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PH:011-26256017,011-26253642. FAX:011-26258036 3/A MASJID MOTH VILLAEE (BEHIMD UDAY PARK MARKET) NEW DELHI-49(INDIA)

1. Tabak maaz(tender ribs cooked in kashmiri condiments gravy shallow fried and served hot) 2. Seekh kabab(minced mutton with typical kashmiri ingredients prepared on skewers) 3. Maaz kanti(small mutton pieces marinated and shallow fried in fresh tomato,onion and green chillies) 4. Kokkar kanti (boneless chicken pieces marinated and shallow fried in green and tomatoes)

Main course
1. Rista (pounded mutton balls cooked in saffron flavoured gravy) 2. Rogan josh(selected mutton pieces cooked in kashmiri onion based gravy with cocks comb flower extract) 3. Lahabdar kabab(minced mutton shaped like shikara cooked in curd based miled spicy gravy) 4. Maaz yakkhn(white)(mutton cooked in curd, flavoured with fennal powder and dried mint powder) 5. Palak rista (small mutton balls with spinach) 6. Aab gosh (mutton cooked in milk) 7. Hindi rogan josh (mutton cooked in rich gravy, flavoured with saffron) 8. Maaz yakkhn(red)(mutton cooked in card based gravy, flavoured with cocks comb flower extract) 9. Ruwagan kufth (minced mutton balls cooked with tomato gravy predominately flavoured with kashmiri ingredients) 10. Chear kufth (minced mutton balls with an apricot inside) 11. Gushtaba(pounded mutton balls cooked in card,flavoured with dried mint powder) 12. Dhanwali korma (mutton cooked in curd based gravy,flavouered with fresh coriander and saffron) 13. Aloobukhar korma(mutton cooked with dried plums) 14. Badam korma (tender mutton pieces cooked in creamy almond gravy) 15. Marchwagan korma(mutton cooked in red hot chilly gravy flavoured with royal cumin seed) 16. Chear korma(tender mutton cooked with dried apricots)

Kokkar (chicken)

1. 2. 3. 4.

Rogan josh(fried chicken cooked in cocks comb flavour gravy with condiments) Waza kokkar(whole chicken cooked in saffron gravy with miled kashmiri spices) Badam korma( boneless chicken cooked in creamy almond gravy) Aloobukhar korma(chicken cooked with dried plums, flavoured with typical kashmiri ingredients) 5. Dhanwali korma(chicken cooked in curd based gravy, flavoured with saffron and fresh coriander) 6. Marchwagan korma(chicken based on kashmiri chilly gravy with predominate flavour of royal cumin seed) 7. Aab gosh(chicken prepared in milk)

Gadh (fish)
1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4 Mugh gadh(fish curry cooked with generous helping of radish) Ruwagan gadh(fish cooked delicately with tomato gravy) Haakh gadh(fish cooked with distinct kashmiri spinach) Nadur gadh(fish cooked with lotus stems,flavoured with dried mint powder) Batha(plain rice) Kashor palow(kashmiri palow with dry fruits) Maaz palow(kashmiri palow cooked with tender pieces of mutton) Veg palow(kashmiri palow prepared with vegetables)

Rice and palow

1. Halwa(halwa enriched with dry fruits 2. Kehwa(green kashmiri hyson tea flavoured with green cardamoms,cinnamoms and saffron,served from samovar) 3. Kesir firni (saffron flavoured semolina puddings garnished with pistachio and cashew nuts) 4. (walnut and onion chatney made separately)

Vegetarian menu
1. Nadru chop(flatten lotus stems and then fried) 2. Paneer pakoda (cottage cheese marinated and fried, flavoured with royal cumin seed) 3. Sabzi pakoda (fresh vegetable coated and fried) 4. Nadir mand (sliced lotus marinated in spicy paste and then deep fried)

Main course
5. 6. 7. 8. Ruwagan chaaman (fried cottage cheese delicately prepared in tomato gravy) Haakh (luscious leaves of distinct kashmiri spinach cooked in its own juice) Dam aloo (small fried potatoes simmered in spicy red gravy) Rajmah (red kashmiri kidney beans cooked in mild kashmiri spicy gravy)

9. Nadur yakkhn (lotus stems cooked in curd, flavoured with royal cumin seed and dried mint powder) 10. Al yakkhn(bottle gourd based on curd,flavoured with dried mint powder) 11. PhoolGobi yakkhn (cauli flower based on curd with Himalayan herbs) 12. Gogji (fried turnips cooked in cocks comb flavour gravy) 13. Manje kael(knoll koll shaped like chips prepared in kashmiri onion gravy, flavoured with saffron) 14. Mutter Haddar (perfect match of whole button mushroom and green peas) 15. Choag wagan(small fried brinjals rolled in red grapes based gravy,granished by royal cumin seed) 16. Munja haakh (knoll and its leaves cooked together) 17. Nadur Rogan josh(lotus stems cooked in kashmiri onion based gravy with the touch of saffron) 18. Palak Chaaman(fried cottage cheese cooked with spinach) 19. Palak nadur(lotus stems and spinach cooked together with condiments) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------