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Big Sky Resort

Hotel Resort Worker Big Sky, MT

Company Biography
Big Sky Resort is Montana's most complete destination resort that combines extensive lodging and conference facilities with outdoor recreation. Originally developed in the early 1970s by NBC newscaster, Chet Huntley, Big Sky first opened its ski lifts in 1973. Big Sky lies high in the mountain meadows surrounded by timberland, the Spanish Peaks Primitive Area and the Gallatin National Forest. Lone Mountain towers 11,166 feet over the resort area. Visitors to this area will experience outstanding recreation, lodging, skiing and western hospitality. Fragrant pines, trout streams, and rugged canyons provide a home to deer, elk, moose, and big horn sheep. Being able to work and live in the mountains is a special treat. Many of the attributes that bring our guests here also bring our employees here. The mountains, an active lifestyle, the Yellowstone Ecosystem, and meeting interesting people have led us here for a season or perhaps a lifetime. We are fortunate to work and live in the shadow of Lone Mountain and share these experiences together. Here at Big Sky Resort we focus on exceptional guest service, teamwork, and creating memorable experiences for employees and guests alike. We look forward to seeing you in Big Sky!

Work and Pay Details

Position title: Hotel Resort Worker Tips? No Working in a 4 star hospitality environment providing exceptional customer service, while cleaning all public areas, cleaning health clubs, assisting housekeeping and laundry, cleaning kitchen dishrooms or bussing tables and assisting servers in one of the restaurants. Students will be assigned to one of the listed positions and remain in that position for the majority of the season. heavy lifting and long periods of standing $300.00 35 Hours 30 Hours July, August and September Every Two Weeks Yes If yes, after how many hours per week do you pay overtime? No 40 Hours Bonus: None Maximum weekly hours allowed: Possibility of getting more than average hours: Students get the least hours in: 40 Hours Average June Hourly wage: $7.65 Description of position:

Specific qualifications required: Estimated weekly wage (incl. tips): Conditions of bonus:

Average hours for last year's students? Minimum average number of hours? Students get the most hours in: How often are students paid? Do you pay overtime? If yes, what are the dates? Position location:

Does your company only operate weekends before or after specific dates? 1 Lone Mountain Trail Big Sky MT 59716

Other Job Details

Minimum english level: Intermediate Positions require long periods of standing. Some positions will work outside and inside, while others will assist in the kitchens. No Clean bathrooms, hallways and meeting rooms. Also help cooks prepare food and clean dishes. Description of working conditions:

Will job duties be different at the beginning of the season? If yes, provide details of specific job duties:

Uniform and Grooming Requirements

Are students required to wear a uniform? Are uniform laundry services available? Yes Yes Yes If yes, what is the cost of the uniform? If yes, what is the cost of the laundry service? Not specified $0.00

Do students need to purchase specific clothing or footwear? Details of purchasing required clothing or footwear: Do you have company grooming requirements? Details of company grooming requirements? Yes

Black pants and comfortable, black shoes, non-slip black shoes for kitchens.

No facial piercing, males must have short hair, no facial hair except mustache, no visible tattoos. Other details discussed at orientation.

Other Company Details

Company hires couples? Yes Company hires groups? Yes How many are allowed in the group? n/a

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Other Company Details

Drug test required? No Do students complete an additional application upon arrival? No No Yes Does your company issue completion certificates? Any additional company details? If requested, will you evaluate the student's performance?

Second Job
Do you permit students to find a second job? Possibility of students finding a second job: Yes Average Do you assist students to find a second job? No

Training Information
Is job training required? Are students paid during training? Any other details? Yes Yes Length of training: Hourly pay rate during training: 25 1 week $7.50

How many hours per week are students likely to receive during training period?

