where might you find such folks? A good place to start is local media outlets i.e. newspapers, as well as radio and TV stations. Media outlets in medium and large markets oft time have reporters that specialize in aviation and/ or military stories. People that have covered your local events are good potential candidates. Other sources of people with news skills are the PR departments of local businesses and governmental sub-divisions. Finally, I ask all members when participating in a Squadron CAP event to be mindful of photo ops. In this age of digital photography, please snap as many photos as you can. Send them to your unit PA or to me. We will likely find newsworthy photos of newsworthy events. Just be sure to send