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1. The Big Bangcanbestbe described as: A. the creationof matter from nothing B. the creationof energyfrom nothing C. the explosionof space the beginningof time at D. the explosionof radiationand matterinto space

2. In the following diagram:


the symbols)" and A standfor:

A. Wavelengthand half the amplitude B. Wavelengthand amplitude C. Wavelength and intensity D. Frequency and amplitude

3. Study the diagrambelow showing a waveform.

Sucha waveformis typical of : A. An echo B. An electromasnetic wave C. A beat D. A diffraction pattern

4. An alphaparticlemovesinto the space between two oppositelycharged plates.

Due to the electricfield present, alphaparticlewill experience force: the a A. Towardsthe positiveplate B. Towardsthe negativeplate C. Sideways of the field out D. In the oppositedirectionto its motion


The scientist who predicted expansion the universefrom Einstein'sTheory the of of GeneralRelativity was: A. Ariella Stavros B. Albert Einstein C. Edwin Hubble D. AlexanderFriedmann

6. Of the following stars, one that would havethe highestluminositywould be: the A. supergiant B. red giant C. brown dwarf D. white dwarf

7. The energysourcefor a main sequence is: star

A. Hydrogenfusion B. Hydrogenfission C. Helium fusion D. Helium fission

8. Sunspots are: A. Areas of the sun of lower temperature and higher magneticfield B. Areasof the sun of highertemperature lower magneticfield and C. Areasof the sun of lower temperature higher electricfield and D. Areasof the sun of highertemperature lower electricfield and

9. In a collision between two cars,air bagscan reduceinjuries. This is due to their ability to: A. Increase time it takesfor the change momentumof the passengers the of to occur. B. Decrease time it takesfor the changeof momentumof the passengers the to occur. C. Increase change momentumexperienced the passengers. the of by D. Decrease changeof momentumexperienced the passengers. the by

10. In an electriccircuit an ammetershould: A. Have a low resistance be connected series and in B. Have a high resistance be connected series and in C. Have a low resistance be connected parallel and in D. Have a high resistance be connected parallel and in

11. If the velocity of an objectchanges, can be certainthat: we A. A singleforce actedon the object B. A net externalforce actedon the object C. The momentumof the objecthasbeenconserved D. The directionof the objectmust havechanged

12. A I metrelengthof copperwire hasa total resistance 0.01O. The resistance of of a 2 metrelength of copperwire of equal cross-sectional areaat the same temperature would most likely be: A. 0.0050 B.0.0lo

c. 0.020 D. 2A

ANSWERS: 1. C 2 . B 3 . C 4 . B 5 . D 6 . A 7. A 8 . A 9 . A 1 0A . 1 1B . 12. C