Worksite Location
Worksite location: Nearest major city: Nearest major airport: 1 Lone Mountain Trail Big Sky MT 59716 Bozeman Bozeman, MT (BZN) Worksite setting: Distance to nearest major airport: Remote/Rural 50 miles

Additional worksite setting details: We suggest students fly into Bozeman, stay a night, then come to Big Sky. Apply for Social Security after 10 days.

Standard Arrival Information

Are students required to arrive or depart on specific dates? Details of required arrival or departure dates: Housing check-ins M-F 9am-5pm. Arrivals and departures should be based on work agreement dates. Mode of transportation: Cost: $74.50 Other details: Karst Stage - students need to reserve transportation from airport to Big Sky ahead of time at www.karststage.comOr stay at the Holiday Inn and take the Sky Line bus from Wal-Mart for $5.00. Public Transportation Students must arrive between these hours: Not specified Yes

After Hours Arrival Information

General information: Stay the night at the Holiday Inn and take the Sky Line Bus from Wal-Mart the next day. You can then buy supplies at Wal-Mart. Holiday Inn Bozeman Accommodation address: Shuttle, call 406-587-4561 5 Baxter Lane Bozeman

Name of accommodation: Cost per night: $69.00

Best way to travel from airport to overnight accommodation:

Social Security
Are students required to apply for a social security card prior to arriving at worksite? Will the company assist students with their social security application? Assistance detail: No No

We suggest students fly into Bozeman, stay a night at the Holiday Inn, and then come to Big Sky. Please apply for your Social Security Card after 10 days. We provide bus schedules, maps and information required to apply for the Social Security Card. Bozeman Check Distance: 50 miles

Where is the nearest social security office?

How will students be paid until their social security card arrives?

Housing Details
Housing address: Is housing provided? Type of housing provided: Housing details: Do you offer co-ed housing? 1 Lone Mountain Trail Big Sky MT 59716 Yes Yes Number of students to a room: 2 Dormitory Yes If not, will you assist students in finding housing? No

Is the student required to sign a separate housing contract?

Dorm style with twin beds, bathroom, microwave and refrigerator.

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Housing Details
Cost of housing - per week: Is a housing deposit required? Housing deposit due date: Conditions of deposit refund: How will deposit be refunded? 52.50 Yes Amount of housing deposit: Is deposit refundable? Yes $300.00 Upon arrival. Deposit must be paid before student can move into room. Yes Includes utilities? Yes Are housing costs deducted from paycheck? Instructions for payment of housing deposit:

The housing room must be left clean with no damage, student must check out properly with housing staff. The deposit will be refunded on the paycheck from the payperiod that the check out date falls within No Yes

Are students required to live in provided housing upon arrival? During their work stay, can students find alternate housing? If yes, is there a penalty? No

Transportation to/from Worksite

Method of transportation to worksite: Distance to worksite: less then 1 mile Not specified Bus is FREE. Not specified Cost of public transportation to worksite: Details of public transportation to worksite: Walk or bus. Is worksite within walking distance of housing? Yes

Cost of transportation to worksite provided by employer: Details of transportation to worksite arranged by employer: Cost of arranging own transportation to worksite: Details of arranging own transportion to worksite:

Not specified

Housing Amenities
Available public transportation: Access to public transportation? Laundry: Refrigerator: TV: Computer/Internet Access: Supermarket: Shopping mall: Post office: Bank: Movie theater: Yes Yes No Yes Bus, Interstate Bus Walking Distance On Site Housing Amenities Linens: Microwave: Telephone: Utensils: No Yes No No Nearby Amenities Requires Transportation Requires Transportation Requires Transportation Requires Transportation Requires Transportation Restaurants: Fitness center: Laundry: Internet cafe: Library: Walking Distance Walking Distance Walking Distance Walking Distance Requires Transportation Private bath: Air conditioning: Security guard: Gym: Yes No Yes No

Additional amenities:

Meal Information
Are meals included in rent cost? If not, meal plan cost per day: No $6.00 No Meals covered: Lunch

Is the purchase of a meal plan mandatory?

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