Date 9/15/08

Kerrie Moore
Work Submitted/Due Graphic Organizers if you didn’t hand them in the last time. Next Steps (on my own, in professional development, to extend work done in and for class) • Continue to check the RSS, subscribe to new ones, practice using it, find some relevant information on them. • Get used to Google Reader and it’s format. • Find out what teachers use RSS feeds for • Continue to use Delicious but find out how much it will help as a teacher.

Class Activities/Primary Work • • • • • • • Review the Syllabus and Learning Logs Find safety nets UDL Simulation exercise UDL Reading Cast e-reader Ask 3 before me activity Went to WIKI site DI Quiz Anchor Activities Created home base groups Signed up for chapter studies Watched video Became expert on assessments based off video and then discussed it in groups Learned about autosummary Readability levels Got into home base groups to review our expertise for jigsaw groups Got into jigsaw groups and shared our expertise Create question for quiz Went over problems with


• • • • • •

Graphic Organizers Resubmission

• • •

Use Autosummary for other classes and reading materials Check readability on materials that I send home to children when I am a teacher using the tool found on Microsoft. Continue to check/add RSS feeds. Use ( because you can convert files if they need changes

• • 9/29/08 • • • •

Hand in DI quiz and Internet Evaluation Resource into the Angel Drop Box

• •

Continue to use as a place to share information with others when emails do not let you share it (goes over the limit) Use Choice as a learning strategy in my teaching and tutoring this semester. Use publisher on word because it makes it so it can’t be changed as easily. It is also compatible computer to computer
EDU 276 Learning Log- p. 1 - Last Updated 12/17/2008

class and updated the syllabus Wrote blackout dates Recheck chapter dates that we signed up for Went over homework that was due today Created account with Created powerpoint with DI quiz question Posted it on our WIKI Voted about next week’s class Talked about chapter projects Set up new office hours Create account in Survey Monkey Created survey and posted to the WIKI Create Ilighter account Have chapter read and have an idea of what you want to do For 10/20 – think of something you know and think of one vocab word associated with that skill and be ready to teach it to someone • • Continue to use Ilighter. It highlights and keeps all the necessary information stored. Therefore it’s like you have it in paper. Use Survey Monkey more, even if it’s only with my friends.

• • •

• • 10/06/08 • • • • • • 10/13/08 10/20/08

No Class – Work on Project • • • • • Teach someone a vocab word activity Watched the Marzano video of the new strategy of Vocabulary Instruction Fill in the graphic organizer while watching the video Readability of a PowerPoint. Delicious(ed) many new tools for future use Went over learning log with

No Class – Work on Project No homework due. Homework to do – • Check chapter 16 for next class • Vocab Ticket over WIKI • Take the quiz • Comment under the thread o o Incorporate the Vocabulary Instruction of Marzano into future spelling lessons. Use a variety of graphic organizers to vary the procedures.


Bring in hard copy of wiki

Continue to use the Alan November tools when looking
EDU 276 Learning Log- p. 2 - Last Updated 12/17/2008

safety nets and then with the whole class. Talked about tickets over email and in hard copy Talked about internet evaluation assignment from a while ago 2 presentation Housekeeping for the headphones we can borrow 2 chapters on the wiki Went over housekeeping for the project and the drop box that is on angel. You will need to drop in two things to this box for your project. Talked about the big 6 Virtual field trips Literacy projects in the lab • Homework to do… o Redo web review at the very latest in two weeks o Relook at Alan November Quiz o Look at file for Blooms taxology o Look at chapters 17, 19, 20 o Look at WebQuest that will be put on the wiki over a website Use Phonemic awareness in future lesson plans

• • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • •

• • •


Webquests - / - Video o How is it organized? o What’s on it? o How is it a DI tool? o What are the 1st steps when you introduce a webquest? o What are components? o When do you use it? o How do we determine or assign tasks or jobs? o How might we integrate across curricular

Screen shot of each posting on wiki page and save it to your U-drive Need a camera in the future. Make sure you have access to one Extra credit posting for virtual field trips Resubmition of DI Quiz – due last class Go on a virtual field trip that is posted to the WIKI Meta Search Engine vs Search Engine vs Directory Site excel sheet. Literacy project due next class!! Optional webquest Quizes from WIKI project Tools summary



Use meta search engines in the future as they are more helpful than regular search engines because they search more than one search engine at a time. Think about how to use the concepts in my fellow classmates project in my lesson plan in the future (that is, when I start teaching)


Create and explore webquests. Determine how they are used and how I can integrate them into my classroom

EDU 276 Learning Log- p. 3 - Last Updated 12/17/2008

domains? What are the independent parts? What are the interdependent parts? o Can you differentiate on readiness? Wiki Presentors Housekeeping o Office hour o Exam schedule o Rules on candy o Submissions & resubmissions o Tickets and deals WIKI e-portfolio Went over info literacy technology tips o Thanksgiving Break Wiki Presentors Went over what we should put on our e-portfolio. We also looked at a sample e-portfolio Lab work Wiki Presentors Lab work Group questions with props Recorded on the computers (voice recorded) what we couldn’t learn or have taught on the computer.


• •

• •

Resubmissions Quizzes on WIKI WIKI E-portfolio Housekeeping submissions and any other initial hand-in tickets due before December first.


Use an e-portfolio to build a potential resume

• • • • • • • • • • •

11/24/08 12/01/08

• •

Thanksgiving Break Work on e-portfolio

o o

Thanksgiving break Think about using an e-portfolio on resume


Work on e-porfolio Resubmit anything you want to resubmit by the 18th.


Consider how to use the voice recorder in a lesson or as a teaching tool.

EDU 276 Learning Log- p. 4 - Last Updated 12/17/2008

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