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Job Title: Grade: Area Of Assignment: Reporting Relationship: Salary Scale: Ref: 2421/11

Clinical Perfusion Scientist Perfusionist CResT Directorate Chief Clinical Perfusion Scientist 47, 979 - 64, 500

CResT DIRECTORATE The CResT Directorate comprises the specialities of Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, and Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. The directorate has 3 inpatient wards and a Cardio Thoracic ICU, a Cardiology Catherisation laboratory, a Respiratory laboratory, two Cardiac Theatres and provides extensive outpatient services. The Cardiothoracic element of the directorate plays a pivotal role in the delivery of services for patients with heart and lung disease. St Jamess Hospital has a clinical directorate structure, which supports the fully integrated multi-disciplinary working environment through which all care is provided. The Keith Shaw Cardiothoracic Unit is a state of the art facility which opened in February 2000 and at present undertakes 400+ adult open heart procedures per annum. REQUIREMENTS Certificate of Accreditation of the Society of Perfusion Scientists of Great Britain and Ireland or the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion or equivalent.


The CPS sets up and operates equipment under the direction of the Surgeon for the provision of total or partial circulator/respiratory support during surgery and carries out various extra corporeal techniques/procedures during surgery or in other situations where deemed necessary. Heart Lung Machine Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Monitoring Equipment Blood Gas/Electrolyte analysers and other Laboratory Equipment Pacemaker Analysis equipment Haemoconcentration equipment

Centrifugal Pumps and other Haemodynamic and Respiratory Support devices Veno Venous By-pass system Rapid Infusion Systems Cells Saver Haemodiafiltration equipment Plasma Exchange equipment

The various techniques/procedures may also include those pertaining to: Left Ventricular Assist Devices Right Ventricular Assist Devices Bi Ventricular Assist Systems (CPS) Preservation techniques/procedures related to harvesting donor organs for transplantation. Reporting of faults/breakdowns and ensuring that these are speedily repaired and rectified. A) Adherence to proper procedures and maintenance of the highest professional standards in relation to Perfusion duties and procedures, confidentiality, attendance, wearing of proper attire while on duty, personal tidiness etc. B) Contributing to, participating and co-operating in teaching, training (including in service training) of personnel assigned to the Perfusion Service and of other hospital staff, as required. C) Keeping abreast of ongoing developments pertaining to the Perfusion Services. This may include participation in courses, training programmes etc. both inside and outside of the country ( in cases where it is deemed necessary to do so) so as to ensure the ongoing delivery of an up to date Perfusion service consistent with resources allocated, current and evolving requirements on the service. In this context, the perfusionist will be required to operate new equipment as may be provided and carry out new techniques as they are developed. D) Carrying out stock requisitioning duties together with duties concerned with stock levels as required, and in so doing implementing appropriate official procedures. E) Carrying out stock requisitioning duties together with duties concerned with stock levels as required, and in so doing implementing appropriate official procedures. F) Assembling and packing equipment/circuits for sterilisation. G) Liaises, co-operates and deals in a courteous manner, with all persons including staff, patients and others with whom he/she comes into contact with in the course of his/her duties. H) Carry out other duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned from time to time. I) The CPS will be obliged to attend any area of the Hospital, where perfusion services are provided now or in the future.

The foregoing should not be considered to be an exhaustive listing, but is an indication of the duties involved. PARTICULARS OF OFFICE 1. The appointment is whole-time permanent and pensionable 2. Annual Leave allowance is 25 days 3. The person appointed must not give less than one months notice, in writing, of intention to resign. 4. Normal working hours will be 35 per week 5. You will be required to work the agreed roster/on call arrangements advised to you by your line manager. Your contracted hours of work are liable to change between the hours of 8.00am 8.00pm over seven days to meet the requirements for extended day services in accordance with the terms of the Framework Agreement GENERAL 1. The Hospital Board will not be responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. 2. Fire orders must be observed and staff must attend fire lectures annually. 3. All accidents within the department must be reported immediately. 4. In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, all staff must comply with all safety regulations. 5. In line with the Tobacco Regulations Act 1990 Smoking within the hospital buildings is Not Permitted. CONFIDENTIALITY In the course of your employment you may have access to or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of patients and/or staff, or other health services business. Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer, on no account must information concerning staff, patients or other health service business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required. ENQURIES Mr. Paul Fagan Chief Perfusion Scientist, Tel: 4103365, Email: For External Applicants: Please contact the Human Resources Directorate for an application form, Ph: 01 4162559 Email: C.V.s will not be accepted. For Internal Applicants: To apply for this position please log on to the internal Core E-Recruitment System on the Intranet. St. James Hospital is an Equal Opportunities Employer