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Upgrade Process to SAP Business One 8.

8 Patch Level 20

CAUTION    This document describes the upgrade process to SAP Business One 8.8 Patch Level 20 (PL20). This patch requires a database upgrade. Before running the 8.8 PL20 upgrade, upgrade your SAP Business One to 8.8 PL19 if you are running versions prior to 8.8 SP00.  You can upgrade your SAP Business One to 8.8 PL19 from the following versions: o 2005 A SP01 o 2005 B o 2007 A SP00 o 2007 A SP01 PL14 and lower o 2007 B SP00 PL23 and lower In case you have problems upgrading the SAP Business One client to 8.8, find the solution from SAP Note 1333696. In one of the following cases, only upgrade to 8.8 when a higher patch level of SAP Business One 8.8 that supports your current patch level becomes available. For more information, refer to SAP Note 1398527. o The patch level of your SAP Business 2007 A SP01 is higher than PL14 o The patch level of your SAP Business 2007 B SP00 is higher than PL23 Follow the instructions outlined in the relevant AdministratorGuide_SQL.pdf. The client upgrade upgrades also the DI API. For DI Server, upgrade it in the upgrade wizard or separately.

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3. The current version of the copyrights. Using the Upgrade Wizard to Upgrade the Following Server and Client Components:  Server components: o o o o o o o  Server tools Common database Add-Ons Outlook Integration server Online Help Company databases RSP (See also the RSP landing page at see the info file provided in the download area of Service Marketplace. In addition to the updates described above. see the section 5. Trademarks and Disclaimers © Copyright 2010 SAP AG.ReadMe To run the upgrade process.pdf. © 2010 SAP AG Page 2 of 2 . Upgrading SAP Business One Add-Ons For more information. the patch might include more updated components.pdf.5 Upgrading SAP Add-Ons in the is valid for this document. Copyrights.3.4 Upgrading SAP Business One Client Workstations in the Client components: o o o o o DI API Mail and fax service Software Development Kit (SDK) Data Transfer Workbench (DTW) Outlook Integration standalone version 2. All rights reserved.3. and disclaimers at http://www. For information on updated components.service. see the section 5. trademarks. Upgrading SAP Business One Client Workstations For more information. follow the steps below: 1.