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This document provides information to venues regarding our setup, technical and scheduling requirements for this production. As this is a generic document, information is provisional and subject to change. Where you anticipate problems, financial or scheduling implications based on information in this document please contact the General Manager as soon as possible. PRODUCTION OUTLINE PERSONNEL: VEHICLES: RUNNING TIME: PLAYING SPACE SET:

3 x Actors and 1 x Stage Manager (Suzie Normand – US cell number TBC) Zorro tours in a 16’ parcel truck & a car – we will require parking at the venue. Zorro has a running time of approximately 65minutes with NO interval


The set is a custom built wooden newspaper stand measuring 7’ 2” (wide) x 6’ 9” (high) x 5’ 4” (deep). (2.2m x 2.1m x 1.6m). The set is on casters and turns through 180°. During the action sections of the set open and fold out. The maximum height is 12’ (3.6m). Zorro requires full black box masking; this should be supplied by the venue. The venue seating should be end on and raked if possible. Due to the nature of the set Zorro has to play on a flat stage or floor

LOAD OUT: STAFFING: Load in Performance:

We require a pre-rig prior to our arrival. We require a minimum of 4 hours prior to our first performance. Load in & performance schedule will be decided on a per venue basis. The load out will take up to 2 hours, and will start immediately after the final performance.

A minimum of two venue staff for the load in & fit up. We require one member of venue staff to operate lighting during the performance. Our stage manager will operate sound and cue the lighting operator. The cast will be self contained onstage. If the venue requires a SM onstage, this will have to be covered by venue staff Load out: We require two venue staff for the load out BREAKS AND WORKING HRS: Where possible we will have a 1 hour lunch and/or dinner break and a 15 minute tea break in every 4 hours working session. LIGHTING PLAN: DIMMERS: HARD POWER: COLOUR: CONTROL: NO. OF CUES: HOUSELIGHTS: SOUND PA & SPEAKERS: PLAYBACK: CONTROL:

A generic lighting plan will be sent out a least one week in advance to allow for pre-rig Venue dimmers are used. TBC All colours and gobos are toured with the company. All gels will need to be recovered during the load out. Lighting desk to be provided by the venue. We will be travelling with either an ETC 125 Express Disc or a Strand disc. Approximately 100 lighting cues (this will be decided in final lighting plot in February) We require dimmable houselights and with control by DMX or accessible from the lighting control position


We require the use of the venue PA. The speakers should be positioned front of house left and house right The show will run off Qlab. We will be touring the Macbook pro to run this. The sound control needs to be positioned next to the LX control to allow both systems to be operated by one person. In some venues we may require a venue technician to operate lighting. A control position with open windows or otherwise non-soundproof is preferred. Failing this adequate show relay must be provided to allow clear monitoring of playback levels. We require the use of one SM58 style vocal mic and reverb unit – if this is not possible please contact the Stage Manager to discuss In venues with a capacity of more than 400 – we may need to use in house float microphones




Communication sets required from control position to stage for giving clearance, and for sound and light operators where venue staff are operating lighting. Backstage paging is helpful pre-show but not required. We require the use of a company office, preferably with printer & photocopies if necessary. Once the performers are onstage they remain there for the duration of the performance, please ensure there are sufficient working lights for access to the wings and backstage. We do not require any props tables in the wing At least two dedicated to our company (2 x male & 1 female performers) from one hour prior to first performance to thirty minutes following last each day. Where rooms cannot be dedicated between performances on any day a green room is also required. Three chairs, mirrors, adequate heating, easy access to running water, toilets and preferably showers. Ideally dressing room(s) should be lockable We would appreciate it if coffee, tea, juice, water, fruit and a light lunch is available backstage, especially where refreshments are not available at the venue. When playing for more than one performance, in-house facilities for washing and drying costumes may be used if available.

All scenery and relevant props are treated by flambar. There is no use of naked flame or other factors leading to an increased risk of ignition With the exception of two pieces all other set pieces can comfortably by carried by one person. Full risk assessments for Load-in, Load-out and performance will be supplied. Venue specific risk assessments will not be carried out except where we are advised of specific hazards at your venue that may affect the safety of our staff, performers or the public. Unless advised otherwise we will assume your venue to be licensed and operated in compliance with relevant legislation and good safety practices


Members of the company’s permanent staff team may visit during our run. Names and details will be supplied on request Contra charges for any production costs including but not limited to consumables, staff costs, wardrobe or other equipment usage will not be accepted unless agreed with our General Manager in advance

Angela Coates – Visible Fictions +44 (0) 141 221 8727 info@visiblefictions.co.uk Suite 325/327 4th Floor 11 Bothwell St GLASGOW


Fiona Fraser + 44 (0) 7879 030243 fifraser@me.com

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