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LESSON PLAN Teacher`s name: Anca Marinela Elena School: coala cu clasele I-VIII Avram Iancu Abrud Date:

: the 30th of April Time: 50 minutes Number of students: 24 Grade: the 4th A form Textbook: LIMBA ENGLEZ, Firm steps, edit. Corint. Unit : FUN TIME Topic: AT THE CIRCUS Type of lesson: teaching- learning Skill: writing, speaking, reading, listening to Teaching techniques: conversation, individual work, team work, exercise, explanation, role play. Aids: textbook, pupils` notebooks, flashcards, model, pins, chalk, blackboard, tape recorder. Language focus: New vocabulary related to the topic. Lesson aims: 1. to raise expectations and create involvement in reading task; 2. to acquire and use new vocabulary; 3. to understand the text and to be able to answer the questions related to it; 4. to make connection between images and words; 5. to make difference between written and spoken English. ACTIVITY 1: Warm up The teacher greets the pupils. The pupil on duty tells the absents; the teacher writes the absents in the roll; then the teacher checks homework and pupils correct mistakes, if necessary. TIMING: 3 minutes INTERACTION: teacher pupils ACTIVITY 2: Lead in Aim: to introduce the topic: AT THE CIRCUS Procedure: The teacher asks the pupils several questions: Have you ever been at the circus? What did you see there? Can you name any animals that you see there? Timing: 5 minutes Interaction: teacher pupils ACTIVITY 3: introducing new vocabulary Aim: to raise expectations and create involvement in reading task Procedure: The teacher writes some new words on the blackboard and then she asks Ps to work in pair and to look for meaning of the new words: Tightrope walker = dansator pe srm To perform tricks = a face scamatorii Playground = teren de joac Slide = topogan Tamer = mblnzitor Colourful = colorant Trapeze artist = acrobat Brave = curajos Talented = talentat Roof = acoperi, tavan

T. reads the text for model. And then Ps read the text ( ex. 4, pag. 75) on role play, they are appointed by T. After that they try to translate the text. T. helps them with translation. Timing: 10 minutes Interaction: teacher pupils, pupil-pupil ACTIVITY 4:Comprehension Aim: to understand the text and to be able to answer the questions related to it Procedure: Ps work in pair. They have to solve exercise 5 pag. 75 Time: 10 minutes Interaction: teacher- pupils, pupil-pupil ACTIVITY 5: Practise Aim: to make connection between images and words Procedure: Ps. are divided in teams four by four. They receive flashcards with people`s names who perform at the circus and the images are put on a panel. Ps must to arrange the word under the matched image. Time:10 minutes Interaction: T-Ps,P-P ACTIVITY 6:Feed-back Aim: to make difference between written and spoken English T asks Ps to solve ex.2 and 3 pag. 74. During they work , they listen to a song WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN. After that T checks the answer with the whole class. Time: 10 minutes Interaction: teacher-pupil, pupil-pupil ACRIVITY 7: Homework. Grades. Greetings. Ex. 6 pag.75 The teacher puts some marks and congratulations the Ps and then greets the class. Time: 2 minutes Interaction: teacher-pupils